Things That Are Stopping You From Taking a Gap Year Abroad But They Shouldn't

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So, you've been planning to take a break for some time from your regular routine of studies or work? But you are still unsure of what exactly to do during your gap year? Or maybe where to go? There must be thousands of things that are popping up in your mind and you are totally skeptical of how to make things work. Also, if it becomes difficult to convince yourself then the journey ahead will seem even tougher - even if it is not so!


There's barely anyone who isn't scared of stepping out of the comfort zone and a little insecurity, about experiencing culture shock and facing the big changes in life. Here are 8 silly thoughts that might be stopping you from taking a gap year abroad, but they shouldn't.


8. You think you'll be lagging behind your peers if you take a gap year!


This would surely be bothering you, since the time you decide to take a break. All your friends would be one step ahead in the career ladder is what you are thinking when the matter of gap year comes into concern. But let me tell you that you are wrong in this case! While they'll either start attending classes or join work and get stuck in a routine life, you'll be exploring faraway lands and involving yourself in various kinds of work that'll not only help you to gain experience but also make you aware of a lot of things that other's would probably be missing out on their structured urban schedules. And when you'll finally return back after your gap year, you will realize it on your own how your knowledge of the real world is way ahead than that of your peers!


7. You think that a gap year would cost a lot!


Money, obviously, is a matter of concern and I'm sure you don't want your parents to fund your gap year abroad! Hence, you need to figure out by yourself how you can sustain and experience the goodness. It might sound something difficult, but let me assure you, it isn't something that's impossible! There can be hundreds of ways in which you can save adequately for your gap year adventures. You might have to squeeze your life in a bottle for now, but it'll pay you back in the most amazing manner! And like I keep saying always, start planning early so that you can save more and indulge more.


6. You have not yet planned anything and you feel it's too late now!


Well, know that it's better late than never! You can start planning now, and make things work out the way you want. GoDiscoverAbroad is here to help your out in the best possible manner. You just need to decide where you want to go and then choose the program that you feel suits you the best. And we shall take care of the rest! In case you are having a dilemma in deciding where to go, you can directly get in touch with our team, and you'll be guided in finding the best options. Instead of being skeptical about your gap year plans, you should see it as a part of the adventure you are going to undertake! The entire process of planning, booking your flights, doing a little research about the place and the things you would do etc. will surely keep you on your toes - so ditch the skepticism and get going with the planning.


5. You think it's not safe to travel abroad alone!


There can be nothing better than setting out for a solo trip abroad - trust me when I say this. And once you step out, you'll realize that you aren't alone! There are hundreds of solo travelers who are embarking on this journey of self-discovery. Your safety will depend mostly on you - and if you are confident about yourself, there's nothing you should worry about. There are certain precautionary measures like you shouldn't go for drinking and clubbing with strangers, shouldn't lend money to someone, and avoid staying out until late night. Mostly, you'll find that people all around are world are nice and welcoming, in spite of all the diversity. And you'll soon find a home away from home!


4. You think your parents will not let you go for it!


Surely, they might be a little worried about this entire journey that you are going to undertake on your own - traveling to a new country and staying there for a considerable period of time - all by yourself. But it doesn't mean that they'll not let you go for it! Convincing your parents and family members might be a little difficult, but if you can explain properly why this is necessary for you, they'll surely let you go and live the life you've been dreaming of. They love you and all that they want is your safety, hence they'll always be concerned about where you are and what you are up to. Explain them about your plans, tell them how it'll help you in your career and also, to make you a better person. They'll surely support you in this journey of yours.


3. You are unsure how to deal with the culture shock and language barrier!


Trust me, it'll not bother you for more than a couple of days! The first few days might seem a little strange - you'll have to cope up with the time difference and the jet lag, and also figure out how to communicate with the natives. But then you'll figure everything out by yourself! (And things won't be difficult!) You'll realize that language can never be a barrier - emotions are enough to communicate with someone. In today's date, Google Apps are immensely helpful and they will come handy all the time! And, above all, it'll be the best opportunity for you to learn a new language that'll add some brownie points to your Resume.


2. You think your employers would doubt the legitimacy of your gap year abroad!


It's not true! In fact, the exact opposite will happen when you'll tell your future employers about your gap year or show your Resume. Everyone understands how much courage it takes to opt for a break and indulge in something like this, and it'll be well appreciated. Your employers will understand that you have the potential to take up challenges, to work with a team, and to deliver the best results through your effort. Also, knowing a foreign language, having a volunteering work experience and the like will keep you a step ahead of your peers.


1. You think that long-term traveling isn't your thing!


You haven't attempted it yet, so how can you be sure whether it's your thing or not? Most of the people are too scared or skeptic to do something that they have never done - but it's only when you'll do it, will you know how wonderful it is. Also, you won't be at one place during your gap year journey. You'll be exploring different places, meeting different people, learning new things and engage yourself in meaningful projects. You'll eventually fall in love with your journey and your experiences. It'll make you a more confident person than you've ever been.



Go and grab a world map, spot the destinations that you wish to cover during your gap year trip abroad, do some research and find out what all you wish to do - and for everything else, you can directly get in touch with us!

Don't let the skepticism and anxiety stop you from achieving something incredible in life. In case you need a little more help regarding your gap year plans, then drop us a message below and we shall get back to you soon.

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