8 Travel Myths That You Shouldn’t Believe!

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Believe it or not - 2018 is going to be the year of traveling!

Students will take a break and set out for that gap year abroad, newlyweds will go on their honeymoon, friends will agree for the cross-country road trip, solo travelers will gain courage and explore on their own, parents will take their kids to their favorite destinations (maybe Disneyland), volunteers will take up a noble cause and travel to a faraway land to make a difference, and grandparents will agree to that much-awaited family vacation!

But before all that happens, here are 8 travel myths that you should stop believing in.

Myth 8 - Traveling is not safe for women!




Being a solo woman wanderer myself, I would like to burst the myth surrounding the safety issues regarding women travelers. To speak the truth, the world is not as bad is might appear to be (Courtesy: media!).

In today’s world, there are thousands of women who are traveling alone, and all you have to do to be safe is to be alert. And in case there's a cause to be cautious, I believe it's equally important for both men and women. Do proper research before fixing your hotel and the area where you'll be staying, choose your transport wisely (I'll suggest you to take the local transport as it is generally safe), use your 6th sense while befriending someone, don’t stay out till late night, be careful of your belongings and there's actually no need for you to worry.

P.S - To all the solo women travelers out there, carry a pepper spray with you, in case you need it for an emergency. Here are some amazing Safety Tips that you can consider as well!


Myth 7 - Traveling Solo? You will get bored!




(Hahaha!) I choose to laugh out loud before convincing you of the fact that solo traveling can actually be the most exciting thing you've ever done in your life! And the question of getting bored just doesn't arise.

Solo traveling is the best way to get closer to yourself, to know yourself better and to unwind in the most unconventional manner. You can do whatever you want - skip those crowded touristic places, order an extra cheesy pizza, sit on the beach all day long, or sign up for a cookery class abroad! When you are on your own, you have the freedom to do whatever you want! And who knows, you might just find a hidden gem at your destination that no one knows about!


Myth 6 - You'll be totally screwed if you can't speak the local language!




With several translating travel apps like Google Translator, iTranslate etc., the question of language being a barrier doesn't arise at all! You shouldn't let your lack of multilingual abilities stop you from traveling and exploring a destination that you've always wanted to see. And to assure you, people in almost every corner of the Earth can understand English (somewhat, if not properly)! So you won't starve to death for sure!

You'll realize that non-verbal communication is also highly effective, but you need to have a little idea about their culture, in order to stop yourself from messing up things! It's always good to do a little bit of studying about the place you'll be heading towards, and have an idea about the Dos and Don'ts, as the locals always appreciate when travelers make an effort to speak their language, even if it's broken!


Myth 5 - Weekends are always more expensive!

No, my friend. In case you are thinking that traveling during weekends will cost you more, then you are absolutely wrong! In fact, most of the hotels offer discounts on the weekend since they know that’s when people are more likely to visit.

The best option would be to keep your eyes open and book when there's a good deal. Try to avoid the seasonal crowd, and choose destination wisely.


Myth 4 - Duty-Free shopping is the best!




No, not at all! Trust me, duty-free shops might just tempt you to fill your cart and give you an impression that it's extremely pocket-friendly, but in reality, it's not. Moreover, there's lack of authentic charm as you'll find that same stuff at every international airport!

I would rather suggest you to do all your shopping from the local markets. Not only will you get a chance to bargain, but you'll find things that have some originality of their own. You'll also be adding to their economy, thus enhancing their financial outcome from tourism.


Myth 3 - You don't need Travel Insurance for short trips.

The truth is that anything can happen anywhere, especially if you are traveling out of your country. No matter what's the duration of your trip, it is absolutely necessary to get a Travel Insurance.

Do your research properly and find out which one will suit you best. Know the fact that a Travel Insurance is crucial if you value your peace of mind. God forbid, but situations might arise in which you would have to return home early, miss a flight, or seek medical treatment on an emergency basis while traveling. Also, for some countries like Cuba, UAE, the Schengen countries and more, Travel and Medical Insurance is mandatory, and that has nothing to do with your travel duration.


Myth 2 - Talking to strangers can be dangerous!




One of the most common travel myths, I believe! Well, to tell you the truth, you'll meet the most amazing people while you are on the go, and probably find your BFF among one of those strangers!

While sitting at a cafe in an unknown town, or while strolling on the beach, or maybe while attending a festival in a faraway land, you'll come across people who are just like you - fun, crazy, book-lovers, music-lovers, foodies and what not! You'll strike up a conversation over a glass of beer and slowly, realize that they are your long lost friends whom you've never met before. Trust me when I say this, making friends out of strangers is one of the most beautiful things that'll happen to you while traveling.


Myth 1 - Traveling is an expensive affair!

Not heard of the term 'budget traveling' or 'backpacking' yet? Just to clear your doubts, traveling isn't as expensive as you think it to be, and if planned properly and well in advance, you can easily travel across places without emptying your bank account!

Of course, money is important when you are planning a trip abroad (especially for your gap year) but there are certain hacks to help you save. The first is to start planning early, decide your destination and duration of your stay and book the flight tickets. It'll be good to have a separate wallet for your travel expenses where you can keep your travel savings. Opt for homestays, AirBnB or CouchSurfing rather than hotels. Try eating at the local shacks and binge on the street food. Get your bus passes, rather than traveling by cabs in a foreign land.

I feel bad about thinking of the ones who sit at home thinking that 'Traveling is a bourgeois pleasure' as they'll never get to know how beautiful it is to witness the sunsets at another part of the world!

Hopefully, now that the travel myths are busted, you’ll surely take that trip which you’ve been postponing since forever!

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