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Why spend all your time exploring one country when you can easily see more? Choose any of the amazing multi-country tours and make the most of your gap year abroad. Afterall, who wouldn't want to get some extra ink on the passport and a gallery full of crazy pictures! Decide what you are exactly interested in exploring and how you can make your gap year meaningful. Accordingly, plan your multi-country trip. If you wish to know more about the rich history of the Khmer Dynasty and volunteer with animals, then the best choice would be to explore Cambodia and later head towards Thailand for volunteering. Similarly, you can opt for a budget trip to Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa as well. These are just a few options and there's lot more in store for you.

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Hopping From Italy To Hungary with GDA
Hopping From Italy To Hungary

Set out for a 10 days adventure tour across Italy, Slovenia, Austria & Hungary. Explore the charming streets of Salzburg, revel in the dramatic scenery of Slovenia, wander over the canals and bridges of Venice and much more.


10 days

Price Starting From$1579

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Cambodia on a Shoestring GDA
Budget Trip Across Cambodia

Explore the best of Cambodia within a span of 10 days, a perfect Cambodian getaway during your gap year in Southeast Asia. This budget trip will let you explore Cambodia as well as Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City.

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

10 days

Price Starting From$639

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Spain and Portugal on a shoestring with GDA
Spain & Portugal On A Budget

What fun it would be to explore Spain & Portugal in just a span of 10 days on a shoestring budget! You'll start your journey from Barcelona and travel across Spain before landing finally in Lisbon.


10 days

Price Starting From$1259

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Costa Rica And Panama Quest with GDA
Backpacking Across Costa Rica & Panama

During this action-packed itinerary for 16 days, explore the wilderness of the rainforests while experiences a night walk and indulge in adventure sports like kayaking or snorkeling. It'll surely be a trip worth remembering!

Costa Rica, Panama

16 days

Price Starting From$1927

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hongkong market
Backpacking Trip - Hong Kong To Shanghai

Hong Kong to Shanghai on a Shoestring is a 19-day tour covering almost all the best places in the region. Hike up the Great Wall of China and peep into the Giant Panda Breeding Center to say hello to the adorable ones.


19 days

Price Starting From$1674

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Costa rica trip with GDA
Adventure Exotica - Costa Rica To Antigua

Get your rainforest high in Costa Rica and hang on to your life by a rope as you scream your way across the jungle zip-lining or hike up a trail leading to a volcano in Nicaragua, or capture the timeless colonial relics in Antigua.

Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala

18 days

Price Starting From$1442

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Volcano Trail - Antigua to San José with GDA
Volcano Trail - Antigua to San José

Follow the Volcano trail of Central America from Antigua up till San José and experience Caribbean living with a hint of fast paced adventures! Trot the grounds of Mayan mystery and experience bombastic adventures in Central America.

Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica

17 days

Price Starting From$1374

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Mayan Sun Southbound- Playa del Carmen to Antigua with GDA
Mayan Sun Southbound- Playa del Carmen to Antigua

Go on a pub crawl, dig into awesome food, groove to Latin beats- make South America your oyster! One foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea, this 16-day odyssey is going to give you a sensory overload!

Mexico, Belize, Guatemala

16 days

Price Starting From$1209

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Mayan Sun- Northbound- Antigua to Playa del Carmen GDA
Mayan Sun- Northbound- Antigua to Playa del Carmen

A 16-days road trip across Central America making your way through countries like Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. Experience diving, snorkeling, beachfront nightlife, take a walk through history and witness the long-lost Mayan culture.

Guatemala, Belize, Mexico

16 days

Price Starting From$1247

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