Best Greek Islands To Visit In 2019

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Greece is renowned as the land of Greek Gods throughout the world. Being one of the sunniest countries in the world, Greece awaits all those who love the idea of a spring vacay. If you are the peace-loving kinds and need a summery trip in a less crowded place, then, Greece is definitely your spot. It is believed that in summers there are more tourists than the Greeks in Greece.

Affordable hotels, less-crowded streets, utmost serenity and finally the much-needed ‘me time’. Already bitten by the travel bug? Go through this and decide the perfect Greek island for having a terrific vacay!

Take a look at the best Greek Islands to visit in 2019:



Santorini in Greece

It has to be the favorite amongst everyone who has visited it especially couples. Loaded with great wine tours, boat tours, amazing hotels, fantastic restaurants, and awesome things to do. Santorini is a shutterbug's dream: sheer rock faces striated in multitudinous shades, villages and towns clinging to the tops of cliffs, the caldera filled with clear deep turquoise water. It is arguably the most famous of the Greek islands, and for good reason. It's a postcard-perfect destination with the most famous Cycladic architecture which people often associate with the Greek islands. The whitewashed buildings are often adorned with blue accent shutters or doors, creating a color palette that reflects the sky and sea, and built into rugged cliffs that slope toward the water.

What to Do: Many people traveling to Santorini are content to relax, dine, read, explore cute towns, and soak up the beautiful views. However, there are actually some amazing sights besides the vistas. Specifically,  the Santorini Volcano, the Archaeological Museum of Thera, the Minoan Bronze Age ruins at the Akrotiri Archaeological Site and the Museum of Prehistoric Thira. There is a cable car from Fira down to the port where ship departs, or travelers can make the steep walk.


Mykonos in Greece

The best clubbing and nightlife in Greece has to be on Mykonos. When it comes to popularity among the Greek Islands, Mykonos is just a close second to Santorini. Mykonos Town is as charming and idyllic as any other village found in the Greek islands, and like Santorini, Mykonos has plenty of stunning luxury hotels. While some hotels do have a stunning outlook over the Aegean, in general, Mykonos isn't as known for its views as Santorini is. It is, however, known, for its beautiful sandy beaches and hopping nightlife scene. 

What to Do: For most, Mykonos is all about exploring the various beaches and exploring Mykonos Town. But a small island off of Mykonos, the ancient ruins at Delos, is well worth an excursion. In Mykonos Town, Little Venice is a hip waterfront district that's totally worth a stop, and the windmills above the town are a really popular spot to snag a photo.


Crete in Greece

The largest Greek island rich with beaches, historical sights, hikes, and small cities. It is one of the most budget-friendly Greek islands. Hotel prices tend to be cheaper here than somewhere like Mykonos or Santorini, and the food is cheaper, too, as Crete produces more of its own than some of the smaller islands, where most of the things have to be shipped in. It has a diverse range of experiences to offer, from sandy beaches to bustling seaside towns to fascinating Bronze Age history.

What to Do: Crete's one of the interesting cultural attractions is Knossos. Spinalonga, home to a historical fortress and leper colony is an island off of the town of Plaka; boats depart from Plaka, Elounda, and Agios Nikolaus. Also, Samaria Gorge National Park offers stunning scenery and adventurous hiking; it's a popular day trip for those staying near Chania or Rethymnon. 


Naxos In Greece

The most family-friendly island in Greece is Naxos. Great beaches and the main town is crammed with wonderful tavernas serving some of the best food on the Greek islands. Naxos is to the east of Paros, and the largest island of the Cyclades. Paros and Naxos have a lot in common, including nice beaches, although Paros has more ferry connections and better bus service, while Naxos has, more villages to visit, more mountainous interior and slightly less tourism development and nightlife. 

What to Do: As on Paros, for most days center around the beach, and both windsurfing and kitesurfing can be enjoyed here. But there are also several interesting archaeological sights, principally the Portara, nearly all that's left of the Temple of Apollo, and the ruins of the Temple of Demeter.   


Paros in Greece

Paros lies in between Santorini and Mykonos. It's much larger in size than its two famous neighbors but gets a few visitors, contributing to a more laid-back feel, not to mention lower prices too. But it's still plenty picturesque, and beaches here are nicer than in Santorini. It's still among the more popular Greek islands, though, so don't expect to have the place to yourself.

What to Do: Like Mykonos, Paros has a thriving party scene. It's also a popular kitesurfing and windsurfing spot. Beach-hopping is the main activity here, although historic Panayia Ekatondapiliani church in Parikia is well worth a visit, as is the Archaeological Museum.

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