9 Reasons Why You’ll Love Traveling With Your Best Friend

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Gone are those days when people used to plan trips with friends which never worked out. Today's millennials are incredible in planning the most random trips and always ready to kickstart a backpacking journey. While solo traveling is the trend of the hour, you can trust my words when I say that your trip with your bestie would be even more exciting than a solo journey.

Crazy - hilarious - adventurous - intense - unforgettable - there are just a few words that would probably come to mind when you think of visiting your favorite destination with your favorite person. Though I would say that it's gonna be an experience that you can't describe to anyone else, it'll be something that only the two of you can feel.

Here are the top 9 reasons why you would absolutely love traveling with your best friend.

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Planning becomes more exciting when you travel with your best friend.

Well, nobody will dare to disagree on the part that planning is an exciting part of any trip - and the joy just doubles if it's happening with your best friend. Both of you can put your crazy ideas together - to make your trip absolutely brilliant. Making a bucket list of things that both of you wish to experience, chatting over WhatsApp for hours over which shoes and dresses to pack, going for shopping, booking the accommodation and everything in-between will give you enough adrenaline rush!

Packing becomes easier when you travel together.

You need not worry about missing out the essentials, like toiletries or your swimsuit - because your bestie is there to pack all that you might forget! Having your favorite person as your travel buddy means that the luggage load will be divided between the two of you, and there would be no hassle even you wish to just move around with a backpack. Chalk out the list of things that you both would need during the trip, and then start packing - there's heavy chance that you both with end up having some space in your bags to fit in some souvenirs on your way back!

You’ll have interesting company when you’re in transit.

Whether it's a 20 hours bus journey or an 8 hours layover - there would be no time for boredom while you are traveling with your best friend. This person knows what it takes to keep your entertained and how to make you laugh, and there won't be any minute when you'll feel lost or lonely. Time will seem to fly as both of you will be engrossed in your own little bubble of chattering. And of course, it'll be more fun to share a coffee, click some on-road selfies, or check out a charming co-passenger with your bff being there by your side. 

Both of you would know each other's perfect poses!

In today's date, every trip deserves some Instagram-worthy shots. And who knows your perfect poses better than your best friend? It's not just about one shot but there need to be several trials and re-trials as well as some mandatory pictures like one posing with a famous building (or a monument that's internationally recognized), a sunset shot, a beach walk shot, a street shopping shot and those endless pictures while eating out! Others might think you're crazy, but your bestie won't ever judge you! Of course, you'll also ensure to enhance her list of followers on Instagram!

Money management will be much easier.

Keeping a tab on your expenditures is a must, and traveling with your best friend will help you to stick to your budget. The cost of local transport, lodging and food will be equally split between the two of you. If there's some activity which you feel is out of your budget, you won't feel hesitant in accepting that to her, and there's a high chance she'd happily spend your share without thinking much about it. Also, if your bargaining skills aren't good enough, she would step ahead and negotiate to get you the thing just to see your happy face.

You won't mind compromising for her.

Maybe you are a person who likes to explore museums and heritage buildings or sit at quaint cafes observing people while your best friend is more keen on trying out some daring adventure sport or go for a pub crawl. With others, you would probably not have compromised, but when it comes to her, you know that making her happy will make you happy. She'll join you for the museum tours and walk down the alleys in the day and you can hop from one pub to another with her at night - eventually, both of you will end up experiencing the best of both worlds!

You'll have the freedom to enjoy some quiet 'me time'.

Most of the days during the journey will be full of activities and a lot of running around, discovering new things, exploring places, and binging on local delicacies. But there would be times when you would want to go slow, maybe pause for a while and scribble down some thoughts on your notebook. You might feel like going out for a walk alone for some time, or sit at the beach to stare at the waves, or just casually stay indoors doing nothing. Your favorite person would understand that you need some time for yourself and let you enjoy your own company.

Traveling together will strengthen your bond.

A trip is not just about fun, adventure, and good things. Once you hit the road, you’ll be confronted with several unpleasant and challenging situations on a day to day basis, but having your bestie by your side can make you feel invincible. Whether you fall sick during a road trip abroad, get a bad stomach after eating at a roadside stall or struggling on a 6-day long hike through the jungle, you’ll get through it together. And eventually, this will further strengthen your bond.

Share the moments and create long-lasting memories.

You would know that the trips you've taken with your best friend are the most memorable trips ever! That's because you could see places you wished to, ticked off the things from your bucket list, tried out all that you never thought you'd be doing, and lived each moment to the fullest. Even in situations when you felt scared, you knew there was someone behind your back. Being with her will always let you be the crazy person you are, and you won't have to think of getting judged for any of your moves.

Just in case you are planning to take a gap year abroad, maybe you can try convincing your bff to tag along. And years later, both of you will surely look back and cherish the memories thinking "That time, when we traveled together..."

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