5 Best Gap Year Destinations For Mountain Lovers

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Mostly, while planning the next trip., we are often stuck with the question - Mountains or Beaches? While some would just love to wake up and stare at the snow-clad peaks while sipping a cup of steaming hot tea, others would rather laze on the shore and dive into the saline water, before getting tanned under the sun! It's totally up to your preference where you would like to head during your journey! Undeniably, the gap year is an important phase in everyone's life and it can play a significant role in shaping your future.

Just in case you are a mountain lover who's struggling to decide where exactly to go, maybe we can offer you a little help! Here's a list of 5 absolutely gorgeous destinations, which would offer you the apt dose of adventure and tranquility that you are seeking!

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nepal trekking tour

Well, a mountain lover will never ask 'Why Nepal?' - because for them, it's just THE PLACE to be! No kidding - Nepal houses the world's highest peak - Mt.Everest (8848 m) as well as some of the other mighty peaks, all above the height of 8000 meters. The Himalayas passes through this tiny country, which has been blessed with immense natural beauty. Your gap year in Nepal will be full of adventures as you'll get to walk down the mountain trails, exploring the flora and fauna, crossing quaint villages and meeting the lovely people who stay away from the chaos and cacophony of the metropolis. Waking up every morning to see the whitewashed peaks from the window of your room would be a feeling that's incomparable to anything else in the world! 

Go Discover Abroad aims to offer the mountain lovers some unique experiences during their journey in Nepal, and hence, we've curated some amazing trekking trips which will not only take you closer to the Himalayas, but also let you explore Nepal in the perfect way. If you are craving for some real adventure, then you must surely head out for the Everest Base Camp Trek - and witness the gorgeous peak from the base! You can also opt for Backpacking Across Nepal, to soak in the vibes of the Nepalese culture and know more about the mountain life. Other than that, one can choose to go for the Annapurna Circuit Trek and feel the thrills! Most of the gap year travelers in Nepal also indulge a lot in adventure sports like bungee jumping, white water rafting, etc. 


india trekking

Needless to say, after Nepal, if any country witnesses the grandeur of the Himalayas, then it's none other than India! From Kashmir in the North to Arunachal Pradesh in the East - the Himalayas cover a vast stretch of the country, alluring everyone with its charm and beauty. Not just that, but as one travels from one state to another, the scenery would keep changing and you'd be left absolutely spellbound! Being a mountain lover myself, I've always been amazed by the unprecedented beauty of the Himalayas every time I go for a trek, and when I come home back, it feels like I've left a part of me there. The mountain people are warm beyond imagination, and they always welcome travelers with arms wide open. If you are planning to spend your gap year in India, then you must surely keep a couple of weeks in hand and spend some time in a mountain village or go for a trek to get closer to the mountains.

Go Discover Abroad has an amazing voluntour that'll enable you to Discover India in a unique manner. You'll get to spend a week in the Himalayan hamlet of Palampur, Dharamshala, which is less than 30 km from Mcleodganj, the abode of the His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Over the weekend, you'll get to experience the Triund Trek, and spend a night gazing at the stars before crawling into a tent camp! The eerie silence won't fail to give you goosebumps and probably, the entire journey in India will transform you as a person, in general. Rest assured, it surely isn't a journey worth missing.


Thailand trekking

Hold your heart as I'm going to reveal the truth to you! Thailand definitely is a beach lover's paradise, but it has everything to become a mountain lover's favorite too. While the southern part of the country experiences some of the world's best beaches, the Northern part of Thailand is bordered by lush green hills and valleys, with pristine tribal villages. The beauty of Northern Thailand is too good to be narrated, and you'll know it only when you see it. Hike up the hill trails, stop at the tiny villages and get to know more about the hill tribes, indulge in knowing more about their culture and traditions, and soak in the serenity of nature.

Go Discover Abroad has a tailor-made adventure program in Northern Thailand that'll quench your wanderlust. If you are not up for hiking and looking for something more exciting, then you can also choose to go for the Tuk Tuk Adventure across the hilly areas of the country. Needless to say, the topographical diversity of Thailand and it's cultural richness has aptly made it the favorite destination of gap year travelers and backpackers from all across the world.


kilimanjaro trek

When you hear about Tanzania, the first thing that comes to your mind would probably be the Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo) roaming around freely in Serengeti & Ngorongoro. But it isn't all about that - there's much more in store for all those who are planning to travel to Tanzania for their gap year abroad. Of course, wildlife safari would be an integral part of the itinerary, but mountain lovers heading to Tanzania shouldn't miss the opportunity of trekking up the world's tallest free-standing mountain - Mt.Kilimanjaro.

Go Discover Abroad provides splendid opportunities for those who are seeking that extra dose of adrenaline rush while climbing up to the Kilimanjaro Summit (19,336 feet). You can either choose to hike up the 'Coca-Cola Route' (Marangu Route) or take the 'Whisky Route' (Machame Route). The entire trek trail will mesmerize you with its beauty and don't forget to witness the sunrise at the Uhuru Peak. It'll definitely leave a mark on your mind. And of course, needless to say, your adventures in Tanzania would never be complete without a thrilling safari - so gear up for that as well!


rainbow mountain peru

Have you always been keen on walking along the Inca Trails? Then how about fulfilling all your dreams during your gap year in Peru? The Andes will surely tickle your wanderlust and make a mountain lover fall in love with the gorgeous panorama of this Latin American nation. It is rightly said that for those who feel the magnetic pull of the mountains, Peru is an inescapable destination. Hiking up the long steep path to Warmiwañusca and trekking along the ancient trails of Llactapata would be some of the most exciting phases of your trip - apart from exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley.

In the recent decade, several other trek trails have been opened in Peru and he most popular of all is the Rainbow Mountain. This unique geological formation was unknown to tourism since long, but now mountain lovers from all across the world are heading to witness the beauty of nature! At 6384 m, the Ausangate mountain is one of the highest mountains in Peru, and if you are planning to trek up till here, you'll definitely get to cross the Rainbow Mountain as well. Some of the other popular treks include  Santa Cruz Trek, Alpamayo Base Camp Trek, Quilcayhuanca – Cojup Trek amongst others.

Now that you know where to go, how about booking your tickets?

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