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Canada Gap Year & Adventure Tours

Are you planning to set out for a gap year and wish to pay a quick visit to Canada? One of the most picturesque countries in the world, Canada would be an ultimate gap year destination where you can spend some time and indulge in different kinds of activities that'll help you to grow in some way or the other. You explore the Great Lakes and the Banff National Park as well as the Jasper National Park, hike on the Rocky Mountains or just chill at Toronto's Downtown! Your time in Canada will pass by the wink of an eye, and you'll surely enjoy every moment of your journey.

Gap Year in Canada

The friendly yet competitive neighbor of the United States of America, Canada is way more than its giant metropolitans and it's below freezing temperatures. Otherwise known as the ‘Great White North’, Canada like its sister nation is also filled with diverse landscapes, fantastic natural beauty, friendly people, delectable food and hair-raising adventures- which put together makes it a perfect destination for a gap year! Step out for an adventure through the icy tundra or prepare to hike the rugged mountains of Calgary, hit up Montreal to enjoy a ‘Little France’ away from France or simply lose yourself in the smorgasbord of local food! Canada is vast and that is why it makes for a fantastic road trip country and what would be better than the thrill of the open road and a cultural extravaganza on your gap year abroad!

Tours in Canada

Head out to the Great White North and get ready to tick off some lifetime experiences off your bucket list this year. Up through Toronto make your way into the Sandbanks National Park and take your pick from the many exciting activities it has on offer- from hiking the nature trails to biking along the park boundaries, take your adventure pick and just go for it! Get out an about the city of Toronto and Montreal and witness Canadian culture at its best on the streets with food like the yum Poutine, hip jazz clubs or the stunning street art scenes. There are plenty to see and do in Canada and our adventure tours could be perfect for satiating intrepid travelers of all kinds!

General Questions

All travelers need a valid passport and a visa or an ETA (electronic travel authority) to visit or travel in Canada. Only US citizens and travelers with a valid Canadian Visa require an ETA to enter Canada. You can apply for the ETA before booking your flights. Most applications get approved within minutes. However, some might even take several days to process, so it’s better not to get too late with your ETA application. Find out more about visa requirements for visiting Canada here

Whatever suits you best! It’s completely your choice whether you want to go for a soul-searching solo adventure or some roof-raising time with your bunch of BFFs, or have a romantic getaway with your partner- our programs will accommodate you in any which way. If you are coming in a group of more than 5, we can also provide you with customized packages as well as amazing discounts.

Most of our adventure tours do not have a single supplement. This means that accommodation will be provided on a twin sharing basis, and if you are traveling alone, you’ll be sharing a room with another one of GDA’s traveler of the same sex. What could be better than bonding with your new travel mates and making amazing new friends along the way of your journey? 

Some tours have optional single supplement for couples and solo travelers and a private room can be availed at an extra cost. The cost and details vary by trip so we suggest you to get in touch with your coordinators regarding the same beforehand. 

If you’re traveling alone you’ll find some awesome travel mates along the way, and if you’re coming in a group, then you’ll get a chance to add a few more crazy adventurers into your gang. In case you want to get in touch with others who are traveling to Canada, you can join our Facebook Group and chitchat with your fellow travelers!

You need to buy your Medical and Travel Insurance before setting out for your trip. GDA also provides the insurance facilities, at an additional cost.

We advise our participants to get in touch with their physicians regarding vaccination requirements and get the ones as instructed. Apart from routine vaccines, like your yearly flu shot, Varicella (chickenpox) vaccine, MMR vaccine it is recommended to take shots for Hepatitis A&B, and Rabies for traveling in Canada.

You will need to carry extra money for personal expenses, add-on tours, eating out while traveling in Canada. For basic personal expenses, a budget of 70-80 USD per week is more than sufficient barring the extra costs of add-on activities. If you’re planning on using credit/debit card in Canada, it is advised to let your bank know about your travels beforehand so that they don’t suspicious of your account activity. We also advise all our participants to keep an emergency fund of 200 USD only to be used in case of any emergencies, if one arises.

You will be on the move a lot so our advice for you is to pack light. Casual wear and layering is generally the way to go when you’re visiting Canada. The winter months of December to March are absolutely freezing with the temperature taking quite a dip. Warm woolen layers, scarves, mittens, heavy jackets are a must to keep yourself warm in the Great White North. On the other hands, the summer months (July-September) can be quite hot and cool, breezy clothes in breathable fabrics would be a perfect choice. 

Yes! We always advise our travelers to get some pre-nights and post-nights booking done if they want to explore more upon arrival or continue with their travels after the tour ends. In most cases, we can arrange additional accommodation at our starting or ending hotels, excluding European tours. If we are unable to provide you with the extra nights we will give you the name of a hotel you can contact directly. Please also note that extra accommodations must be booked outside of 30 days of departure.

Most of our adventures, apart from the volunteering programs do not include Airport transfers. We advise our travelers to arrange for a Taxi on Arrival as it is the most economical and efficient way to go about this. If you would prefer a pre-arranged transfer, we can provide the same for you at an additional cost from your point of Arrival. Do get in touch with your coordinators for more information. 


GDA has a fantastic range of voluntours, adventure tours, internships, work abroad opportunities and responsible traveling options which will surely add a new meaning to your gap year. Pick whatever suits your interests and book your flight tickets for your dream destination. It's time to tickle your wanderlust cells! Calling out all backpackers, gap year students, solo travelers and adventure seekers - it's time that you take the leap and Go, Discover Abroad!

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