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6 Best Beaches In The Maldives

Close your eyes and imagine: The Maldives!

Feel the heat of the sun on your body. Perceive the taste of exotic fruits, their sweetness, and their juice. Visualize the white sand, sparkling water, and the palm trees. Dive in the sea, feel its warmth, swim among incredible marine creatures: colorful fish and corals.
Now open your eyes: it's time to make your dreams come true.

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Travel to Peru

Everything That You Need To Know About Your Gap Year In Peru

So, you're planning to take a gap year & travel to the land of the Incas?

Located in the western part of South America, Peru is an extremely biodiverse country with a really appealing story behind it. From the early engineering excellence of the Incas to the Spanish Conquistadors, ancient history has been written through the many parts of the country. And for those who have looked into the prospect of backpacking to Machu Picchu, I need not repeat the mystical wonders and the thrilling journey that awaits you!

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top gap year destinations

10 Best Gap Year Destinations Which Must Be On Your Bucketlist

So, you've just passed out of your high school/ college, and thinking 'What Next?'
Well, for the past few years, your dreams have been made of graduating with good scores and putting your best efforts for that - but now is the time for an amazing gap year abroad!
And the first step towards making your year-off a brilliantly vivid experience, you need to know about the best of gap year destinations around the world and add them to your bucket list, one by one. So here's for you, the list of the best countries for a gap year in 2019 - 2020!

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Gap Year Abroad

10 Best Gap Year Travel Programs For 2019 - 2020

Thinking of taking a break from your regular life, and wondering about a gap year abroad? Well, that’s nothing weird in today’s date - when millennials from all across the world and actually taking this up pretty seriously - exploring, learning new things, volunteering and pursuing their passion while on the roads in a different land!

And now, you can join this league too! Here’s a list of the best gap year travel programs for 2019 - 2020 - check them out and see which suits you the best!

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Voluntour abroad

Benefits of Volunteering Abroad During Your Gap Year

In today's date, when the level of competitiveness is on a rise and people are constantly trying to achieve higher goals, it has become quite common that they reach a state of saturation and seek peace from traveling. High school/ college/ university students who are about to wrap up their academic courses, working professionals on a sabbatical, backpackers or anyone who's craving for traveling for a considerable period of time, can be seen taking a gap year abroad.

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Travel In Spain

Everything You Need to Know About Your Gap Year in Spain

What comes to your mind when you think of Spain? - Is it football, or Paella, or the Flamenco dancers?!

Spain is a European country located in the Iberian Peninsula, which attracts millions of tourists each year - who travel to witness the Roman architecture holding on to the old world charm, to savor the authentic tastes of the Spanish cuisine, to relax on the beaches, and much more than the country has to offer.

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Beaches in Mexico

6 Best Beaches In Mexico

Mexico is a country of amazing culture, food, and stunning ruins. It also features an extensive coastline and is home to some of the most amazing beaches in the world. There are nearly 500 beaches that span over the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of California, and the Caribbean Sea.

The great thing about the Mexican coastline is that it offers different types of beaches. Expect to find secluded spots surrounded by jungles and ancient ruins, sandy shores with calm waters which are perfect for swimming, and beaches ideal for surfing.

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101 travel quotes

101 Ultimate Travel Quotes That Would Fuel Your Wanderlust

There are days when you'd wake up to see the snow clad peaks just outside the window, listen to the birds chirping, and walk out to see a flowing stream. You'd be accompanied by strangers for breakfast who'll have amazing stories to share with you, and you too, will have something interesting to say! Once you wrap up your meal, you all will head out in the forest trails to collect firewoods, while some might go to the nearby local school to spend some time with the kids. Some may stay back and cook lunch for all, and a few might go for fishing!

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