5 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Gap Year Trip With Your Friends

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Good friends are boons of life and also the best ones amongst them are the pricks who’ll make fun of you at any glimmer of a chance they get. And there you are thinking of all the people who’ve made the cut and if you’ve found a few of them, hold on to them tightly, for finding friends with the same mental disorder is just PRICELESS we believe! Who really better to plan 365 days of fun, travel, food, adventure, laughing riots and what not than these crazy people, right! Tagging your mates along for your gap year trip only ensures making good times better and bad times easier, and also paves way for some unforgettable and vivid memories that you’ll throwback to once you’re all old, wrinkled and shriveled up.

From amazing adventure activities like jumping off the edge of a cliff (peeps, I am just talking about bungee jumping here) or falling in love with a localite in a foreign country, your friends will be on your case till they get these ‘Never have I ever’ things ticked off your list. Traveling together and adding new people to your group of crazies along the way could just be the perfect gap year trip that dreams are made of! When your friends become your traveling companions, the whole experience transpires into an epic journey. How do you say? Read on!

1. They are the push you need to try new things

try out scuba diving with friends on a gap year

 Whether it is crunchy fried cockroaches in the streets of China or scuba diving in the deepest reefs of Australia or simply wearing a saree during your visit to India. These deeds might get you thinking like- “I would never do this”. But when you are out there with your gang and they have agreed on making sure that you have the extensive travel experience you deserve they’ll stop at nothing. Don’t fight it because they’ll simply creep up on you and put the so-called delicacy called fried cockroach into your bowl of noodles and watch you unsuspectingly eat it with a content look on your face, and you might just like it as well. True Story!

Friends will be friends. But beyond such stories, they are your pillar of strength and they will carry you through anything you’re afraid to try. They’ll badger you till you agree and cheer you on all the way through letting the entire world know you’re trying something new. They are the push that’ll help you create unimaginable experiences which you will revel in once you look back on these days. Another new thing you could be trying together is traveling and volunteering overseas. A volunteer opportunity doesn’t only mean working but it can be both work and travel and that too with your friends. Away from the city life in the countryside, you will find yourself getting your hands dirty with your friends and adjusting to situations you never thought you could before this experience. A volunteering experience at beginning of your gap year is a good way to kick things off on a positive note.

2. They are your voice of reason on the road

friends who are sensible while traveling

Ooooooh, these bucket drinks are amazing, let's just get hammered and go for a swim in the ocean! Enters the scene the voice of reason/ babysitter for the night/ the non-drinker/ the adult & responsible one dragging or carrying you far away from any waterbody. A friend’s presence is a constant safety check while on the road. They are the ones who tactically nip any reckless thoughts in the bud and you do the same for them when the time comes. While traveling abroad with friends you know you’ve got to look out for each other and though no one can say you’re responsible for each other, still you feel a sense of duty towards them.

Keeping you in check is an instinct that kicks in naturally in your good friends. Anyway, it’s not just something so serious all the time as well. It might be as simple as you buying something needless and unnecessarily expensive and them literally dragging you away saying you’ll be needing the money later and you won’t be needing that ceramic dog showpiece anytime. They will be the strongest supporter when you do something worthy and the first to say NO when you do something wrong. Sharing such experiences not only strengthens your friendship but also teaches you a sense of responsibility along the way.

3. They could be the secret to you unlocking your parents’ permissions

a thumbs up from the parents

The concept of gap year away from your life, family, from studies and everything anyone else of your age is doing does rattle some parents. What concerns them most is your safety. Being safe while traveling abroad is the one thing that eats away at your parents’ minds. This is where your friends come in as angels sent from heaven with a halo on top of their head. As said in the previous paragraph, your friends are the constant safety check and your voice of reason while abroad. Your parents might just feel the same once you drop the names of the most responsible lad or lassie from your gang. When they come forth to your parents with your gang’s plan of not only traveling but also volunteering it’d be irresistible for your parents not to hear out entirely what he has to say. It’d be an added advantage if your parents have known him for some time because a gap year trip with an old friend gives you just the leverage you need to convince them for this journey abroad.

Furthermore, they are satisfied to hear that someone else is also doing the same thing as their own son, taking time off from regular life and breaking the pattern. These friends are the ones who you’ll find ganging up on your parents to brainwash them, I mean convincing them to allow you to go. Don’t you think friends like these are Godsend!

4. They are the money savers you need on a trip abroad

save money while traveling with friends

The concept of traveling on a budget with the bare minimum is very idealistic but it requires experience and knowledge and doesn't expect you’re going to get it right the first time around itself. Gap year, being a long-term engagement oversteps most of the budget plans that there are and also calls for a financially sustainable system while abroad. Such a system is provided just by the involvement of your friends in your plans. As rewarding as solo traveling could be, it also drains your pockets and any ill planning in money matters can prove to be disastrous. But when you’ve got a gang, together all of your expenses are inevitably shared and reduced.

From availing spacious rooms and comfortable transports, or a food bill shared 4 ways to getting tour packages that otherwise would have cost you a fortune, your friends can prove to be the ultimate money savers whom you need for a long-term travel plan abroad. Also if you consider the options of volunteering along with your travels you save a huge chunk because most voluntary work programs abroad provided by good organizations also come with paid accommodation and food expenses. All you are left is with your personal and travel expenses. What’s more, you’ll be living, eating, sleeping, working together with your entire group for a long time that will sure transpire into friendship into something more mature.

5. They have their own strong suits

different types of people in a group

Mad skills as some might say when it comes to a group of friends each of them have their own distinctive personalities, expertise, and experience. All of them put together makes a powerful travel machine and trust me each of them will prove to indispensable along the way. Be it the cunningly clever one to get you comp offs and discounts or the thrifty one to haggle like he’s being paid for it to the language maestro and the geek in helping you bridge the communication barrier with the locals. And how can we forget, every group needs an early riser and time-keeper who’ll run a tight ship, kick everyone out of their beds and off their lazy backs to see everything’s being done on schedule. Every group has one of them!  


When traveling with friends, it’s not just an opportunity to explore and enjoy but also to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. It could be the story of ‘That trip abroad I took with my friends when I was young’ you tell your children and grandchildren. And GoDiscoverAbroad is here to help you craft your own story. Our special gap year programs are the perfect opportunity for you to have that memorable trip with your friends you’ve been looking forward to having all your life. Book NOW!

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