About us

As the name suggests, Go Discover Abroad is all about traveling to a faraway land (mostly on a gap year or during a career break) for a considerable period of time, to explore the hidden gems as well as the touristy ones, to contribute towards social change through volunteering, to intern or learn a foreign language, attend surfing lessons and binge on local food, or just to relax and unwind.

The thought of starting something like Go Discover Abroad occurred when the founders were on a quest to discover new adventures and indulged in relishing their journeys to the fullest. Over the years, they structured their thoughts to make traveling more engaging for the millennials, rather than just going to the destination and returning back without any significant learning.

GDA was created with the vision to redefine the way in which the GenY travels, having a preference for budget accommodation, more emphasis on meeting travelers from other parts of the world, indulge in community immersion, flexible travel schedule and expanded plans rather than brief holidays.

With an experience of more than 11 years, the founders of Go Discover Abroad have an expertise in the area of youth tourism. It's a part of Volunteering Travel Solutions, which exclusively emphasizes on providing volunteering trips and internship opportunities to enthusiasts who are keen on working in underprivileged societies of different countries, with the aim of sustainable growth of the people and the societies, as a whole.

We are now one of the esteemed members of the World for Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSETC) making gap year journeys memorable for those wanderlustful souls.

In more than 45 countries, we have nearly 200 meaningful and exciting tours which will surely redefine your ideas of traveling and help you to experience the goodness of journeys abroad. We are here to present you with an ensemble of incredible activities all over the world, ranging from gap year packages, responsible tours, adventure tours, internships, language courses abroad, group tours and much more.

We'll ensure to endow you with opportunities to meet other enthusiastic travelers, help you to get closer to the natives of a land so that you can get an authentic insight into their lives, and go for local guided tours to know more about the places you visit.

YOLO! Why waste more time thinking “What’s Next?” 

Our Travel Advisors will happily customize the tours as per your needs, only to offer you exactly what you are seeking.