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national parks in Africa

5 Extraordinary National Parks in Africa That You Should Visit During Your Gap Year

The second largest continent in the world, it is rightly said that “There is something special about Africa that touches the soul.” Whether you've experienced the thrill of wildlife safaris before or a first-time wide-eyed enthusiast, the aura of the African national parks will surely get under your skin. The thrilling mix of wildlife encounters and the breathtaking beauty of the scenery will surely knit wonderful tales to present you with experiences that would last a lifetime.

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treks in Nepal

7 Best Treks in Nepal That You Simply Can’t Miss

Located on the Southern slopes of the Himalayan mountain ranges, the landlocked country of Nepal is frequented by thousands of adventurists from everywhere to get a taste of the Himalayan madness that they’ve heard so much about! Every year mountaineers, rock climbers, mountain bikers flock to Nepal in a bid to explore its sensational beauty and it's expansive mountain ranges.

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travel the world

Are You Young and Broke Yet Wish To Travel The World?

Here's a famous saying by Anthony Bourdain - “If you’re twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them – wherever you go.”

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Gap Year Journey On Social Media

6 Tips For Sharing Your Gap Year Journey On Social Media

Cheerio to all you excited lot out there who have decided to take a gap year abroad. Packing up your life and shipping out for a year is certainly a remarkable event to look forward to and definitely worthy of getting you some upvotes, swag points, and the likes. However, in public service, we would also like to warn you from becoming the social media oversharer. Keep a check on your sharing activities and do not slip into the role of ‘That Guy’!

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Tips For Solo Women Travelers

25 Quick Tips For Solo Women Travelers On A Gap Year Trip Abroad

Nunchucks- Check, throw knives- check, chainsaw- check; who’s going to war we wonder? In a perfect terrorism free world with no air travel regulations, this would have been staples in a solo women travelers packing list and maybe a few cans of maces as well! That’s just about enough of fantasies, let’s just snap out of it and step into reality, shall we? Girl power needn’t these weapons to manifest itself. And what better than GDA, we who’ve sent hundreds of women travelers on their dream solo trips abroad to preach the truth about this.

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Thrilling train rides around the world

6 Thrilling Train Rides You Must Take During Your Travel Abroad

Trains are the underdogs of an international travel routine; they serve quietly in the shadows and never get the center stage to revel. Railway networks are the heart of any country and we at GDA believe our travelers’ experience should be an all-inclusive one! Also, going by the rate at which cabin space in airplanes is being sized down, all we budget travelers having a codependent relationship with a flying coach will be found squatting on flight seats! Yeah yeah, international travel is not doable otherwise.

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gap year planning

Things That Are Stopping You From Taking a Gap Year Abroad But They Shouldn't

So, you've been planning to take a break for some time from your regular routine of studies or work? But you are still unsure of what exactly to do during your gap year? Or maybe where to go? There must be thousands of things that are popping up in your mind and you are totally skeptical of how to make things work. Also, if it becomes difficult to convince yourself then the journey ahead will seem even tougher - even if it is not so!

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money saving tips gap year abroad

Tips for Saving Money for Your Gap Year Travel Abroad

Well, we keep mentioning why it is important to take a gap year and what lessons you'll get to learn while traveling abroad, but before all that, the primary matter of concern is - Where will the money for this adventurous gap year come from?

While you can find several ways to save money, here are a few simple tips from our side that might help you have enough savings before you decide your destination and set sail for a gap year abroad.


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what I Learned From My Gap Year Abroad

11 Life Lessons That I Learned From My Gap Year Abroad

Apart from some nicks and scrapes, major throwback worthy memories, 64 GB full of awesome pictures, a few wrong turns and awful decisions and of course a whole lotta great traveling, my gap year was also 365 days of life school for me. True, I’ll admit, I only set out for a gap year to shake off the stress of my college finals and all I was looking forward to was a good bit of traveling, some fantastic parties and meeting new people. But, seemingly my gap year had a mind of its own and it seriously took me on a roller coaster ride.

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Gap Year With Your Partner

Reasons Why You Should Take A Gap Year With Your Partner And Travel Abroad

To take a break in between and opting for a gap year abroad is indeed a big decision. There are moments of anxiety and excitement, confusions, dilemmas and much more. You have to decide what you exactly want to do, plan the budget for your travel & stay abroad, chalk out the route map of the destinations that you wish to cover and prepare yourself to step out of your comfort zone, in order to start a new adventure.

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