One Day Tuk Tuk Excursion in Northern Thailand

Trip code: ODTET

Trip Highlights

  • A real rural Thailand experience as you drive your Tuk Tuk through farming villages and hamlets
  • A visit to a local elephant home where you’ll learn about, feed and walk with the elephants and then help their mahouts bathe them in the local river
  • Lunch at the elephant home
  • Bamboo rafting along the local river

Tour Details


Thailand is a popular destination among travelers due to various reasons. But we have something absolutely different and thrilling to offer you! Have you ever imagined how great it would be if you can drive a Tuk Tuk along the topsy-turvy lanes of the Northern mountainous region, and explore the elephant village with the mahouts? Yeah - now you can fulfill your dreams and put a tick on your checklist!

This Tuk Tuk Day Trip in Chiang Mai will add more memories to your Thailand adventure trip that you'll be cherished forever. You'll be trained how to drive a Tuk Tuk before you set out from Mae Wang Valley. You'll spend your day with the Thai elephants and explore the countryside on a bamboo boat! Excited much? Then what exactly are you waiting for? Go ahead and book this trip!


07:45 AM - Excited for the adventure that’s waiting for you? Be ready at the Chiang Mai Gate Hotel at 07:45 AM, or we will pick you up from your hotel between 08:00 AM and 08:30 AM. You'll then be transferred by minivan to our base for the day, nestled in the Mae Wang valley.

Note – Pick up can only be provided for hotels inside the Chiang Mai ‘Middle Ring Road’.

09: 30 AM - Once you reach Mae Wang valley, our coordinators will introduce you to your Tuk Tuks and begin your driving training. If you don’t want to drive a Tuk Tuk, then you can take a quick walk and soak in the freshness of the place.

NOTE: All drivers must be aged 18 or over and hold a valid International driving license.

10:30 AM - Once the drivers feel comfortable behind the wheels, we’ll head through tiny rural roads, snaking through farming villages and past rural Temples. One of the coordinators will be driving the lead Tuk Tuk, so that no one gets lost, or too tempted to cross the speed limits.

11:30 AM - We'll be reaching the elephant home where you'll get an opportunity to learn more about the Thai elephants and spend some quality time with them. You can also interact with the mahout community folks and help them while they feed the elephants.
Once the gentle giants are done with their lunch, you can sit down and have your share of the sumptuous Thai meal with the mahouts. It's gonna be a grand traditional feast!

1:00 PM - After lunch, you can take the elephants out for a walk through the local countryside to the river where you’ll help the mahouts wash the elephants. You'll absolutely enjoy this part of the day.

Note - Elephant riding is not allowed.

3:00 PM - You can go for a relaxing bamboo boat ride and explore the rural parts of Chiang Mai. 

4:00 PM -  Jump back into your Tuk Tuk and drive across the countryside, until you reach the Mae Wang valley. Later, you'll board the minivan and head back to the hotel by 6: 00 PM. 

In the evening, you can take time to reflect on the incredible day you’ve had and the fact that you’re now a member of The Tuk Tuk Club!

Dates & Cost

Price Includes
  • Transfers to and from Chiang Mai city – 07:45 AM at the meeting point (Chiang Mai Gate Hotel)  or between 08:00 AM and 08:30 AM at your city center hotel
  • Your very own Tuk Tuk (up to 3 travelers per vehicle)
  • Tuk-Tuk driving training
  • Passionate and professional tour guides looking after you every step of the way
Price Excludes