7 Travel Mistakes To Avoid in 2019

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As another year has set in and we've already made our bucket list - hoping to tick off every destination that's there on it. But to be honest, traveling isn't always a fancy affair of being footloose & free, but at times, it really requires some serious research and brainstorming, so that we get to travel responsibly and return back with authentic experiences rather than just photographs to be shared on social media!

No matter whether you're planning for a luxurious family vacation or thinking of setting out for that much-awaited solo trip, be sure not to make these travel mistakes in 2019.

1. Overpacking

overpacking while travel

This is a very common thing amongst all, especially for Indian travelers! Most of the time, we tend to pack more than what we would actually require. The best way is to make a list of the things you'd need, keeping in mind the local weather conditions. Don't stuff in those party wears, 'coz no one knows you there and nobody's gonna judge you for what you are wearing! Pack the essentials and you'll be good to go. And you won't have to pay for excess baggage as well.


2. Not buying a Travel Insurance!

Not buying a Travel Insurance

Well, you might be thinking that you can safely do the trip without getting travel insurance but you are slightly wrong and going to take a big risk! You never know what circumstances may probably arise when you're there in a foreign land, and you would find yourself in a fix if you don't have proper insurance coverage. Travel insurance covers health policies, luggage loss, flight delays and a lot of other things as well. Like we always say, it's better to be safe than sorry!


3. Not taking care of your belongings and travel documents!

Not taking care of your belongings and travel documents

This would be the last thing that you'd want - imagine how difficult it might get if you lose your passport or leave behind something expensive at the hotel or in a cab! Well, this is certainly something we never want - hence, avoid being lousy and take care of your belongings! Keep extra photocopies of your passport, insurance, visa etc. Also, be careful with your luggage and don't leave anything unnoticed. Make sure to carry expensive items in your hand baggage and don't stack them in your suitcase


4. Not keeping enough local currency!

local currency

Avoid using your credit cards as much as you can, and try to pay in cash when you're out there, traveling in a foreign country! This would help you to save a lot of money! Banks usually charge extra for every international transaction and you might just end up spending a lot more than what you've actually estimated. Also, when you travel by local transport or eat at a shack, you'd need to pay in cash - so it's necessary that you keep enough of it handy!


5. Trying to 'see it all'

travel abroad

Most of the people want to see everything when they visit a particular destination, but that's absolutely foolish! One can never 'see it all' and there's always more to be explored! Rather than suffering from FOMO, you should focus on enjoying what you are getting to explore. Take your time to figure out what all you crave to explore - if you are an art lover, visit the monuments & museums; if you are keen about street photography then head off to explore the markets; if you are an adventure seeker,  then go for experiencing scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing etc. If you try to accommodate everything in the itinerary, you'll end up making it a hectic journey, and won't be able to enjoy and absorb all that you come across! Make sure you give yourself some time to relax and soak up the best of what each destination has to offer.


6. Falling in the trap of over expensive packages!

expensive packages

You might be thinking that "expensive packages would be luxurious" but that might not be the case always! That's why we say, a little research can fetch you the best deals. There are several organizations which offer customized packages that would suit your tastes and preferences, as well as give you the flexibility to put in those activities that are there in your bucket list. Make sure not to fall in those package deal traps for touristy things - rather, make wiser decisions about what all you wish to see & explore!


7. Taking too many selfies!

Taking too many selfies

We are all too tied to our smartphones, and can’t get over taking selfies! It usually begins from the airport, before we board the flight, and continues wherever we go! Well, we believe it’s time that you soak in the beauty of the place and capture photographs that would define it, rather than just clicking endless selfies! Get over your narcissistic complex and give yourself a social media detox during those few days. In 2019, indulge in exploring more rather than showing off to the world where you are or what you are doing!

So what are you waiting for? Find out which is the place that you would like to explore, and start planning your next vacation! The world is waiting to be explored!

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