Money Management

Handling the finances carefully is a crucial part while planning a trip. To begin with, it is essential that you save up enough to sustain yourself when you choose to travel abroad. You should start planning early and book your tickets in advance in order to cut down the expenses. In case you are planning to intern or volunteer abroad during your gap year, you can also opt for fundraising.

You can get a Forex Card or carry Travel Cheques in case you are traveling for a longer period. Carrying an International Credit/Debit Card wouldn't be a bad idea either. While you are there at your destination, it would be good if you don't keep all the cards and money at the same place. In that way, even if you lose anything, you'll have a backup plan.

You can exchange your money at the Airport Exchange Counters or seek help from the in country team regarding the same. Our in-country team will always be there to help you out with your finances.