Ethical Wildlife Vacations For Animal Lovers

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Mankind has always been intrigued by the wildlife that Mother Nature has to offer. And even though a lot of people would call them animal lovers, most wildlife species today are threatened by humans in one way or another. The concerning decline of the majestic and magnificent animals such as elephants, tigers or orangutans has brought about awareness and much-needed efforts to support and conserve these species. 

The rising challenges to sustainable development and the inevitable consequences of climate change, deteriorating wildlife is a cause that people should collectively work towards the cause. Poaching, domesticating wild animals for leisure enterprises, deforestation, circus tourism amongst others are some the pressing problems that the wildlife faces today. 

Team Go Discover Abroad, thus, facilitates ethical wildlife vacations for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers across the globe to spend a meaningful vacation close to Mother Nature and making a positive difference as well. 

Volunteer For Sea Turtles in Sri Lanka 

turtle conservation in Sri Lanka

Marine life such as the sea-turtles are one of the worst affected because of the rising pollution levels. The menace of single-use plastic that takes years of degenerate, industrial waste and mismanaged wastewater treatment wreak havoc on the precious marine lives. 
The Sea Turtle Conservation program in Sri Lanka lets wildlife enthusiasts work towards making an effort to repopulate the beaches with more sea-turtles. Some of the tasks at the project will include: 

  • Bury the sea turtle eggs in the sand, in order to save them from the poachers. At times, night patrolling may be needed as well.
  • Once the eggs hatch, you need to take care of the little turtles.
  • Clean the turtle tanks and refill them with sea water on a daily basis.
  • Feed the turtles and nurse them, as many of them are injured when they reach the hatcheries.
  • Patrol the beaches at least once a day to look for any pieces of fishing nets, which cause a large number of deaths in sea turtles.
  • Collect all the non-biodegradable waste from the beaches, that are left by the tourists.


Marine Conservation in Costa Rica 

marine conservation in Costa Rica

A country blessed with both the Caribbean and the Pacific Coastline, both the beach and animal loves will absolutely love Costa Rica. Either you choose to backpack across Costa Rica that’s laced with adventures in the rainforests or take up dedicated trips such as the Turtle Conservation Project and Wildlife and Rescue Center Project. Time away in the wilderness, these projects let you get up, close and personal with the wildlife such as the Sea-Turtles and also the top 5% of all species in the world (Yes! That’s true). The tiny country that’s Costa Rica is known to host 5% of the world's biodiversity, including more than 200 species of mammals and around 800 species of birds. 

A trip to the Tortuguero National Park, The Corcovado National Park, and Manuel Antonio National Park can also be planned when in Costa Rica. 


An Ethical Elephant Experience in Thailand 

volunteer with elephants in thailand

Team Go Discover Abroad offers a rejuvenating and ethical elephant experience in Thailand where participants work in a small Elephant village and assist mahouts on a day-to-day basis. An offbeat experience of Thailand, participants of this project live in a quaint secluded elephant village and undertake the following tasks: 

  • Make elephant feed along with the mahout by cutting bamboo plants and working in fields
  • Make elephant vitamins
  • Take the elephants for walks and bathe 
  • Assist the women of the village in kitchen work 

One of the most rewarding ways to explore and view Thailand and get to see its rural beauty, opting for an Ethical Elephant experience is your best bet to get the best offbeat experiences of Thailand. 


Witness the African Wildlife in their Rightful Homes - Into The Wild 

volunteer in Kenya

The right place to witness the magnificence of the African wildlife is in the wide expanse of forests where the animals live. The Safari trips offered by Team Go Discover Abroad lets you get into the wild and pay your reverence to the “Big 5” and more. You can head to the Big Cat Reserve, Maasai Mara, Kenya or take the Kruger Adventure Tour in South Africa. You’ll get to proactively observe the animals and keep a track of the behavior and movement of elephant herds, lion pride, endangered rhinos, elusive leopards, and the gargantuan buffalos. Partake in conservation activities, take never-seen-before pictures and enjoy rejuvenating time in the wilderness. 


Volunteer for a Borneo Conservation Project and Visit Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia

Borneo Conservation Project, Malaysia

Take up the Borneo Conservation Project and get to spend quality time with the natives of the Sukau village and learn more about their way of lives. Explore the picturesque destination of Sabah in Borneo and make the most of your free weekend time. Learn more about the animals dwelling in the rainforests, their lives and how to conserve their natural habitats. You can also go for Deer and Lang caves visit and Bat exodus observation. This is your chance to get the best of international travel experience, albeit a responsible and life-transforming one.


Into The Wild in Spain 

wildlife in spain

While a lot of people often visit Madrid or Barcelona, a lesser known but just as beautiful destination to visit in Spain is Valencia. A city where life runs at a slower and calmer pace than the big cities of Spain, you can choose to unwind and get lost in the wilderness of the country. This conservation project facilitated by Team GO Discover Abroad is located in Denia, a quaint beach paradise, about 100km from Valencia. As a part of this program, you'll learn how to minimize the adverse environmental impact that happens due to flourishing tourism and also about the importance of marine research programs. 

The tasks at the project include: 

  • Go for beach conservation and engage in turtle monitoring.
  • Play an active role in tree plantation and prevention of forest fires.
  • Find out ways for eradicating invasive vegetation and work for the general park maintenance.
  • Go for data collection and surveys along with the staff members.

A great addition to your ‘Europe Backpacking’ experience, the time away in the wilderness in Spain will surely be a memorable time of your gap year stories. 

Choose from the above assortment of ethical wildlife vacations and drop us a mail at [email protected] to get started on your trip. 

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