35 Best Gap Year Ideas

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Transition into the college life itself is a very hard thing and that with the many obstacles and issues that come associated with the application processes makes life morbid for even the most quirky of youngsters. SATs, essays, statement of purpose and whatnot, each day you feel like there’s The King Kong inside your flesh thumping on your chest but you keep calm and fingers crossed hoping for the best. But with regret letters coming in from colleges of your choice and waitlisters’ notification from the next best, that King Kong becomes you!

Jokes apart, missing out on a place at a University of your choice need not be a disaster. In fact, it could turn out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity! ‘What’s next in your life?’ Many high school students and even graduating college students are faced with this life-altering decision at some point or the other. You’ve always been a firm believer in the philosophy of YOLO but have never strayed from your regular and so-called “Normal” pattern of life. Determined to take the road less traveled you’ve lent an ear to your calling and have decided to go for a gap year abroad in 2019.

But then again there are innumerable prospects for this long-term holiday, work & travel, adventure tourism or voluntourism, whatever, to each his own. Confused again! Where to go and how to make the most of your time abroad? Don’t worry, we are here to nudge you towards the right direction. No need to gamble on your experience by pointing and choosing a location off of your dusty and old atlas while your eyes are shut. We heard your SOS call and we’ve come here with a compilation of perfect gap year destinations and activities that are sure to make those 365 days of your life the best yet!

Have a look:

1. Volunteer for wildlife conservation in South Africa and have your own ‘Lion King’ fan moment working with the king of the jungle.

volunteer with Lions in South Africa


2. Head out to the island country of Sri Lanka and lend your hand to Turtle Conservation Projects.

3. Go for a backpacking trip across Australia and discover its many marvels.

4. Teach English to Buddhist Monks in Thailand and find your spiritual center.

5. Go for a Yoga program in India and learn how to find your zen from the masters.  

6. Go diving in the world’s largest coral system Great Barrier Reef in Australia and explore the underwater diversity.

7. Explore the mountain ranges of Himalaya and the many exhilarating trek routes in Nepal.

Follow a trek route in Nepal


8. Get your adrenaline rushing and try one of the highest bungee jumps in the world at Macau Tower in China.

9. Celebrate the festival of color, Holi and the festival of lights, Diwali in India to have the complete Indian experience.

10. Volunteer at a Wildlife and Rescue center in Costa Rica and help conserve and protect the magnificent biodiversity of the country.

11. Go for a Voluntary football coaching program in Ecuador and shape up new the budding talents in the sport.

12. Take up a paid job in Australia and explore the country while earning some good dough!

13. Attend the famous La Tomatina in Spain and have some kiddish fun!

La Tomatina festival in Spain


14. InterRail through Europe and see what countries you can tick from this continent’s list! One global pass and 30 countries to explore with it, the world is your oyster people.

15. Go for a trek to Machu Picchu in Peru and feast your eyes on the beauty of one of the New 7 wonders of the world.  

16. Go for a language exchange program abroad and learn a new language while teaching English to others.

17. Game of Thrones fan, eh? Go and explore the many exotic locations of GoT in Spain!

18. Go for the Auto-Rickshaw challenge in India and become a Rickshaw F1 Champ!

Auto Rickshaw challenge in India


19. Backpack through Southeast Asia- Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

20. Become a part-time surfing instructor and surf the oh so high swells of Fiji.

Surf the amazing swells in Fiji


21. Do a ski season in Canada and embrace the thrill of snow sports.

22. Get an internship in a top tier company in Australia and get certified for your efforts.

23. Work as a ranch hand in The US and learn the ropes of becoming a cowboy or cowgirl. Yeehaw!

24. Lend your hand to the care and conservation of gentle giants, elephants duh, in Thailand.  

25. Work in the rehabilitation of destitute street children in India and make an unparalleled impact in the lives of these little souls.

26. Bring a positive change in the local communities of Ghana by helping build schools.

27. Follow the tiger trail in India and explore the many top tiered national parks, reserves and sanctuaries of the country.

28. Take up a nutrition and healthcare internship in Argentina and become the do-good doctor that you’ve always wanted to be!

29. Go on a Mediterranean food expedition in Morocco and explore the ‘Party in my mouth’ phrase with the exotic cuisine of the country.

Moroccan food spread


30. Go for an animal safari in South Africa and take a walk on the wild side.

31. Take a road trip up to the highest motorable road in the world in Leh, India and take a moment for your achievement.

Khardung-La, the highest Motorable road in the world


32. Get certified teaching English in China and get paid hefty sums for your service.

33. Go for a volunteer and travel program in Brazil and make your gap year experience an impactful one with a good dose of both.

34. Take an overland tour in Kenya or Tanzania and explore the communities and the tribal people.  

35. Go for a jungle expedition and explore the Amazon Rainforest in Peru.


If you’re feeling pumped up, driven and inspired by a quick look through these ‘Light bulb going on over your head’ kinda ideas then now is the time decide your course of life and what is next? With these great ideas handy and GoDiscoverAbroad’s special Gap Year programs from all around the world, 2019 is bound to be a remarkable year for you. Don’t put off your plans anymore, book your dream adventure abroad TODAY!

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