Sports Development Volunteering Project in Swaziland

Trip code: SDVPS

Trip Highlights

  • Live in a beautiful lodge that's located in the Ezulwini valley (known as the Valley of Heaven) in central Swaziland.
  • Immerse yourself in the authentic culture of the place, learn more about their history and traditions and learn about the flora and fauna of this region.
  • Volunteer with children under the community development project and make an impact in their lives.
  • Help the kids to be focused, fit and healthy, and at the same time, build their confidence through physical activities.

Tour Details


The Sports Development Project in Swaziland aims to provide adequate guidance to the underprivileged Swazi kids and youth about living a better life by being active and fit. You'll be residing in the Ezulwini Valley, Central Swaziland, and as a volunteer for this project, your main role would be to arrange games and physical activities for orphaned and vulnerable children aged between 3-6 years, attending the Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs). While your step might appear to be a little one, its impact will definitely be bigger than you can imagine.

A perfect choice for sports lovers, depending on your interest and skills, you can also be a coach for older children and youth at the local sports center and encourage them to play the game better. It'll also help them to develop their skills and maybe, they can make a future out of sports.


Day 1 - Arrival at Johannesburg

You'll have to take a flight to Tambo Airport, Johannesburg (South Africa) where you'll meet our coordinator. From there, it'll be an amazing road trip to the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Day 2 - Orientation Session

Today, we'll have a detailed Orientation Session where our coordinator will tell you everything that you need to know about the country and your journey, as well as how to effectively contribute to your volunteer experience.

Day 3 - 5 Volunteering Work at the Project Site

As a volunteer, you'll have to spend your weekdays with the children at the NCP and keep them engaged in various activities including song and dance, basketball, cricket, football or other games as well as tricycle riding and swimming lessons. The main tasks that you’ll have to carry out under this project are as follows:

  • Setting up obstacle courses and activities for the children
  • Teaching hand-eye coordination through throwing and catching
  • Teaching basic life skills including lessons of health and hygiene through sports
  • Participating in song and dance activities
  • Assist at swimming and other sports lessons

This same itinerary and tasks will continue for the upcoming 4 weeks as well, on all weekdays.

Day 29 - Flight back home

It's the last day of your journey so bid goodbye to your new friends, leave the backpacker's lodge in Swaziland and drive back to Johannesburg, from where you can board your flight back home.

Your Daily Schedule As A Volunteer:

7:00 AM - Time to get started! Wake up, quickly get ready and have your breakfast.
8:00 AM - Travel to your placement and get ready to begin your day.
8:30 AM - Participate in your volunteer project assisting with fun activities.
1:00 PM - Time to either return to your accommodation for lunch or eat the packed lunch you made that morning!
2:00 PM - Start with the 2nd phase of the day and carry on with your work.
4:30 PM - Return back to your accommodation. You can relax, share your experiences with your fellow mates or just chill!
6:30 PM - Enjoy a delicious evening meal before you spend some time gazing at the stars and go off to sleep!

Dates & Cost

Price Includes
  • Pre-Departure Guide
  • 24/7 in-country assistance
  • Detailed Orientation on the first day before the journey begins
  • Accommodation and meals throughout your stay
  • Tour guide during all the planned tours
Price Excludes
  • Local transport fares to your projects
  • Any 'Add On Tour' opted
  • Medical/Travel insurance
  • All flights & visa