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Gap year in africa

10 Best Plans For Spending Your Gap Year In Africa

"Africa. There's nowhere like it on the planet for wildlife, wild lands and rich traditions that endure. Prepare to fall in love." - Lonely Planet

From the deserts of Morocco to the tropical beaches of Mozambique, from the wildlife scenario of Serengeti to the Garden Route road trip in South Africa, from Gorilla treks in Uganda to scuba diving at Zanzibar - Africa is just the best place for adventure! There's so much to see and do, that you might just fall short of time!

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Valentine's day 2018 couples getaway

5 Amazing Couples Getaway From Around The World For Your Valentine’s Day 2019!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and while some couples might just want to stay back at home and ‘Netflix and Chill’, there are others who are gearing up for an amazing romantic getaway. If you’ve been dying to getaway from your mundane 9 to 5 routine and kick some punch into your relationship with that special someone, then this valentine’s day would be the perfect time to put some much-awaited travel plans in motion.

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volunteering vs voluntourism

What's The Difference Between Conventional Volunteering And Adventurous Voluntourism?

Traveling has taken a new shape in the last decade and millennials are redefining their journeys by getting engaged in some sort of meaningful work. In the recent past, taking a trip abroad to volunteer has gained much popularity - but if one really digs deeper into the matter, then he/she can understand the difference between the concept of conventional volunteering and voluntourism that focuses more on an adventure.

Before going into the difference of characteristics between the two, let’s first look into their definitions and what these two terms mean in real.

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gap year in 2018

Quiz: Where Should You Go For A Gap Year in 2019?

Finally, that time is here when you can just pack your bags and leave without thinking about exams, books, appraisals or official reports. Kudos to all you people who have decided to set out for a gap year in 2019. But what’s that we are hearing? You are still not sure about where you should be going for your gap year! The world is huge and each of its corners is filled with amazing travel exploits of its own. So, when it comes to planning for a year-long break, even the most experienced of travelers are left with indecision and confusion looming over their head.

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top gap year destinations

6 Top Gap Year Destinations Around The World To Tick Off Your List in 2019

Where should I go? No, we are not talking about fancy universities now that you’ve gotten through the grueling years of school! For the past few years, your dreams have been made of fantasies, nightmares, and an amazing gap year abroad. And the first step to making your year-off a brilliantly vivid experience is lining up the best of gap year destinations around the world and ticking them off your bucket list, one by one. Our team of travelers has put together a list of the best countries for a gap year in 2019, and it’s all much more than what you’ve been jonesing for!

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traveler for life

37 Signs That You’ve Become A 'Traveler For Life'

There's no denying in the fact that traveling abroad during the gap year is the most enriching and adventurous phase of life. Most of us stay within the four walls of our comfort zone until the time we realize that we need to step out to see the bigger world.

And once you've taken a break and experienced the bliss of exploring the unknown - you would know that there's possibly no way to get cured of the wanderlust that infects you in the most amazing manner.


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Visit Yosemite National Park

6 Adventure Activities in Yosemite National Park To Take Up in Your Gap Year

The staple of almost every great American road trip and the motherlode of American National Parks, Yosemite stands tall as a mighty head-turner of North American flora and fauna. Tucked in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, Yosemite’s towering rock structures and iconic vistas has led it to become a revered UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beyond its panoramic beauty, Yosemite has become a popular adventure arena with thousands of adventurers, gappers and backpackers from all over the world flocking to the National Park every year.

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first time travel in India

Top 10 Tips for First Time Travel to India | Go Discover Abroad

If you have got a bad bite of the travel bug like us then right about now you’re thinking about a place as far away from home as you can imagine. And the exotic land of India, with its flush of colors and gold pot of travel hotspots, have made a job out of attracting wanderlusters like you people, like moths to the flame. For its sheer magnitude and its incredible diversity of topography, it can turn out to be a maze for even a few avid travelers!

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Laos travel

5 Budget-friendly Travel Destinations That Must Be In Your Bucket List For 2019

Now that 2019 is here, most of us have started fixing our travel resolutions for the year and planning our bucket list. While many have already saved enough to go for an exotic luxury retreat at Bali or planning for a family holiday at LA, not all can afford it! But still, wanderlust keeps tickling the souls. Hence, we have prepared a list of few budget-friendly destinations that won't bite your wallet and also open the doors to step into some gorgeous destinations.

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