Off Grid Travel : The 10 Best Destinations To Go WiFi Free

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There are more than sufficient options of ‘Free-WiFi Destinations’ but at a time when we have begun spending more than a day a week online, do we need Free WiFi on vacations or actually need a ‘WiFi Free’ vacation? Digital Detox is the need of the hour and what’s better to go about it than travel into the wilderness and get closer to nature and farther from the internet albeit for just a bit? 


Time To Sign Out From The Internet In The Lap of Himalayas 


While the long desk hours at work are exhausting but how often does exhausting yourself lead you to directly looking into the crystal clear skies? Well, in the Himalayas, it does. Each step you take towards to the peak, the closer are you to skies, stars and the wilderness around. From the relatively easier trek in Triund to the real deal in the Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek, you can be sure that you won't reach out for your phone every 12 minutes when in the lap of Himalayas. 


Surf The Coast And Not The Web In Australia 

great barrier reef

One of the most beautiful and iconic coasts in the world, The East Coast in Australia, has views and experiences that few other coasts in the world can match. From crystal blue waters to white sandy beaches, to long road trips by the Byron Bay and camping in the sandy beaches of Fraser Islands, the world online will be a pointless distraction for you. And the real deal? Experience the perfect wave travel as your surf in the Mecca of board riders in the Great Ocean Road.


Head To The Thai Countryside To Get Off Grid 

thai tribe

We all know about the beaches of Thailand but the little-kept secrets of the Thai countryside with the many indigenous tribes of the land living in harmony with nature are inspirations all millennials should take to get off the grid, at least for some time. Be it learning how to weave baskets or make scarfs or trekking across the hills in Ban Mae Jok, the offbeat and off-grid does not get better than this. Explore the best-kept secrets of Northern Thailand for a perfect WiFi Free travel. 


Let the Dive Camera, not your phone, take the pictures when you dive 

diving photo

While Malaysia hosts some serious diving scenes that include stunning walls, sloping reefs, pinnacles, and coral gardens, as well as more than 3000 species of marine creatures, The Canary Islands in Spain, lets diving enthusiasts dive all year round. Perfect to unwind and see the world below upfront and not at the palm of your hand, experience the thrill and tranquility at some of the best dive spots in the world.


Catch-22 In China 

Great Wall Of China in Beijing

With restricted internet access to foreigners and locals, you can’t help but go off the grid when traveling in China. Might as well enjoy the beauty of the region, unplugged? From the Great Wall Of China in Beijing to the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Summer Palace in Xi’an, explore the Chinese culture, traditions, food, during your backpacking trip in China. 


Allow yourself to soak the Maldivian Countryside 


With an offbeat in-country cultural immersion option, explore the many Maldivian islands on the beautiful archipelago country. Travel to these islands and stay in local guesthouses, visit family homes, mosques and boat yards, along with scuba diving and snorkeling - allowing you to discover the underwater beauty of the Maldives. Closer to nature and away from the cacophony, the country gives the perfect backdrop for an unplugged vacation. 


The Northern Lights In Iceland Will Make You Forget Everything Else 


Iceland is the land where you get to experience extraterrestrial exuberance. This is no place to be glued to your phones. With the sun shining brightly at midnight, the celestial powers of the night skies changing colors in fluorescent shades of green, violet, and red because of the northern lights, soak up nature’s art at its best during your trip to the Northern Lights in Iceland


Relive The Phone Less Childhood at Madagascar 


The uniquely beautiful island will get the phone less memories of your childhood back. Explore the country’s untouched rainforests, and stroll the white sand beaches and swim in the clear blue seas. You could also, during your Madagascar meandering, canoe along the Manambolo River and check out the caves filled with stalactites, stalagmites and the famous tomb of the Vazimba tribe. Don’t think twice before heading for a week long away from the phone ‘tings’ in Madagascar


Trust Us, Internet Will Be The Last Thing On Your Mind In Vietnam 

floating market vietnam

Take a break from not just your job but also your phone in Vietnam. From the floating village in Ha Long Bay to the homestay in Hanoi, get your hands dirty literally with some clay pottery, folk painting, and Vietnamese cooking in the countryside. Head to the far north of Vietnam in Lang Son and spend some time, off the gird, with the locals and create stories for your life and not just for Instagram. 


Get away from the Cacophony in Costa Rica

costa rica

Experience ‘Pura Vida’ or Pure Life as the natives call it in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, laced with Amazonian Rainforests, beaches, hot springs, and the Arenal Highlands. Get backpacking across Costa Rica and lose yourself in the wilderness for the perfect digital detox. 

Time to reflect and say goodbye to the cold chill down your spine when your phone switches off. The whole purpose of travel is to take a break from the everyday routine of life and ‘Digital Detox’ is the perfect way to to do that. Let us know in the comments section if you have any off the grid destinations in mind or simply drop us an email at [email protected] to let us help you plan a trip. 

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