5 Amazing Couples Getaway From Around The World For Your Valentine’s Day 2019!

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner and while some couples might just want to stay back at home and ‘Netflix and Chill’, there are others who are gearing up for an amazing romantic getaway. If you’ve been dying to getaway from your mundane 9 to 5 routine and kick some punch into your relationship with that special someone, then this valentine’s day would be the perfect time to put some much-awaited travel plans in motion. And for the ones already living on the outbound and taming the world with their partners, how about turning the romance factor up a notch and exploring some of these amazing romantic destinations around the world!

No matter if you’re the kind of couple who’s pining for some idyllic beachside strolls hand in hand with the love of your life; Or looking for some out of the world adventures to add a tinge of passion and excitement to your already special relationship- these destinations have it all!

Here we go!


romantic sunset by the beach

Romantic beaches and stunning sceneries are the essences of Bali, and the mere mention of this destination makes feelings of passion bubble up. This volcanic island of Indonesia has rapidly become one of the most famous couples getaways over the past few years, and rightfully so given its exquisite cultures, secluded beach cabanas, beautiful sunsets, soul touching Yoga retreats, the exquisite islands or the panoramic views. Won’t you say these are the perfect settings for a special romantic couples trip with your bae?

Stroll down the amazing beachline of Kuta and enjoy a magnificent sunset, hand in hand with that special one and see them in a new light or explore the rugged side of Bali on a gourmet picnic and a dinner at the rice fields- make your 2019 Valentine’s day all about love and unique travel experiences.


A couples lunch by Sydney Harbor

The ultimate backpacking paradise and the perfect concoction of wild and beautiful, Australia make for a brilliant couples getaway! From the outlandish charms of the Australian outback to the hip, trendy cities- every kind of couple is sure to find their amazing romantic spot in this country. If you’re a couple who’s into exploring epicurean delights of the world and your Instagram feed is flooded with pictures of your food exploits, Australia with its multicultural cuisine is the place where you can take your love affair with food as a pair of lovers to the next level.

From lazing by the beaches of the Whitsunday Islands together like the beach bums you are, to enjoying intimate moment amidst the rugged mountains and nature in NSW; From diving down into the Great Barrier Reef together (P.S- For those meaning to take the relationship to the next level, it is also a popular spot for proposals) to witnessing golden sunsets in Uluru in the arms of your one and only- you will simply be lovestruck in Australia!


The romantic views of Santorini

From serene coastal cities to colossal ancient ruins, from piercing blue skies meeting the pristine water of the Aegean, Greece itself is a romantic nation and a couple’s paradise. A cultural treasure chest, Greece is a quick peek into the past with the towering Acropolis, bold modern art and people always engrossed in various cultural pursuits. Greek countryside is simply a world apart where the time stands still and is perfect to have a cozy time with your loved one away from the hullabaloo of the city and the crowds at the beaches in a Macedonian countryside and maybe steal a kiss or two!

The private beaches in Mykonos are perfect for spending some intimate time under the Mediterranean sun and you can be certain of one thing, it is the natural setting of this place that is going to elevate your romance to a whole new level. Shutterbugs we have a special mention for you, after all, we are going to talk about Santorini. This island is truly the gem of Aegean and really who hasn’t dreamed of standing at the top of those whitewashed stairs up in Oia in the embrace of those perfect ones in their life. And, if you’re one of those selfie freaks who’re busy momentizing everything every step of the way, then the these winding stairs, the maze of small shops, restaurants and cafes and the humble homes of a few natives could give you could give you lifetime worth memories about that special trip you had with the love of your life!

A special mention to Greek food cause we don’t believe any mention of Greece is complete without its smorgasbord of Mediterranean flavors-  a culinary adventure with your partner this Valentine’s Day is way better than a candlelit dinner in an overcrowded restaurant in your city.  


A love affair in the Sahara desert, Morocco

Yet another Mediterranean superstar and the exotic center of the African continent, Morocco is a dream destination for those head over heels in LOVE! The medley of Arabic and European influences have made this African nation one unique melting pot of culture and diversity. The Saharan Dunes and the sun-kissed Saharan oasis is the perfect couple haven and an overnight desert safari mapping the largest desert of the world could very go down in the book of your relationship as one of the most remarkable getaways of your life, of course, a romantic one!

From the winding Medina maze in Fez to old world charm of Marrakesh, from the futuristic Casablanca to the blue washed beauty of Chefchaouen, Morocco’s unending charms, the richness of desert and the Arabian culture will surely make you feel like Jasmine and Aladdin on a fairytale-like ride of your life! Your taste buds are also going to embark on the culinary journey of a lifetime, there’s no doubt in that with Morocco’s unique flavors and spices, and some mind-boggling food items like the Couscous (it’s so good that you call it twice, just like that special one of your life) or Tagine. A couples getaway to Morocco on this Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to inject some more romance and intimacy into your amazing relationship!


scuba dive with your significant other in Belize

The adventurers amongst the lot of you couples are going to be super revved by the end of this paragraph, we promise! From a heart-thumping dive into the famed Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize to genuine thrills like waterfall rappelling, zip-lining over forest canopies or hiking in the amazing National Parks of Belize, the adrenaline rush in you will be doubled, cause you may be two bodies, but you are after all one soul (wink, wink)! This ancient land of the mysterious Mayas is dotted with exquisite ruins deep into the jungles of Toledo, and ruin hopping is one of the robust experiences of Belize that you ought to get ticked off your list while you’re there.

Belize is one of the most biodiverse Latin Nation and its tropical wonders make for an experience of a lifetime. The Inland National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries parades this bombastic diversity in the finest manner to Belize travelers, and if greenery and jungles are your kinda thing, then your couple’s experience is sorted. But if you’re not, the fantastic beaches of Belize mixed together with island living, tanning under the Belizean sun, lazing in a hammock and swimming with your sweetheart- it is going to give a magical touch to your relationship on your Valentine’s Day getaway!

The day of Love is just a couple of weeks away and we know that every day is a day of love for you with your partner, but why not make it super special this Valentine’s Day with a romance filled adventure on the outbound! Our cupids (travel-coordinators) at GoDiscoverAbroad are all ready to help you collect some special moments this Valentine’s Day with some amazing experience and adventures! Are you?

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