6 Top Gap Year Destinations Around The World To Tick Off Your List in 2019

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Where should I go? No, we are not talking about fancy universities now that you’ve gotten through the grueling years of school! For the past few years, your dreams have been made of fantasies, nightmares, and an amazing gap year abroad. And the first step to making your year-off a brilliantly vivid experience is lining up the best of gap year destinations around the world and ticking them off your bucket list, one by one. Our team of travelers has put together a list of the best countries for a gap year in 2019, and it’s all much more than what you’ve been jonesing for! Ready to get your fix of adventure?

Here it goes...

There’s nothing like Australia!

Road trip through the Great Ocean Road

From fantastic beaches to the great outback, from Cosmopolitan cities to quaint towns, if you’ve got a big travel-appetite, Australia’s got it all to make you feel full! One of the top choices amongst gappers all around the world, Australia is not only a travel paradise for hundreds of 20-somethings flooding in every year. Its 12-month work visa is a blessing in disguise for all you budget travelers- work on your own time, earn some good bucks and explore Oz like a nomad. Beyond the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island and many such natural wonderments, Oz is an adventure nation! If living on the edge is what your gap year is going to be all about, then you’re surely in for a screamfest in Australia!


A great South African Adventure

Amazing South African Safari

Vast wilderness, amazing wildlife, jaw-dropping natural beauty, an abundance of adventure activities- South Africa is all that gap year dreams are made of! Let your hair loose and feel the wind on your face on one of world’s best road trip through Garden Route and make an amazing travelogue out of your experience. Walk with a few Lions or check out the African Big 5, abseil down from Table Mountain or dive with some Great White Sharks in Gansbaai -- there’s nothing ordinary about a gap year in South Africa! To top that off, you can also get on with some responsible traveling with our Volunteer teaching, wildlife volunteering, and Community development projects are perfect to earn you some brownie points on your gap year abroad!


Amazing Thailand

Travel in Thailand

A backpacking heaven and bucket list must, traveling in Thailand are mostly about experiencing the amazing Thai culture. And the best reflection of that is their amazing cuisine and delish food items that’ll make any foodie go crazy and into a food-coma! Thai elephants are known the world over and a volunteering experience in an elephant village of Surin has become somewhat quintessential for a Thai gap year! Bangkok’s hustle and bustle, sacred monasteries, amazing islands & beaches; Thailand surely rate as a favorite amongst travelers and adventurers. Oh, and do you know what happens there once a month? Only one of the best parties in the world. Hell Yeah, a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan is something that’ll bring your gap year journey in Thailand to full circle.


A Great American Road Trip

Road trip in the USA

A great American road trip through the backroads of USA is one of the most classic gap year journeys that there ever could be! From the high fashion streets of New York to the Celebrity thronged streets in Los Angeles, from the night of no regrets in Las Vegas to the day of amazement in the Grand Canyon, it is impossible to surmise all of the travel greats of USA; the only thing to be done is to see it for yourself! Food, fun, adventure, amazement, parties, people, carnivals and cowabunga- An American Gap Year is something truly out of this world! Point in case, don’t forget to drop by NASA in Houston!


Incredible India!

Experience incredible India

India is another name for diversity, be it culture, geography, climate, and people! Relaxing beaches, lush mountains, sprawling deserts, metropolitan cities, wonders of the world and centuries-old mysteries- India’s what you call a one-stop gap year destination. From the mind-boggling architecture of Taj to the wondrous colors of South India, from idyllic backwaters of Kerala to the mind-numbing parties of Goa-- a gap year in India is the best kind of sensory overload that there is! The quaint spiritualism of India is yet another thing that attracts travel bugs on sabbaticals from all around the world. Hundreds of intrepid travelers flock to India every year not only to travel but also to help aid in community development as volunteers. The biggest pro of choosing India- It's fantastically cheap and a perfect choice for gappers on a tight budget!


The wonders of Peru

Traveling in Peru

The mystical Inca city of Machu Picchu looking over the Urubamba Valley is a wanderlust essential for every traveler, and trust us when we say -- It’s a long trek to feast on a view of a lifetime! From the rich historical heritage of ancient civilization of the Incas in Machu Picchu to the inexplicable mysteries of Nazca Lines, from the awe-inducing floating islands of Uros to the Oasis town of Ica, Peru is full of amazing things that are sure to tingle those little grey cells of yours on your gap year 2019. The Rainbow Mountains in the Peruvian Andes is yet another one of God’s Creation whose beauty is beyond explanation, and travelers are going gaga for it!

Get your travel buds together or go solo, 2019 is here and it’s time to get your gap year plans going. Or you can simply just make up your mind and leave all of the planning to us with just a click! Our gap experts are hands-at-the-ready waiting to make your gap year a bombastic experience!

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