What’s Go Discover Abroad Is All About?

In this 21st century, the concept of spending a gap year abroad has escalated immensely, and GenY is more keen on setting out for real experiences, indulge in volunteering and adventure trips as well as  learn something out of the box, rather than just getting into a 9-to-5 schedule! If you look around, you'll surely come across enthusiasts who are planning to go for a trek and explore the Himalayas after graduating from college, or probably want to join a cooking class in Thailand, taking a break from work! (Not much surprising, right?!)

Focusing on the millennial travelers between the age group of 18 - 30 years, Go Discover Abroad is essentially for people who love travel and want to make the most of their journeys by gaining some life-changing experiences. To put it in a simpler manner, Go Discover Abroad is all about traveling to a faraway land (mostly on a gap year or during a career break) for a considerable period of time, to explore the hidden gems as well as the touristy ones, to contribute towards social change through volunteering, to intern or learn a foreign language, attend surfing lessons or go for scuba diving, and binge on local food, or just to relax and unwind.

With an experience of more than 11 years, the founders of Go Discover Abroad have an expertise in the area of youth tourism and knows the tricks of turning journeys into magical moments. Currently operating in more than 45 countries across 6 continents, we have 250+ meaningful and adventurous tours meant for gap year travelers, backpackers, and solo travelers as well as for students seeking some international exposure and families looking for offbeat vacations abroad.

We'll ensure to endow you with opportunities to meet other enthusiastic travelers, help you to get closer to the natives of the land so that you can get an authentic insight into their lives, and go for local guided tours to know more about the places you visit.