The 7 Best Gap Year Destinations In Europe 2019

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Being the continent that gave the world ‘modern democracy’, renaissance and ideas that still inspire the world, Europe is also blessed with a rich indigenous history, culture, language, and food. With vibrant cities that are home to several pristine beaches, snow capped mountains, cobblestone streets, and some of the most instagram worthy spots to travel to, there’s no match to spending a gap year in Europe. While the sheer number of beautiful and interesting destinations that the continent has can make it difficult to choose amongst them, but we at Go Discover Abroad have sourced the best European destinations to choose for your gap year abroad in 2019.  

1. Croatia 

gap year in Croatia

From an upcoming travel destination to now a travel hotspot because of being featured in the uber-popular series ‘Game of Thrones’ , Croatia offers diverse experiences that people of all kinds will enjoy. From the backpacking Mecca of Dubrovnik to the laidback hippie nightlife at Makarska, head to one of the most beautiful gems of the Adriatic Coast. Experience what living in the middle ages would be like as you stroll through the narrow Croatian bylanes of Zagreb and Dubrovnik, full of renaissance age buildings with a gothic fervor. Ideal for beach lovers who gorge on scrumptious seafood, don’t forget to catch the Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2019 while you are there.


2. Montenegro 


Bordering Bosnia, Croatia and Albania, Montenegro is the offbeat best kept secret of Eastern Europe, ideal for the ‘downtime’ of your gap year travel. Head to Kotor, a coastal town in Montenegro, away from the crowds, and stroll in its narrow cobblestone streets. The city, which blends the medieval time beauty with the ravishing views of limestone mountains and glacial lakes, take your cameras out for some postcard worthy shots as you venture in the city. Don’t forget to cover the several different forts and fort views in the city as the city is well known for them. 


3. Greece


Rich in mythology, history, culture and topographical beauty, it’s about time you uncovered what ‘greek-god-like’ beauty means. From the countryside verdance and solitude of Corfu to the witnessing the old town - new town blend of Athens, a visit to Greece for the gap year in 2019 summer is an absolute must. Distinct from other European Countries with a warmer weather and cheaper travel, often Greece is bookmarked as a summer destination. Discover the landmarks, street art, flea markets, artisans’ bustle, the Ancient Agora and the rebuilt Stoa of Attalos as you explore the ancient city of Athens. Don’t forget to head to the ‘Syntagma Square’, one of the most high profile shopping destinations in Greece. 

Car for a Pro Tip? Opt for the Budget Adriatic Adventure and get to cover Croatia, Montenegro and Greece (besides a quick dose of Albania) in all of 9 days and make the most gap year abroad.  


4. Spain 


Home to a variety of picturesque landscapes and some of the liveliest cities in the world, Spain is the ideal gap year destination for people who want a little of everything - from captivating beaches to arid deserts, from an expanse of Mediterranean waters to small town bustle, Spain is the microcosm of Europe with its diversity, culture and a distinct identity. From Football lovers who have a thing for Madrid to the artsy folks with a hinge for Barcelona, head to Spain, to well, brush on your Spanish during your gap year. And if you are looking to also add some meaning to your travel, take up some marine and coastal conservation volunteer work in Valencian waters of Spain

5. Turkey 


A potpourri of different cultures, Turkey is where Western Asia meets Eastern Europe. With influences of Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, taking up the Turkey adventure during your gap year is ideal for art, culture, history, party and experience lovers (basically all of you who want an exciting gap year adventure!) From the medieval towns of Göreme, Pamukkale, and Selçuk to some beach time at Kekova, get some authentic cultural travel experience by choosing to stay in local homestays in the country.  Revel in some contrasting experiences in Istanbul as you witness historical monuments in Istanbul stand tall along with skyscrapers. Opt for the have-it-all fortnight budget trip in Turkey to get the best of your gap year time in Turkey. 


6. Iceland 


A gap year trip to Iceland is one of those milestone worthy trips that only a few lucky ones get to experience. From unbelievably dramatic landscapes that host volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields and Massive glaciers to a rich history and heritage of the ‘Vikings’, head to the Nordic Island Nation with some of the most affordable trip options to Iceland in both summers and winters. 


7. Italy 


A country with the most number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the entire world, Italy is certainly one of top gap year destinations that high school students, head to year after year. From the food that is a regular feature on menus across the world, to the long Mediterranean coastline that is home to some of the most enthralling beaches, head to Italy for its tuscan landscapes and the beautiful Amalfi Coast that promises to give you experiences you’ll never forget. From sea-kayaking to boat tours, from beach side strolls of street photography, let the coast captivate your senses so that you keep the country, which is arguably the birthplace of entire western culture, in your memories for life. 

All gap year travelers are essentially experience explorers and collectors and knit picking some of the most assorted variety of experiences goes a long way to make a gap year, one of the most memorable years of an individual’s lifetime. With these picture perfect European destinations in mind, drop us an email at [email protected] to help you plan the perfect gap year trip for yourself. 

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