Women Empowerment Volunteer Programs

Go Discover Abroad aims to help the underprivileged women residing in certain parts of the Third World Countries, where they don't have access to the daily necessities required for good living. Most of these women never got a chance to attend schools, and are victims of the immense financial crisis. GDA provides the ultimate volunteering opportunities to students, backpackers and travelers to help and stand by these women so that they also can live life the way they deserve. As a volunteer, your main role will be to make them more aware of their health and hygiene, offer them basic education and provide vocational training like sewing, stitching, making candles, weaving etc., so that they can have a sustainable source of income. 

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Women Empowerment Volunteer Program in Morocco GDA
Women Empowerment Volunteer Program in Morocco

Make the most of your gap year by volunteering for the Women Empowerment Project in Morocco. You, as a volunteer, can play an important role in changing lives of these underprivileged women.


4-8 weeks

Price Starting From $1240

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Girl impact
Girl Impact Project- Cape Town, South Africa

Be a volunteer for the Girl Impact Project in Cape Town. Help the women by supporting, educating & empowering them on important topics including health & economic independence.

South Africa

2-12 weeks

Price Starting From $1524

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