7 Reason Why You Should Spend Your Gap Year In Australia

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Taking a gap year in Australia would definitely turn out to be one of the most brilliant decisions of your life. Not only is the country immensely beautiful with an absolute diversified landscape, but there are just too many things to do and experience. Perhaps that's the reasons why the number of travelers in increasing with every passing year and when it comes to shortlisting the things that one can do in Australia, it feels like a challenge! From the quaint cobbled streets, small street cafés and creative atmosphere of Perth in Western Australia, to the surreal beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in the East, and the upscale urbane life of Sydney - Australia will turn your gap year journey into an adventure worth cherishing forever!

Here are 7 unbeatable reasons that’ll encourage you to take a gap year in Australia:


Your Gap Year Won't Create A Gap In Your Resume

Gap In Your Resume

It's always a good idea to get involved in some sort of volunteering or internship work during the gap period and in Australia, you'll get ample opportunities for that. You can choose to serve conservation project and protect the wildlife or be a part of a marine conservation program. You can also find an internship that might just pay to suffice your pocket money. Trust me when I say this, your gap year in this island nation will enhance your career in the future.


Meet Amazing People & Broaden Your Social Network


The best part of Australian-culture is that they would just embrace you with warmth. Whether it's locals, travelers, or other students on a career break in Australia, you'll find that everyone is friendly enough to bond instantly. You might just bump into someone while strolling at the beach, or at a pub over a mug of beer, or maybe at your volunteering project site - and this person can become your friend for life. It'll be a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and learn from other cultures that are different from your own, and widen your social network. You never know, you might just meet your future employee while exploring Australia!


There's No Need To Pick Up A New Language

australia travel

For most of the people, the thought of facing a language barrier during their gap year abroad often poses a sense of fear. We are bothered thinking 'what if I can't explain myself?', 'what if I lose my way back home?', 'how will I find a place?' etc. Well, since English the most widely spoken language in Australia, you wouldn't face any sort of communication problems and there would be no need to learn a new language! And for those, who don't speak English so well, and your mother-tongue might be Spanish, French, Russian, Mandarin etc - no worries, you'll surely find people who would understand and help you out.


Set Out On A Road Trip From North To South

gap-year-in-australia road trip

How can you miss an exhilarating road trip from the North of Australia to the South, driving alongside the picturesque seaside lanes? Plan your itinerary, strap on your seatbelts and stack up of some food & drinks as you kickstart your intoxicating adventure through the legendary Australian Outbacks. Starting from Darwin, drive down to the Litchfield National Park, and carry on towards Kakadu National Park. Spend your nights camping under the stars and binge on delicious BBQ! Continue your journey through Alice Springs, Uluru and Coober Pedy, before reaching Adelaide. You can either stop here and spend a couple of weeks or continue further towards Melbourne. This road trip would be more thrilling if you find a crazy gang to accompany you!


Indulge In Adventure Activities Like Scuba Diving & Surfing

Adventure Activities Like Scuba Diving & Surfing

There can be no second opinion about the fact that the Great Barrier Reef is the ultimate spot for scuba diving and there's no other place in the world with such beautiful corals. No matter whether you wish to go for a couple of fun dives or want to do a proper advanced course with PADI to learn the skills and be a pro - your diving experiences in Australia would be absolutely mindblowing. And it just doesn't end there! The beaches of Australia are known to be a paradise for surfers, and you can opt to learn how to surf during your gap year. Well, I'm sure the adventure junkies are already feeling the adrenaline rush!


Explore The Australian Culinary Delights & Binge As Much As You Can

Australian Culinary Delights

Well, all foodies out there, Australia will be an absolute delight for you! Whether it's the fish & chips or meat-loaded burgers, seafood BBQs or the mouthwatering Pavlova - you'll keep drooling over the platters! While tourists have lesser chances to try out everything, you'll have enough time in hand to savor, pause and savor more! You can also attend cooking classes and learn how to perfectly prepare a dinner with grilled beef, mashed potatoes, Shepherd's pie and Lamingtons (recognised as the ‘National Cake of Australia’)!


Explore The National Parks Of Australia & Feel The Bliss

National Parks Of Australia

Did you know that Australia has more than 500 national parks! Well, each of them has its own distinct characteristics, such as spectacular limestone and sandstone rock formations, gorgeous beaches, beautiful scenery and a wondrous array of flora and fauna, including the world-famous kangaroos and dingoes. If you wish to take a short break from the city life during your gap year, then you'll have enough options to head out and find yourself amidst wilderness. Some of the popular National Parks that must be added to your bucket list - Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, Port Campbell National Park in Victoria, Nambung National Park in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park etc. And before I forget, let me tell you that you can get some perfect Instagram-worthy shots while exploring these National Parks.


Now that you know why Australia is a perfect Gap year destination, you can start planning your career break and choose from the interesting travel itineraries and skill development tours that are offered by Go Discover Abroad. You can also follow us on Instagram for some travel inspiration and write to us at [email protected] in case you wish to know more about the gap year adventures!

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