37 Signs That You’ve Become A 'Traveler For Life'

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There's no denying in the fact that traveling abroad during the gap year is the most enriching and adventurous phase of life. Most of us stay within the four walls of our comfort zone until the time we realize that we need to step out to see the bigger world.

And once you've taken a break and experienced the bliss of exploring the unknown - you would know that there's possibly no way to get cured of the wanderlust that infects you in the most amazing manner.




You'll realize that you've become a 'traveler for life' when…

1. You can keep daydreaming about where to travel next!

2. You have all the travel apps updated on your smartphone, and you keep scrolling them every now and then!

3. Your friends keep texting you about travel tips and advice, whenever they are planning to go somewhere.

4. You keep searching for cheap flights and hotel deals.

5. There's always a little jolt of excitement whenever you think about getting on the plane.

6. Your travel bucket list keeps getting longer with each passing day! Once you visit a place, you tick it off and add a couple of more places to the list!

7. While weekends mean 'sleeping' for your friends, it's all about a new adventure for you! Delightfully, you’ve mastered the art of ‘mini-break planning’!

8. So, you've covered almost all the worthy (and not-so-worthy) places around your city.

9. There's no better feeling on Earth than the joy of booking flight tickets for your next destination.

10. And when all the people around you are busy saving for buying a car/ house etc., you are saving for another long break and your next foreign tour to go discover abroad!

11. You can initiate a conversation anywhere and with anyone, talking for endless hours, about your experiences and adventures on the road!

12. You've ticked off some amazing places (not the cliched ones like Eiffel Tower!) from your travel bucket list, including the World's Highest Post Office and the Highest Village in the World Connected by Motorable Roads!




13. You are always eager to know more about the places you've not been to.

14. You can keep scrolling through people's Social Media profiles to stalk their holiday photographs!

15. You keep reading about other people's journeys, travel articles and blogs on the internet about why you should travel more and how traveling keeps you happier, trying to find out similarities with yourself.

16. You participate in all sorts of travel contests that you find there on the internet!

17. You apply for a leave, and your boss asks, "Where are you going now?"

18. Your friends and family call you to ask 'Where are you?' before asking 'How are you?'

19. You've learned to say 'Hello', 'Good Morning' or 'Thank You' in at least 10 languages.

20. Your room is full of souvenirs from all those places you've been to! And of course, there's no more space to put another magnet on your fridge.




21. Your friends just love you for the postcards that you keep sending them every now and then!

22. Every single person on your Facebook/ Instagram tells you about how jealous they feel to see your posts!

23. Sometimes, you feel more at home when you are away! There's one place where you can go n-number of times and still not get bored of it.

24. You've actually learned the art of 'living out of a backpack'!

25. You have your amazing collection of Lonely Planet Guidebooks, adding glory to your shelves!




26. You can instantly connect with someone who's also addicted to traveling, or has a zeal to explore new places.

27. You love the beaches as much as you love the mountains. (Well not really, you still prefer the mountain mornings a little more than the beachside sunsets!)

28. Whenever you hear someone planning a trip, you feel like poking your nose into the discussion!

29. You know that traveling always doesn't mean going to far off destinations! You can happily explore a small village close to your hometown or spend a day walking around the food street in your city. All that matters to you is to get out and roam around!

30. You are always up for experimenting with new cuisines, and you can easily plan a trip encircling food! (Be it Thai, Chinese, Peruvian, Mexican or Indian!)

31. You know which restaurant in a particular city serves the best food, and you keep referring it anyone and everyone who's visiting that place! (You actually have a list of restaurants ready to be referred at once!)

32. You are completely in love with overnight train journeys and bus rides (no complaints about how hectic they may get)!

33. You keep thinking about how to make your travel experiences better - either by choosing homestays to spend more time with the natives; volunteering to contribute towards the underprivileged societies; ecotourism or simply spending longer getting to know a new city.




34. Your phone is just running out of space (because there are too many photographs)! So is the scene with your Google Drive and laptop's storage capacity!

35. You have got a box full of foreign currencies that you love showing off to other people!

36. You've friends living in other parts of the world and whenever you talk to them, you end up discussing what you'll be doing once you meet.

37. And, nowhere - or no one - feels to be far away from you! You know that it's just one flight away to go there or meet them. That's the definition of 'happiness' for you!

Now, the question is - Are you a 'traveler for life'?

If you could relate to all the pointers mentioned above and had a delightful curve on your face, lightening up your mood, then I can say totally agree that you are one!

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