How About Exploring Thailand During Your Gap Year

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There won't be anyone who would deny taking a trip to Thailand, for sure! Considered as the 'Jewel of Southeast Asia', this nation will just sweep you off your feet and paint your dreams with all the amazing colors that you can ever think of.

If you are about to wrap up your High School or College days, and planning to take a break for some meaningful explorations and insightful journeys without making a hole in your pocket, then what can be a better option than heading towards Thailand?

Of course, you don't want your gap year to go for a waste - hence, it's essential that you chalk out your priorities first, and decide what all you wish to do while you are there in a faraway land. Thailand has a storehouse of things to offer you and you can pick the best that suits your interests. Scroll down to know what all you can do to make this journey more fruitful and turn the events into life-changing experiences.

Explore the Buddhist temples across different cities and learn more about the religion and culture

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No journey can be complete without fully immersing into its culture. While traveling abroad, the first thing that'll strike you is the cultural difference. Thailand, being a country having a rich past and immense architectural heritage, will unfold beautiful stories from the pages of history. Being in close contact with the locals, you'll get to know how Buddhism was spread in the land, and about the dynasties that ruled this kingdom for years and the significance of the Wats. This will surely enhance your life as you'll gain insights of another completely different culture.

Volunteer as an English Teacher in Thailand

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This is one of the most popular choices made by backpackers and travelers while in the country. Thailand has several schools where kids and young monks need good English teachers, who can guide them well and help them to strengthen their base of the language. The local teachers, even though they know English, aren't well versed with the language and their fluency isn't up to the mark. Hence, there's a heavy demand for English teachers and if you choose to volunteer, you'll have an incredible experience of being with the Thai children and monks. Not only will you get to teach them, but you'll have enough scope to learn from them as well.

Experience the richness of the rural life while working at the elephant village in Surin

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If you are an ardent animal lover and wish to be closer to nature while living a simple life, then you can spend your time as a volunteer, serving the elephants and helping the mahouts in Surin. Known as 'The Elephant Capital of the East', Surin has Thai elephants dwelling in the countryside and the mahout community folks are in charge of taking care of these gentle giants. Being a volunteer, you'll get to be around the elephants and their caretakers all the time, learn how to look after the animals, take them for walks regularly, clean their shelters, feed them and also get involved in making paper out of elephant poop! Trust me when I say this, it'll just add enriching memories to your gap year journey.

Attend cookery classes and learn how to cook delicious Noodles and Thai Curries

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A gap year is meant to be the time when one can explore their passion and interests, and in case you are a foodie or have a knack for cooking, you just can't miss this chance of learning how to cook Thai food. Bangkok has several cookery classes that charge on daily basis, and you can work with expert chefs who make more than 100 plates of Pad Thai Noodles daily! You can also opt to work at the roadside stalls and assist the owner in preparing and selling the food items. This might also help you to earn a few bucks!

Learn to surf and dive while exploring the islands of Thailand

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Considered as one of the best beach destinations in the world, Thailand surely is a paradise for those adventure seeking souls who wish to dive down and explore the underwater world! Some of the best diving sites in Thailand are found off Koh Tao, having absolutely clear, safe and relatively deep water close to the shore.To add more to it, there’s a kaleidoscopic array of coral species and marine animals, and you may be lucky enough to encounter whales & sharks, barracudas, leatherback turtles, pilot whales and much more.

These are numerous surfing schools as well, and you can rent surfing boards to learn the art. If you are looking for some real adrenaline rush during this gap time, then what can be better than indulging in these water sports!   To put it in a simpler manner, your gap year Thailand tour will turn to be a meaningful endeavor only when you'll be flexible enough to learn and unlearn, to give and take, to share and care, to experience new things and discard bad habits, to connect to other people without considering language as a barrier and serve others in a selfless manner.

With a record of 16 million foreigners visiting the "Land of Smiles" in the year 2015, there's no wonder why millennials consider Thailand to be the best gap year destination.

From exploring the buzzing capital city of Bangkok to partying all night at Koh Phangan, and walking down the elephant villages in Surin to meeting the hill tribes in Chiang Rai - Thailand can never seize to surprise its visitors.

And to put in the words of the Lonely Planet, "Friendly and fun-loving, exotic and tropical, cultured and historic, Thailand radiates a golden hue from its glittering temples and tropical beaches through to the ever-comforting Thai smile."

So, it’s time for you to start planning your gap year venture before heading towards Thailand.

The warmth of the Thai folks, the unconditional love from the kids, the pristine beauty of nature, the gorgeous golden beaches and the mouthwatering food will keep adding more to your trip with each passing day. Do you have something else in your mind that you wish to explore Thailand during the gap year?

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