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Travel Quiz

Quiz: Let Us Help You Decide Your Next Vacation

Yayy!! Summer is near and so are the vacations. It's time to plan your next vacation before it gets too late. So pack your bags and get ready to experience something new. With so many options around, it's difficult to make a choice as to where to go and where not to. But don't worry we'll help you decide your holiday destination for 2019. Play this quiz and find out which destination matches your interests and preferences. Let’s go!


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Twelve Apostles

Your Ultimate Travel Guide - Australia | YUTG Australia

A summer down under in gigantic and diverse Australia is something that should be in your bucket list; you will not find a happier country to live every moment of your vacation at a better destination - ranging from great coastline to city beaches; from the Big Red Rock to famous cricket grounds. For most visitors its name is a shorthand for an endless summer where the living is easy; a place where the adventures are as vast as the horizons and the jokes flow as freely as the beer; a country of can-do spirit and easy friendliness. No wonder Australians call theirs the Lucky Country.

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Volunteer Abroad Programs

Hand-Picked Volunteer Abroad Programs to Enrich Your Alternative Spring Break 2019

So you are done with your exams and semesters with flying colors? Feels quite like an accomplishment - right? We can top it up with some more excitement. 

Enhance your Gap Year with our awesome Volunteer Abroad Program with countless excitements. Sounds intriguing? Read along to find out our handpicked offerings at Go Discover Abroad! It cannot be a better time to go out there and indulge in your first Volunteer Abroad Program.

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Explore Rainbow Mountains

Explore Rainbow Mountains - Nature’s Gift To Peru

Yesss!!! They look unrealistic but they are rainbow in color for real. 

Probably it’s the first time you'll ever experience walking over the rainbow, not quite literally but real for sure.

Located near the Ausangate Mountain in Cusco. It is one of the places that is still being discovered by travelers. Though it is amongst the 100 places you must visit before you die by National Geographic due all because of its beautiful colors! 

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Family Holiday In 2019

Where To Go For Your Annual Family Holiday In 2019?

The summer holidays are just around the corner, and your kids are already excited about the annual family holiday, isn’t it? Your partner has also been bugging you for a while now, but you are still in a fix, where to go and how to plan out the entire itinerary? Well, no worries, ‘coz Go Discover Abroad has already selected 3 best destinations for family vacationing in 2019 and we can’t wait to share our thrilling itineraries with you!

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7 Travel Mistakes To Avoid in 2019

7 Travel Mistakes To Avoid in 2019

As another year has set in and we've already made our bucket list - hoping to tick off every destination that's there on it. But to be honest, traveling isn't always a fancy affair of being footloose & free, but at times, it really requires some serious research and brainstorming, so that we get to travel responsibly and return back with authentic experiences rather than just photographs to be shared on social media!

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Traveling To Sri Lanka In 2019

Things To Know Before Traveling To Sri Lanka In 2019

Lonely Planet has touted Sri Lanka as the best place to visit in 2019, and we are not surprised. A country to the South of India in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is blessed with unparalleled tropical fervor and is comfortably unexposed the tourist rush of South East Asia. Laced with cultural influence and fusion of the varied colors of South Asia and colonial rule, Sri Lanka’s diverse landscapes range from the rainforests and arid plains to highlands and sandy beaches. It’s famed for its ancient Buddhist ruins, including the 5th-century citadel Sigiriya, with its palace and frescoes.

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trips for over 50s

Top Trips To Take In Your 50s

Travel as an experience or as an activity, is not something that has to be limited to just the ‘young and free-spirited’, it needs to be more all-encompassing. A curiosity for new cultures, new landscapes, new experiences and a quest to explore the unknown are not qualities that are single-handedly possessed by the young. So let not the abstract and socially constructed “number” stop you from living your dreams and head to some memorable trips in your 50s. 

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Wildlife Vacations For Animal Lovers

Ethical Wildlife Vacations For Animal Lovers

Mankind has always been intrigued by the wildlife that Mother Nature has to offer. And even though a lot of people would call them animal lovers, most wildlife species today are threatened by humans in one way or another. The concerning decline of the majestic and magnificent animals such as elephants, tigers or orangutans has brought about awareness and much-needed efforts to support and conserve these species. 

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