Things To Do In Portugal

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Hosting its travelers to an equitable climate, Portugal is a beloved traveling destination throughout the year. Beautifully blending an old world charm with a contemporary buzz, this erstwhile socialist country that exercises a significant imperial influence on its former colonies is the fourth most peaceful country in the world. Offering its visitors a great learning opportunity, besides is picturesque landscapes, there’s a lot that an enthusiastic traveler can do in Portugal.

Take a look at this succinct and quick suggestion on things to do while traveling in Portugal. 

What to do in Lagos? 

Lagos will be your first stop if you are taking the Spain and Portugal Budget Trip, explore the exhilarating coastal scenery of Lagos as you begin your Portugal adventures. Ideal for both party lovers and solitude diggers, the principal town of the Algarve region is known for its sustainable tourism. 

Visit the Praia da Batata Beach 

Visit the Praia da Batata Beach

Much like the Chapora and Vagator Couple, visit the 17th Century fort of Bandeira with the Praia beach being just under its shadow offering spellbinding views like no other. More of a family beach, enjoy the bustling ‘day-life’ at the Portuguese wonderland. 

Stroll along the Meia Praia beach

Stroll along the Meia Praia beach

Head to the quieter and more serene beach of Meia Praia, a 4-km long stretch of a joyride. Blessed with wide grassed sandbanks that lead to quiet roads perfect for long romantic walks. Housing pleasant low-rise residential buildings, this is perhaps the most instagrammable part of Lagos. 

How about some Zoo time with family? 

Zoo time with family

The animal lovers should head to the Lagos Zoo for some quality time with family and of course the Portuguese wildlife. Home to a very large number and variety of birds besides being inhabited by monkeys, apes, peacocks, fruit bats, meditating lemurs and marauding pelicans. You can spend hours walking around at a leisurely pace, taking lots of photos in the well-kept enclosures. 



Head for the Sea-Kayaking escapade from Lagos to the most pristine beaches and famous grottos of the region in the Algarve towards Ponta da Piedade.  You’ll also be to explore some beautiful hidden beaches only accessible by boat or kayak where you can stay for a while before you head further. 

Pay a visit to Paraiso Restaurant

Paraiso Restaurant

Head to one of the most beautiful restaurants in Lagos and get a taste of delectable Portuguese cuisine before you head to Lisbon for your second phase of the journey.  

Take a stroll along the Via Algarviana


Close to the Spanish border and can be clubbed with any of the trips in Spain, take the 186-mile stroll, if not all on foot, definitely a bit of it. An offbeat experience more for the travelers and vagabonds than run-of-the-mill holidaymakers, this trip is especially recommended during the scenic springtime when the fields are covered by wildflowers. 

Benagil Caves Tour from Portimao

Benagil Caves Tour

Take a 120 minute long guided sea caves to stroll with Portimao being your starting point. Enjoy some rugged sea caves and strong thrust of the waves as you get to witness some never seen before marvels of nature. 

Ria de Alvor Nature Reserve

Ria de Alvor Nature Reserve

A must-visit for nature lovers, visit the Ria de Alvor Nature Reserve to witness the lovely natural estuary which will absolutely be worth your few hours of the day. You could either take a bus to cover the sites or simply walk along the boardwalk. The walks are especially recommended for birdwatchers and flower lovers - you’re going to have the walk of your life at the reserve. 

Portuguese market

A gypsy market, some 20-odd kilometers from Faro, Algarve, is famed for its variety of shoes, Handbags, linens, food, ceramics, shoes, and a plethora of cork products - an ideal escape to collect your souvenirs and do your shopping for the entire year. 

What to do in Lisbon? 

Enjoy the picturesque cobblestone streets and rickety old wooden trams of Lisbon before you head to enjoy the lively nightlife and begin your pub crawls for the day. While the list for ‘things to do in Lisbon’ can feature countlessly unmissable, the following are a blend to give you a well-rounded experience of the ancient town. 

Walk along the Tagus River

Tagus River

You’ll be enticed to become a morning person and enjoy one of Lisbon’s greatest pleasures - which is nothing but walking along the Tagus before the crowds take over. About 7 KMS, perfect for that long overdue run by the countryside, don’t miss this for the world! 

Take a day trip to Sintra

trip to sintra

Witness the royalesque and aristocratic hill town and witness the beauty of unfettered woodlands and lively floral gardens. About a 40-minute train ride away, the train leaves every 20 minutes from Lisbon. 

Visit Alfama


Owing to the medieval alleys and outstanding views, the oldest district of Lisbon is a treat for photographers and culture diggers. You could climb to the top of the National Pantheon to witness the breathtaking views of the Lisbon waterfront.

An offbeat experience? Visit Village Monsanto 

Village Monsanto 

One of the lesser destinations of Portugal, sign up for this distinctly beautiful experience in the village that has hardly changed over the years and can be easily touted as the living Portuguese museum. Easily accessible from Portugal,  the village is no less than a dreamland where doors are carved within spaces between boulders looking like a real life Bedrock. Awarded the “Portuguese town in Portugal”honor, the village features a castle built on a 400 feet high hill which also a played a really important political role in the medieval times. Having witnessed an iconic  Napoleonic invasion, relive the history at Monsanto and let the experience be a highlight of your life’s history. 

While there is certainly no dearth of the variety of experiences that Portugal offers you, blending a variety of experiences is the key to making the most of your trip. For making your arrangements and finally taking the plunge of traveling to Portugal, don’t hesitate to a drop a Hello to our travel desk at [email protected] 

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