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travel myths

8 Travel Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe!

Believe it or not - 2018 is going to be the year of traveling!

Students will take a break and set out for that gap year abroad, newlyweds will go on their honeymoon, friends will agree for the cross-country road trip, solo travelers will gain courage and explore on their own, parents will take their kids to their favorite destinations (maybe Disneyland), volunteers will take up a noble cause and travel to a faraway land to make a difference, and grandparents will agree to that much-awaited family vacation!

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Gap Year Adventure

5 Things I Learned After Moving Abroad For A Gap Year Adventure

Taking a gap year and moving to a new country for a substantial period of time is a bold decision in itself. After I finished my high school, I was in a dilemma thinking what I should do next. Honestly, I wasn't prepared enough for another 3 long years of coursework, hence, I choose to venture out of my comfort zone and discover the world that's beyond the pages of the books.

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Ideas For Your Gap Year In 2018

35 Best Ideas For Your Gap Year In 2019 | Go Discover Abroad

Transition into the college life itself is a very hard thing and that with the many obstacles and issues that come associated with the application processes makes life morbid for even the most quirky of youngsters. SATs, essays, statement of purpose and whatnot, each day you feel like there’s The King Kong inside your flesh thumping on your chest but you keep calm and fingers crossed hoping for the best. But with regret letters coming in from colleges of your choice and waitlisters’ notification from the next best, that King Kong becomes you!

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questions Before Taking a Gap Year Abroad

5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Taking a Gap Year Abroad

Everyone needs a break. Whether you are a high school student aspiring to get admission in an Ivy League University or a graduating student who's about to step into the '9 to 5 Phase' of life - you need to pause for some time, explore beyond your known circle, get accustomed to the unknown and find out what exactly you wish to do in life.

It's the time when you can focus on your passion and develop your skills for a better future.

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Celebrate Halloween

5 Best Places To Celebrate Halloween The Creepy Way

Our mental image of the All Hallows Eve is associated with weird costumes, dramatic face dos, trick-r-treating, diabetic amount of candies and mischievous deeds. People tend to get into eerily spooky moods and go overboard in making others’ skin crawl with elaborate scare tactics. Boo! ‘Come on, please I wanna be divergent this Halloween!’ If you exclaimed, then we have a few ideas right up our alley that we can spot you.

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Life Lessons That You Can Learn During Your Gap Year Abroad

5 Important Life Lessons That You Can Learn During Your Gap Year Abroad

In case you are thinking that the world of wisdom will unfold before you while sitting at home, then you are wrong, my friend! Being on the roads will teach you a bundle of valuable lessons that nothing else could have ever done.

Long-term traveling is undoubtedly one of the crucial life-changing decisions that you'll take – and once you are bitten by the travel bug, there’s surely no antidote. Nothing can beat the thrill of packing your bags and stepping out of your comfort zone, knowing that you won’t be back for several weeks, months or even years!

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Thailand During Your Gap Year

How About Exploring Thailand During Your Gap Year

There won't be anyone who would deny taking a trip to Thailand, for sure! Considered as the 'Jewel of Southeast Asia', this nation will just sweep you off your feet and paint your dreams with all the amazing colors that you can ever think of.

If you are about to wrap up your High School or College days, and planning to take a break for some meaningful explorations and insightful journeys without making a hole in your pocket, then what can be a better option than heading towards Thailand?

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Why You Should Take A Gap Year Abroad

10 Reasons Why You Should Take A Gap Year Abroad

Before we go into the discussion of 'Why' a gap year is necessary and scrutinize its diverse impacts on one's life, let's first understand what exactly is a Gap Year. Although not a new concept, taking a gap year has been quite common among European and Australian students, and the Americans quickly started following the same path.

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Travel Abroad On A Budget

How To Travel Abroad On A Budget | Go Discover Abroad

Travel is a sensible and rewarding outcome of heart-pumping adventures, exciting expeditions and finding your Zen. But no matter how amazing the prospect of such plans sound or how eager one is to break off from their regular life patterns, many takes a step back once they come face to face with the reality of International trip expenses.

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