A Female Traveller’s Guide to Cambodia

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Vibrant, friendly and welcoming - the three words that best describe the Kingdom of Cambodia - the ideal place for every woman to kickstart their solo travel trail. From its deserted islands, dense jungle and temples, to vivacious cityscapes, Cambodia is the ideal place for solo travellers to explore. Here’s your essential orient where to go to, what to pack and the way to travel safely.

First Things First

For most guests to the kingdom, a visa is available upon arrival at both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International Airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. At land crossing from Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, a visa may be obtained at International Check-point border.

Tourists can also get their visas before their arrival through a Cambodian Embassy or consulate overseas. Tourists can also get eVisa through on-line E-Visa before travel.

Some nationalities are needed to get a visa before at Royal Embassy of the kingdom of Cambodia in their country: Afghanistan, Algeria, Arab Saudi, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Nigeria.

Tourists and business travellers both require a passport valid for a minimum of six (6) months from the expiration date, one (1) recent passport-sized photo. A departure tax is charged on all domestic and international flights.

Visa Fees:

Single entry visa fee for tourist (T) (30 days):  US$ 30
Single entry visa fee for business (E) (30 days):  US$ 35

Tourist & Business Visas:

Visitors from countries not under Visa Exemption Agreements must apply for a Tourists (T) or business (E) visa valid for one month at the points of entry.

Visa K can be issued to a Cambodian national entering the Kingdom on a foreign passport. (The applicant has to provide well-documented evidence, such as proof that one's parents were Cambodian).

Visa Exemption:

The nationals of Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Myanmar do not need a tourist visa and may stay in Cambodia for 21 and 30 days respectively.

When to Go to Cambodia

Angkor Wat

The peak season in Cambodia is from November to April once temperatures are milder. The dry season in Cambodia is from November-May, and therefore the cool season is from November-February (this is when most of the people visit). Temperatures throughout this the cool season are still high (temperatures seldom dip below 68°F/20°C), however, humidity is lower. Temperatures can go as high as 100°F (38°C), particularly in April and May.

If you’d rather avoid peak traveller season, visit from May to the start of October. though this overlaps with the rainy season, usually that simply means getting hit with transient significant rainfall in the afternoons.

How much does it cost to visit Cambodia?

Not a lot! It’s an excellent low-cost place to travel. If you’re backpacking Cambodia, you’ll pay around $25 USD per day. this may get you a dorm (or even a personal hostel room in some cases if you lower your alternative costs), food from the road stalls, a number of drinks every day, a number of tours day tours, and native transportation around the country. If you’re visiting Angkor Wat (you likely are), consider the very fact that the entry fee is $40 USD. If you keep in dorms, you may travel for even less.

A mid-range budget of $40 USD can get you a budget bedchamber with air-con, some sit-down strike meals at a nicer edifice, as several drinks as you wish, and any tours and excursions you wish too! This quantity goes a protracted manner in Cambodia and you actually won’t have any issues doing something you wish. you continue to won’t be within the nicest digs or eat the fanciest meals however you’ll wish for nothing.

On a “luxury” budget of $65 USD or a lot of every day, the sky is that the limit! you'll be able to reside nice, chain hotels, full flats, resorts, eat foremost meals, or want non-public tours! This country doesn’t value heaps of cash and $65 every day or a lot of will get you no matter you need! The more you wish to pay, the nicer things can get!

Things to pack

Packing for Cambodia

Cambodia is hot, sticky and wet – just about all year round – thus ditch the coats and pack light-weight garments instead. while it’s fine to bum about on the beach in a bathing costume or lean shorts and top, Cambodia is a comparatively reserved country so it’s advisable to keep yourself with modesty lined when out and about. If visiting temples, shoulders and knees mustn’t be shown, thus bear this in mind while packing. Rainy season brings significant showers, however, disposable raincoats are obtainable from the numerous stalls that dot the streets. Scarves and shawls are a great way to keep the shoulders lined, and therefore the sun cornered. They’re conjointly a good way to keep heat once the AC is hammed up on buses. Again, these will simply be bought at the market, thus no need to pack them.

Our suggestions:

  • 4-6 light tops
  • 2 pairs of light trousers
  • 2 lightweight dresses/ skirts
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • Swimsuits
  • Hat to shade from the sun
  • 1 pair of flip flops or sandals
  • 1 pair of pumps or running shoes
  • 1 sarong
  • Sunglasses
  • 1 light cardigan or jumper
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito spray

Safety First

While Cambodia is usually a secure country like anyplace else in the world it pays to stay your wits concerning you. Here’s a way to keep safe once travelling between destinations, some general safety tips and what to observe out for.

