7 Best Adriatic Destinations For Street Photography

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There’s no pleasure as soothing and no sight as riveting as road tripping the Adriatic Coast. Gaze into the vastness of the pristine blue seas and let everything else disappear. Stroll through the beaches and experience what’s beauty like when mountains and the sea merge. And if that’s not all, the cobblestone streets of the Adriatic towns will make sure that your senses get an overdose of old-school beauty when you step out of the seas. Read on to find out the best spots that you can do some street photography in while road tripping across the Adriatic Coast. 


1. Dubrovnik, Croatia


Get the ultimate backpacking vibe as you pass through the old city setting of Dubrovnik and feel as if you’re back in the Middle Ages. One of the most visited Croatian cities, take a stroll along Stradun, one of the main streets of the town that has its own fairs and carnivals all year round. You can also capture views of Dubrovnik Port from Banje Beach, especially an early morning view. The afternoon is ideal to soak and seal views of the walled city from Pile Gate towards its North point.

Don’t forget to head to Fort Lovrijenac, famed for Game of Thrones and Dubrovnik Summer Festival being held there. The Art gallery of Frano Supilo street, that displays Francis Bacon’s works is another art and photography lover’s attraction point. And what’s more? You can catch all of this action, even the Summer Festival of Dubrovnik of 2019, as you take on the Adriatic adventure trip that begins at Dubrovnik.  


2. Makarska, Croatia


Makarska has some of the best markets in Croatia. There’s a big maze of markets just at the beginning of the beach where you can get lost shopping for basically anything you can think of. There are markets all along the rest of the 2km beach as well – the toughest choice will be deciding where to get your souvenirs! Many sailing trips also hold their pirate party here, and you can buy pirate gear in all the markets.

Sounds enticing enough to head to Makarska immediately? Well, then there’s more! Hosting an enviable nightlife that perfectly blends a lively albeit laid-back vibe, get set for some serious street photography at the Makarska main square that’s is filled with open-air restaurants and cafés, behind the church making for breathtakingly beautiful views that deserve to be with you, forever. 


3. Kotor, Montenegro


Much smaller than Dubrovnik, Kotor is away from the crowds and its narrow cobblestone lanes make it an excellent destination for street photography captures. Blending the old-world stone streets with postcard-worthy views from the limestone mountains behind, this lesser-known wonder of the Adriatic coast full of lovely cafes, boutiques, small hotels, patisseries, antique shops etc. The market, overlooking the harbor, just outside the walls, is also worth a visit. 


5. Corfu, Greece


The fascinatingly beautiful lineup of thousands of silvery olive trees, pristine blue waters, and white sandy beaches gives Corfu a perfect idyllic and fairytale setting. Wander the ancient streets of the Roman village of Kassiopi in this UNESCO World Heritage Town and take postcard shots. Venture into the Corfu countryside to explore villages that offer captivating views of historic Venetian houses that are still standing and are definitely worth a ‘shot’. Make this experience an absolutely unmissable experience of your Greek Exploration Trip


5. Athens, Greece 


Pay your respects to the birthplace of Democracy and capture the magnificent Acropolis in your camera as you reach Athens in Greece. From Monastiraki to Anafiotika, discover the landmarks, street art, flea markets, artisans’ bustle, the Ancient Agora and the rebuilt Stoa of Attalos as you take your strolls. From the fleas, head to the high-end neighborhood of Ermou that connects Kerameikos archaeological site to Syntagma Square, and also makes up as one of the most expensive shopping destinations in Europe. For the not-so-passionate travelers, celebrate the anarchic fervor in the street dwellings at the Exarchia Square. 

And finally, when you’re done with the streets, head to the Poseidonos Avenue to catch a glimpse of the coastline hugging the Athenian lanes. Let your hair down at the beachside cafes and capture some lazy shots of the plenty joggers, beachgoers and honeymooners. 

Laced with shots and glimpses both off the beaten track and the mainstreams, Eastern Europe appears like it’s been specially curated for art and photography lovers. So don’t wait too long before you head to the Adriatic Adventure Trip, whether on a gap year or for the coming summer. Feel free to drop us a mail at [email protected] to make your arrangements really easy peasy. 

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