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Gap Year Abroad packing

Don’t Leave For Your Gap Year Abroad Without These Packed In

When you’re leaving for a gap year journey it is almost like leaving your entire life behind for a year back at home. The relaxation of sleeping in your own bed, the mom-made comfort foods, the midnight cuddle sessions with your furry little labrador; all these starts to feel a lot more worthy once you’re out there on your own. Those extra pairs of clothes and slippers and other bits and bobs back at home cannot make up for these cozy feelings. So, it’s in vain if you try to pack up your entire life for your gap year abroad.

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Language Barriers During Your Gap Year Abroad

How To Overcome Language Barriers During Your Gap Year Abroad

Learning a new language is a big feat and it takes patience and time as well to master any given language of the world. The language barrier is one of the hiccups of traveling abroad combating which requires special directives. Moreover, when it’s during your gap year plans abroad, it can surely pop-up as a red flag in your mind at first. Whether you are planning to work, travel or volunteer abroad during your break year, communication barrier when it comes to the local language can stand as an obstacle in your course of exploration and discovery.

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make your gap year meaningful

7 Things That You Can Do To Make Your Gap Year More Meaningful

The gap year is the time when you can take a break from your studies and career, to explore the world on your own, gain the confidence to do something by yourself, and learn certain life-lessons through practical experiences. ]

If you have made your mind to take a gap year, then it's time that you should start planning how to make it more meaningful, rather than just wasting your time doing nothing!

Here are 7 things that you can do to make your gap year meaningful:

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Gap Year Trip With Your Friends

5 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Gap Year Trip With Your Friends

Good friends are boons of life and also the best ones amongst them are the pricks who’ll make fun of you at any glimmer of a chance they get. And there you are thinking of all the people who’ve made the cut and if you’ve found a few of them, hold on to them tightly, for finding friends with the same mental disorder is just PRICELESS we believe! Who really better to plan 365 days of fun, travel, food, adventure, laughing riots and what not than these crazy people, right!

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travel trends 2018

Planning a Trip? Here Are 2019's Top 7 Travel Trends

As 2019 is all set to kickstart in the most brilliant way, everyone is excited to know what adventures and good things the year has in store! The world of traveling has evolved immensely this year, and there's no sign of it slowing down in the coming year as well. More and more people are setting out for luxury holidays or budget trips, and there's no dearth of places to visit!

While destinations like Paris or Bangkok have always been on the top of the travelers' checklists, people are now more keen on checking out the not-much-explored places!

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travel resolutions 2018

10 Travel Resolutions For 2019 - It's Time To Satisfy Your Wanderlust!

Just a few more days before 2018 wraps up! With another new year setting in, comes another bunch of resolutions (of which we might just not be able to stick to all) and a bucket list of things to do. While some of our friends will plan to shed a few kilos in the coming year, a few more will plan to get hitched and some will prepare to study further to get one more feather added to their crown!

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national parks in Africa

5 Extraordinary National Parks in Africa That You Should Visit During Your Gap Year

The second largest continent in the world, it is rightly said that “There is something special about Africa that touches the soul.” Whether you've experienced the thrill of wildlife safaris before or a first-time wide-eyed enthusiast, the aura of the African national parks will surely get under your skin. The thrilling mix of wildlife encounters and the breathtaking beauty of the scenery will surely knit wonderful tales to present you with experiences that would last a lifetime.

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treks in Nepal

7 Best Treks in Nepal That You Simply Can’t Miss

Located on the Southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges, the landlocked country of Nepal is frequented by thousands of adventurists from everywhere to get a taste of the Himalayan madness that they’ve heard so much about! Every year mountaineers, rock climbers, mountain bikers flock to Nepal in a bid to explore its sensational beauty and it's expansive mountain ranges.

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travel the world

Are You Young and Broke Yet Wish To Travel The World?

Here's a famous saying by Anthony Bourdain - “If you’re twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them – wherever you go.”

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