Travelling between destinations

Super-fast bus service at Cambodia

Travelling around Cambodia is affordable and easy, with buses the most common mode of transport. However, it pays to note there are several bus corporations that operate in Cambodia of varying degrees of responsibility, safety and value. Tickets can simply be bought at many of the small travel agents found in tourist hubs. The recent launch of CamboTicket and BookMeBus have made shopping for tickets that abundant easier. Travel tickets may be bought on each website, with every bus company given a score on certain factors, like promptness and safety. These are worth checking as several bus drivers are on the road for long periods of time with no break. In Cambodia, the roads are the largest killer and drivers falling asleep at the wheel and inflicting fatal crashes are common.

The roads become even a lot more dangerous at night, therefore night buses ought to usually be avoided. If you have got no alternative, then select a reliable company to get you safely from A to B.

General Safety Tips:

  • Cambodia is a Buddhist country that's reserved. Avoid kissing or significant fondling in public.
  • Tuk-tuks are a way safer mode of transport than motodops (motorbike taxis).
  • Always keep your shoulders and knees lined while visiting temples, religious monuments or places of importance, like the Royal Palace in Pnom Penh.
  • Bag snatching is rife in tourist hubs thus leave valuables at home, don’t walk around together with your smartphone or camera insight – that’s quite an annual wage for several locals – and keep your bag shut at all times.
  • Keep your cool in all situations and don’t lose your temper as this can cause a loss of face and should result in an uncomfortable scenario.
  • Don’t use motodops at midnight.
  • Watch out for common scams that concentrate on unwitting foreigners.

Places to avoid

Certain neighbourhoods in Phnom Penh

While the salubrious areas of Phnom Penh aren’t essentially unsafe, they’re in all probability places solo females would like to not accidentally stumble upon. several of the more murky streets running off Sisowath Quay (or riverside) house strips of girly bars that may get rowdy in the early hours of the morning.

Stick to common sense

There aren't any particularly dangerous spots or areas to avoid in the Kingdom of Cambodia. However, keep your wits about you. If wisdom tells you to not walk down that dodgy unlit alley in the dark, then don’t. If the cluster of individuals lurking in a street within the dark cause you to feel unsafe, spin and take another route.

Meeting others

Fellow Travellers in Cambodia

Meeting folks in Cambodia may be the best a part of your trip, with the country packed with similar guests travelling Cambodia solo. Checking into a prestigious house can solely make this easier. Mad Monkey Hostels come back well suggested, boasting guesthouses in Pnom Penh, Siem Reap, Kampot and Koh Rong Samloem. It additionally puts on tours and activities, that make for an excellent way to meet others whereas discovering majority of the country. alternative top guesthouses that are smart places to party or simply hang around at including top Banana, mini Banana and Lazy gecko in Pnom Penh, and Lub d and Funky Flashpacker Hostel in Siem Reap.

Places to visit in Cambodia

Siem Reap

As Cambodia’s prime tourist destination – due to Angkor Wat and also the close temples – Siem Reap is a must-do on any visitor’s trip. It’s packed full of tourist-friendly bars, restaurants and cafes, with many transport choices accessible no matter the time of day or night. Its compact size means that hovering around is simple, with everything among a brief walk or tuk-tuk ride, and English is widely spoken throughout the city.



This sleepy city’s laidback vibe has rubbed off on its residents, with locals super-friendly, chilled out and happy to help anyone wearing a slight look of confusion. Battambang is also home to a cool but intimate collection of restaurants, boutiques and bars – fans of Miss Wong in Siem Reap will be happy to know a Miss Wong Battambang has just opened. And standing as Cambodia’s creative capital, it is dotted with independent galleries and studios that are home to the work of some of the country’s top and emerging contemporary artists.



This relaxed riverside city may be a good spot for solo feminine travellers seeking to sit back and relax. Kampot city centre is peppered with low retailers, dress shop bars and guesthouses that are frequented by fellow ladies globetrotting alone. If you fancy obtaining out of the city and staying on Kampot watercourse, then there are many guesthouses that afford nice views, arrange some glorious parties and are a home-away-from-home for several movement minds. Naga home is standard and often hosts weekend parties with DJs operating their magic till the hours of dawn.

Convincing enough? No more thinking and no more planning - pack your bags, make the necessary arrangements, it’s time - Cambodia calling. Book your trip to Cambodia now!

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