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Gap Year in Maldives

For all those beach loving souls seeking retreat in an offbeat tropical destination - there can be no better choice than this! Known as the Republic of Maldives, it's an archipelago consisting of approximately 1190 tiny islands, of which just 200 are inhabited. Located in the South West of India and Sri Lanka, the islands of Maldives are absolutely postcard perfect with palm-fringed beaches, white sandbanks, turquoise waters, pristine lagoons and a breathtaking marine ecosystem that can make any adventure seeker fall in love.

If you are planning to set out for a gap year in Asia, make sure to spend a couple of weeks here, exploring the islands and soaking in the sun. Go for sunset cruises or kayaking journeys to some deserted island, dive deep to see the life underwater, set out to spot the dolphins and enjoy traditional meals with the local families. Your trip to the Maldives with Go Discover Abroad will surely turn out to be one of the most thrilling journeys ever! No matter whether you are planning to travel solo or in a group, we can provide you the perfect and tailor-made tours to accommodate all that you are looking for. Guess there's no place for procrastination - come and join us for an experience of a lifetime! 

General Questions

Most of the travelers from different countries are allowed to get a Visa on arrival in Male, Maldives. However, for further information, you can directly get in touch with your point of contact, who can assist you better. You can also check out the official website in case you need to know more.

It's your choice! You can explore the country as a solo traveler or hop around with your favorite people if they are willing to join you as well. If you are coming in a group of more than 5, we can also provide you with customized packages as well as amazing discounts.

The islands of Maldives are pretty safe for solo travelers. You’ll find a lot of travelers, roaming around in the city. We believe that your safety depends on you to a large extent, hence you need to be a little cautious. We'll have our coordinators who'll be there at your service, 24/7. So you need not worry about safety.

You might come here alone, but you'll end up meeting some amazing people. In case you want to get in touch with others who are traveling to the Maldives, you can join our Facebook Group and chitchat with your fellow travelers!

You need to buy your Medical and Travel Insurance before setting out for your trip. GDA also provides the insurance facilities, at an additional cost.

You'll need money for your personal expenses, additional tour costs, meals etc. It'll be sufficient if you keep around 100 USD for a week. Still, it would be good to discuss it with our Program Advisor once.

While Dhivehi is the official and most spoken language of the Maldives, you won’t face any language barrier, since our English-speaking coordinator will be there with you, 24/7. 

Since it's a tropical country, you should pack light cotton and linen clothes. The Maldives is a Muslim country, in you need to dress conservatively while in a public place. However, at the guesthouse beaches, you can put on your beachwear. So don't leave them behind! Carry your slippers, shades, hat and sunscreen lotion - because they'll be much needed! Pack light and don't stuff too many things - you'll most likely find everything on the islands.


GDA has a fantastic range of voluntours, adventure tours, internships, work abroad opportunities and responsible traveling options which will surely add a new meaning to your gap year. Pick whatever suits your interests and book your flight tickets for your dream destination. It's time to tickle your wanderlust cells! Calling out all backpackers, gap year students, solo travelers and adventure seekers - it's time that you take the leap and Go, Discover Abroad!

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