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Gap year tours and volunteering trips aren't just meant for millennials. You can choose to go abroad and volunteer with your family members, instead of the regular annual holiday! Family Volunteering is an amazing way to travel the world, learn more about the places, and give back to the host community folks while working on a meaningful project. Join the orphanage or teaching program and make a difference to someone's life. Explore new countries and cultures, know more about each other's strengths and weaknesses, and give your kids a perfect hands-on understanding of the world.

Recommended Family Volunteering Programs Abroad

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GDA has a fantastic range of voluntours, adventure tours, internships, work abroad opportunities and responsible traveling options which will surely add a new meaning to your gap year. Pick whatever suits your interests and book your flight tickets for your dream destination. It's time to tickle your wanderlust cells! Calling out all backpackers, gap year students, solo travelers and adventure seekers - it's time that you take the leap and Go, Discover Abroad!

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