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Gap Year in Sri Lanka

Wish to travel and volunteer abroad during your gap year in Sri Lanka? Go Discover Abroad will drench you with the best experiences that Sri Lanka has to offer, and you'll surely return back home, craving for some more adventure.

With its varied topography from hills to beaches, warm friendly people with smiling faces, historical and cultural attractions, numerous festivities taking place throughout the year, herds of elephants roaming around in the wild and much more - Sri Lanka has been rightly named as 'The Pearl of the Indian Ocean', because of its richness and uniqueness. Most of the people think about Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos while planning their backpacking trip across Southeast Asia, thus Sri Lanka is often skipped and missed. The country, as a matter of fact, still holds on to the old world charm and the adversities of commercialized tourism haven't hit it hard yet. In case you are looking to experience the difference and dive into the adventure pool, then now is the right time to head towards Sri Lanka.

Explore the places where Buddhism bloomed in the earliest of times and walk down the UNESCO Heritage Sites, hike up the lush green hills and relax by the golden beaches while savoring the grilled seafood platter, get into the mud with the elephants and play for endless hours, meet the Sinhalese communities and contribute meaningfully while traveling across the country. 

Gap Year in Sri Lanka

Described as “the finest island of its size in all the world" by Marco Polo, Sri Lanka is nothing less than a traveler's delight. This exotic Southeast Asian island has a glorious past dating back to nearly 3000 years - and Buddhism flourished here in its early days. Having a rich culture, picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches and warm people, Sri Lanka has all the attributes to be a perfect gap year destination. If you wish to take an offbeat break from your career to discover something new, then possibly this is the best option. Explore the lush green tea gardens, hike up Adam's Peak, take a tour of the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and work with the natives. Your gap year experience in Sri Lanka will be totally worth cherishing.

Volunteering in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for those who wish to volunteer for the welfare of animals while living with the natives of the country. You can choose to take care of the friendly elephants in the Kegalle Region, and also immerse yourself in the community development work. And the beach lovers can opt to volunteer for the Turtle Conservation Project in in Kosgoda. Spend ample time in the coastal areas, monitoring the turtles. A volunteering experience will surely turn you to be a more responsible traveler. 

General Questions

If you are traveling to Sri Lanka, then you need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) prior to your arrival or on arrival in Sri Lanka. You can apply for ETA online and the approval of the same will be communicated via email. You can obtain a Visa on Arrival in Sri Lanka for 30 days. We shall provide you the necessary documents if required. For further information, you can directly get in touch with your point of contact, who can assist you better.

It's your choice! You can explore the country as a solo traveler or hop around with your favorite people if they are willing to join you as well. If you are coming in a group of more than 5, we can also provide you with customized packages as well as amazing discounts.

You might come here alone, but you'll end up meeting some amazing people. In case you want to get in touch with others who are traveling to Sri Lanka, you can join our Facebook Group and chitchat with your fellow travelers!

You need to buy your Medical and Travel Insurance before setting out for your trip. GDA also provides the insurance facilities, at an additional cost.

It's good if you can consult your physician and take the vaccinations as instructed. We would suggest you to take the Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Tetanus vaccines. You must also check with your doctor for any other medicines that you might require.

You'll need money for your personal expenses, additional tour costs, weekend meals (at times, if you are heading out for lunch or dinner) etc. It'll be sufficient if you keep $40 - $50 for each day.

As tourism is flourishing in Sri Lanka at a rapid rate, it's pretty safe for solo travelers. We believe that your safety depends on you to a large extent, hence you need to be a little cautious. We'll have our coordinators who'll be there at your service, 24/7. So you need not worry about safety.

If you plan your trip accordingly, you can attend the festivals of Sri Lanka and enjoy the authentic charm. You'll be totally moved by the madness of the people during the festive seasons. The main festivals are Sinhala New Year (April), Bak Poya (April), apart from Pongal, Ramadan, Christmas and Good Friday. Check your dates and our coordinator will guide you about the festivals you can be a part of.

Sinhala, or Sinhalese, is the official language of Sri Lanka. But a huge population speaks in Tamil as well. You'll be surprised to know that English is the 3rd most spoken language of the country, and that's the effect of the colonial rule in the country. You'll also find people speaking in Dutch and Portuguese. Your coordinator will be well versed in English, so you need not worry about language barrier!

Carry light and comfortable clothes for your trip. If you have plans to explore the hill districts, then getting a jacket would be advisable. The best time to visit the west and south coasts and hill country is from December to March, while the best weather on the east coast is from April/May to September. It's wiser to travel light and pack only the essentials. Don't make your luggage too heavy, as you'll get almost everything in Sri Lanka.


GDA has a fantastic range of voluntours, adventure tours, internships, work abroad opportunities and responsible traveling options which will surely add a new meaning to your gap year. Pick whatever suits your interests and book your flight tickets for your dream destination. It's time to tickle your wanderlust cells! Calling out all backpackers, gap year students, solo travelers and adventure seekers - it's time that you take the leap and Go, Discover Abroad!

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