Top Trips To Take In Your 50s

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Travel as an experience or as an activity, is not something that has to be limited to just the ‘young and free-spirited’, it needs to be more all-encompassing. A curiosity for new cultures, new landscapes, new experiences and a quest to explore the unknown are not qualities that are single-handedly possessed by the young. So let not the abstract and socially constructed “number” stop you from living your dreams and head to some memorable trips in your 50s. 

Head For Some Street Photography and Heritage Exploration In Europe

streets in europe

There’s no pleasure as captivating and no landscapes as riveting as the ones on the Adriatic Coast. You’ll get to gaze into the vastness of the pristine blue seas and will find everything slowly disappearing. You’ll get to stroll through the beaches and experience what’s a beauty like when mountains and the sea merge. And if that’s not all, the cobblestone streets of the Adriatic towns will make sure that your senses get an overdose of old-school beauty when you step out of the seas. From the world-renowned medieval beauty that is Dubrovnik to the arresting cities of Kotor, Montenegro, Venice and more, capture the enigma that is Europe in your camera and indulge in some real and raw street photography.  

Blending the old-world stone streets with postcard-worthy views from the limestone mountains behind, the lesser-known wonder of the Adriatic coast full of lovely cafes, boutiques, small hotels, patisseries, antique shops etc. The markets, overlooking the harbor, is most of these cities, just outside the walls, is also worth a visit for the perfect kind of pictures. 


Explore The Rich Cultural and Historical Heritage of India 

sanchi stupa

A popular tourist destination, traveling around India offers a volume of experiences. Forts and temples built at the times of Hindu and Muslim kings of ancient and medieval centuries, a geographical landscape that encompasses mountains, beaches, tropical rainforests, deserts, plateaus, canons and more,  a culinary diversity that parallels Europe, a cultural diversity that few other regions can match, a visit to India is a must feature in your 50s. Divided majorly into four major geographical regions - North, South, West, and East - each region has its own specialty.  

Team Go Discover Abroad offers trips that map the length and breadth of the country and get you a glimpse of the hustle, bustle, and heritage of India. From the royal remnants of Rajasthan to the Golden Triangle Tour, from trekking in the Himalayas to painting the town red in Goa, head to India as soon as you can to find out why we can’t stop raving about it. 


Take A Responsible Trip Abroad 

volunteer in india

The idea of responsible traveling has taken the world by storm. Not only does it facilitate a heightened cultural immersion but also leads to leaving a positive impact in the host destination and within the host community. Team Go Discover Abroad facilitates many such responsible travel options. From volunteering for kids from underserved communities as a teacher to getting your hands into some marine conservation by the beach in tropical countries, find where your heart lies and take a meaningful and impactful trip abroad. 


Take The Long Overdue Road Trip

road trip abroad

Road trips have their special kind of charm. It’s almost like an allegory of life - we move, we pause, we hit obstacles, we overcome them, we refuel, we rest and then we start again. Choose from the wide range of road trips offered by Team Go Discover Abroad and give yourself the time to sit back and relax as you absorb and enjoy the views that pass by. 

Covering a range of destinations that include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, South Africa, Spain, India, Singapore, United States, Mexico, Canada and a lot more, take the roads less traveled, witness life-changing picturesque scenes, make friends for a lifetime.

An ideal way to meet and chat with people from around the world enjoy even the bumpiest rides as there's nothing much that can equal the infectious vacation vibe on road trip abroad. The USP? Well, all our road trips are on giant lively buses so that you meet lots of people, absorb the scenes as your bus moves and get the most of your time on the roads. 


Take A Short Trip To Rejuvenate Yourself 

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Time should not hold you back from taking the much-needed break. Choose from the many offerings that encompass trips to countries across Asia, Africa, Australasia, Europe, and Americas that include India, Kenya, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Spain and also the USA, Costa Rica, Peru and more.  Get out of the tyranny of routine and let your hair down with Go Discover Abroad. 

Not at a stage of life when one is living from pay cheque to pay cheque and is enjoying the somber phase of life, traveling is like the obvious choice. Reach out to Team Go Discover Abroad and get the trip you’ve long been planning on. 

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