Reasons Why You Should Take A Gap Year With Your Partner And Travel Abroad

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To take a break in between and opting for a gap year abroad is indeed a big decision. There are moments of anxiety and excitement, confusions, dilemmas and much more. You have to decide what you exactly want to do, plan the budget for your travel & stay abroad, chalk out the route map of the destinations that you wish to cover and prepare yourself to step out of your comfort zone, in order to start a new adventure.

While sorting all these by yourself to set out on a solo trip abroad can be extremely courageous, empowering and rewarding, embarking on this journey with your partner will be equally satisfying, eventful and inspiring. While there will be a lot of challenges as well as blissful moments, you and your partner will get to live all of that together and create memories to cherish for a lifetime.



Here are 6 best reasons why taking a gap year abroad with your partner will turn out to be one of the most significant decisions of your life.

1. Two is better than one, anytime!

Guess you have no doubts about it! As you'll plan your gap year adventure with your partner, both of you will be able to put in your money as well as ideas, to shape things for better. Both of you can decide on the things that you wish to do and plan out accordingly. You can be a part of his plans and he can be a part of yours! What more can you ask for? And moreover, you will feel safer while in a faraway destination.

2. Someone will be there during those unpleasant times

You can't deny the fact that unpleasant and unforeseen circumstances will arise while you are traveling abroad. You might miss a flight or you may lose your personal belongings - and in those situations, having someone beside you is important. Of course, you are capable of sorting things on your own, but your partner might be of some extra help that you'll require. A little mental support will also matter much, trust me when I say this!

3. You'll get to understand whether he's the correct person for you or not!

There's nothing called a Mr. Perfect! As human beings, none of us are perfect and hence, we can't expect our partner to be perfect either. However, it is essential to have a partner who's compatible with you. Your choices might vary, but he should respect your opinions and vice versa. Opting for a gap year abroad together will give both of you ample scope to spend time with each other and to understand whether you're correct for each other or not.



4. Be a part of a good cause, together

A gap year isn't just about traveling, but you can also get engaged in some sort of volunteering work that'll help your host community. You can choose to serve the society in whichever way that suits you the best - you can either work as a caregiver at an Orphanage or teach English at a local school. You can also get involved in some women empowerment project or some sort of conservation program that'll help to save the Nature. When both of you will choose to be a part of a good cause, you'll ample scope to inspire each other. Both of you will not only learn from your journey but from each other as well.

5. Know more about each other's strengths and weaknesses

There will be a lot of challenges while traveling abroad, and you'll both have to deal with those situations. In those times of crisis, you'll get to know more about each other's strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you always thought your partner to be extremely impatient, but during this journey, you'll realize that he's more patient than you are. You can cover the other person's weakness with your strengths, and work better as a team. Your gap year adventure abroad will surely turn out to be an amazing learning journey for both of you.

6. Some travel experiences are best when shared with someone special

Certain travel experiences, like visiting the Taj Mahal while exploring India or gazing at the horizon during a sunset at Bali will turn into magical moments if you are with your partner. Those little things will not only turn into your best travel memories but live those moments together will also strengthen your bond as a couple.

Now that you know why it's good to set out with your partner, pitch your gap year plans and seek the other person's opinion. Of course, nobody can ever say 'NO' to a long-term travel plan abroad!

“In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With.” – Charles Schulz.

Start planning your trip soon and Go Discover Abroad!

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