Why You Should Go For Volunteering Abroad

When you search the web for traveling and volunteering opportunities abroad, you get millions of results showing great voluntary work programs all across the globe to undertake a responsible traveling expedition out of your comfort zone and into the unknown. You’re investing your time, money and talents into it and it is fitting for you to want to know more about why you should go for it in the first place. 

A read through this will sum up all the major reasons that drive every do-gooder, be it college students buried under loads of books or the high school students about to be buried under college books or even retired couples as we have witnessed, to take up a volunteering project abroad.

1.  Volunteering makes you a happier person

While studying the relationship between volunteering and happiness, the London School of Economics found people who volunteer are 7% happier than those who don’t. They also found out that the more a person volunteers, the happier he/she is. So, volunteering inadvertently tops off your happiness. 

2.  You gain new skills and become proactive

It doesn’t just help others but in the process helps you as well. Every volunteering opportunity out there is an opportunity to learn something new, a new language, vocational skills, and mainly life skills. Volunteering is a different kind of experience with which you can hone in on a whole new skill-set. And not just that, this experience also look after your holistic growth and make you into a proactive person.

3.  You get to learn about new cultures

Learning about a new culture, especially those that are completely different from yours requires a lot of involvement to get soaked in. Every traveler aspires to explore world culture through incessant traveling. But in my opinion, volunteering is the way to go if you really want to explore a culture from its depth because you get to work with the local people closely whose cultural roots are way more extensive than Google’s search results on cultural studies.

4.  You’ll love meeting new people along the way

When you embark on a volunteering journey you open yourself up to the world and in return, the world sends you Thanks in the form of great people whom you meet along the way in your travels. Some remain etched in your mind forever and some become nothing less than your second family. People from different countries, different culture, and different ethnicities, but once you get to know them you won’t feel they are much different than who you are.

5.  Unexpected experiences that’ll surprise you

Traveling is a journey that comes with its fair share of surprising experiences. But when you mix in a good dose of volunteering along with that you open yourself up to the possibility of gaining unexpected experiences that’ll stay with you forever. 

6. It helps you grow as a person by helping others

It is basically a chance to share your knowledge and skills and give back to the less privileged and poorer sections of the society. You volunteer teaching kids who have never imagined going to a school, you empower women who never knew the meaning of self-dependent, you treat people who never knew what is proper healthcare. In whatever you are doing during your volunteering, you’re ingraining yourself into the change in their lives. 

7.  You’re gonna make memories that’ll last a lifetime

Be it the people you work with or the people you meet along the way while traveling abroad each of these people and your experiences with them jot down in your memory book as something you’ll remember all through your life. You meet people from various walks of life who each impart valuable life lessons in some way or the other. You make friends with whom you experience some of the many greatest moments of your life. You try new food while traveling, explore new places, learn a new language, go for an adventure activity. In short, you make memories that’ll last you a lifetime.

8.  An experience that’ll broaden your horizon

It also opens up your mind to new things and new experiences and helps you broaden your horizon. It has been proven that those who have taken up volunteering are more susceptible to try new things and break patterns more than those who haven’t. What is life but just a string of experiences, and the kind of experiences we take up makes us who we are? So now that it makes you more prone to exploring the unexplored or doing the never done what do you think about volunteering abroad?

9.  You become a change agent by contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 United Nations announced its agenda for sustainable development which spanned over a period of 15 years. Altogether there are 17 goals some of which are completely synonymous to the causes that volunteer from abroad works on like Quality Education, Gender Equality, Life Below Water, Good Health and Well Being, Life On Land etc. These goals aim at improving the standard of living and erase inequality and build a better world and in taking active part towards the achievement of these you’ll become a part of the Global community. 

10. You’ll learn all about different cuisines

Are you a foodie who always look for opportunities to satisfy your taste buds with new things? If your answer is yes, then volunteering abroad would be the perfect opportunity for you to discover the secrets of a cuisine. The food that you have tasted coming out of a commercial kitchen are far off from the real thing coming from the homely kitchen of a person who’s been cooking them all their life. And while volunteering, you stay with these people, you dine with these people and you learn from these people the secrets of awesome local food. 

11.  Such experiences can be the start of a good blog for you

The moments and experiences that you collect while on your volunteer trip can be the perfect kick-off for your blog that you’ve been wanting to start for a long time. That time when you bathed with an elephant and he spurted water on you through his trunk? whom did you meet on this journey and much more? How you explored the city? You get to stay with locals and explore a country that has been on your travel bucket-list forever. These things are what people love to read when it comes to a blog, real-life experiences and you’ll be having loads of them on your volunteering trip abroad. 

12. It’s not just Work! Work! Work! It’s plenty of fun as well

It may seem like all work and no play kinda thing, but that’s not it at all. It’s all about how you manage your time during your volunteering journey. Weekends are mostly not working so you have a chance to plan something great like visiting the must-see places of the city you’re in, places to explore like markets, going for adventure activities, going for a short trip, finding a host family and staying with them and much more can be done in just these 2 days. 

13.  A volunteering stint looks great on your CV

A volunteering stint abroad on your CV attracts recruiters like a moth to the flame. It’s the distinctive experience you gain from such a stint that makes your CV stand out amongst others. Even when you are applying for colleges such an experience matters because it speaks a lot about your passion and your drive to do something for the community. So start planning to a put a volunteering experience on CV as soon as possible. 

Muhammad Ali once said-” We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. But a volunteer experience is more than just giving, it’s about getting more back in return for what you’re giving to the world because good deeds never go unnoticed. Now is the time to do something inspiring that sends the world a message about who you are. NOW is the time to go abroad for volunteering and to change your life.