25 Bucket List Travel Experiences You Must Have Before Your 30s

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Shake off those heartbreak blues and never-ending money crunches and start living it up ‘YOLO’ style. Let’s face it, people, the clock is ticking away and the lot of you tweens and 20 somethings aren’t getting any younger! YOLO as a life mantra could just be the divine intervention to jolt you back to that reality. The 20s of your life is a time that is never coming back unless you have a time machine to swoosh you back in time.

All you travel nuts out there putting off your plans for some reason or the other; NEWSFLASH! Soon you’ll be looking down upon a two-tiered frosty cake with about 30 candles on it. When you blow out those candles would you prefer to flashback to the totally amazeballs run you’ve had in the past decade? Or would you rather drown in a cake, wine, and regrets about all that you could’ve made of your 20s?

Absolutely unacceptable! We simply cannot let that happen when our team at GDA is working their butt off to make your 20s the most memorable years of your life! And that’s our cue to bring you people 25 wicked cool travel (and Life) experiences from all around the world that you should definitely get ticked off before your 30s, or have a headstart on it by your 30s at least!


1.  Why live on the edge when you can jump off it? Scream your lungs out and take a leap of faith, with some high strength tether of course, and go for the highest bungee jump in the world in Macau, China.

2.  Live it up like a Nomad during your gap year on the beaches of Koh Phangan and have the best night out of your life at a Full Moon Party. And if you do wanna remember this lifetime experience, then might we suggest laying off on too many of those bucket drinks. They might look teensy but they’ll take you on a trip that’ll wake you up in your own mess with a blur of memories.

3.  Scuba down into the Great Barrier Reef and get enchanted by Australia’s underwater wonderland.

scuba diving in Great Barrier Reef, Australia


4.  Volunteer in an elephant reserve in Sri Lanka and care for these 10000 pounds of awesomeness. Find yourself a herd of overweight friends in the gentle giants of Asia.

volunteering with elephants in Asia


5.  Go Instagram crazy while in the compounds of Taj Mahal and make those non-travelers back at home burn to the core. But please skip on the done to death pose of pinching on the dome of The Taj.

6.  While you’re at it, ticking New Wonders of the World off your list, do trek up to the lost Incan city of Machu Picchu and have yourself a ‘Pinch me, am I really here’ kinda moment. Warning- Leave the Llamas be and don’t rile them up for a Snapchat moment or they’ll shower spit on you as if they’re getting paid for it. Don’t say we didn’t warn!

The Inca trail trek, Peru


7.  Wanna work and Travel while on your gap year? Then there’s no time better than NOW because I hate to break it to you, a working holiday visa to places like Australia and New Zealand are off-limits once you turn 30.

8.  Angkor ‘What’? Bang on, we know it’s on the top of your to-do list as a Southeast Asian backpacking staple. But do you know what else should be there? The Bat Caves of Battambang, also known as the killing caves of Phnom Sampeau. An otherwise morbid place turns into the front row seats to an exciting event, with travelers on picnic chairs, holding drinks and pointing cameras for catching a glimpse of millions of these night creatures flying off into the sunset every day!

9.  Is the do-gooder in you crying out for more? Then take your pick of the many volunteering opportunities in Africa and reward yourself with a CV boost along with your travels. And here you thought Traveling won’t make any impact on your career!

volunteer with lions in Africa


10. Go for a Great American Road Trip on your next spring break and journalize all of it along the way. And who knows, It could just build a great travel blog or vlog!

American road trip on your gap year


11. Take the road less traveled through one of the most famous Himalayan Trails and trek up to the Everest Base Camp from Nepal. Not much of an off the beaten path though, given the thousands of people trying to best it every year. But, you’ll surely be able to lord it over your peers back at home.

12. Overnight in the Magical Sahara Desert while traveling in Morocco. It is almost a childhood dream come true for all you Aladdin and Jasmine fanatics, just minus the magic carpet and the wish-granting genie. Oh, how you budget travelers could have saved up on the woes of high prices airfares and whatnot had you a genie just a rub away!

Overnight desert safari in Sahara


13. Forget pumpkin carvings and handing out candies and join in the full-on creep fest at the Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico on Halloween! And if you’re planning on a homestay in Mexico, just know that their Ancestors are gonna be sleeping under the same roof as you on this very day. How’s that for sending a chill down your spine?

14. All you party majors out there, get your groove on during Holi in India. Don’t get ticked off if someone charges at you with a handful of colored powders cause this is just how it’s done. And apart from a being a traditional festival, Holi also marks the day of the greatest house parties in India, what with their foods, sweets and the mind-numbing ‘Herbal’ concoction, Bhang. P.S- squirt guns are also totally legit on this day!

celebrate Holi in India


15. Paint the town red on your night out in Vegas and also remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Shhhh… And if you’ve got rotten luck in gambling, then make like a tree and leave before you rack up any debts in your name!

16. Forget all those childhood rants about not wasting your food and get in on the excitement of the world’s largest food fight at the La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain. Hurling food at strangers, what could be more exciting than that! And if someone still tries to tell you off about how it is a wastage of food, you can kindly let them know that the tomatoes used in the festival are on the turn or already rotten.

17. Make good use of those hours of grueling English lessons and teach a few kids in China during your long-term travel. Leave it all on us, we’ll fix you up with the right program that has the perfect dose of traveling and volunteering!

18. Surf the humongous Pacific swells in Fiji and make a part-time job out of it during your gap travels abroad. You won’t get a chance like this to work and have fun, together!

19. Zipline through the jungles of Costa Rica and be one with the forests. Hold your breath while you dangle away from one part of the forest to another like Tarzan swinging on vines.

ziplining in Costa Rica


20. Hop aboard a riverboat tour in the Amazonia and explore the unique combination of Savannah and rivers through the country of Brazil, Ecuador, Peru etc.

21. Take your taste buds on a journey of a lifetime and follow the fantabulous food trails across Asia on your gap year!

Amazing Asian food


22. We know you think about a road trip through the Garden Route and also the Holy Grail of all African Travels, a Safari when someone even utters the name, Africa. What more you ask? Witness the Great African Migration of the Wildebeest from Tanzania all the way down to Kenya. How’s that for your next African Adventure?

23. The iconic and most talked about a pile of bricks in the world, get out there and take a walk on the Great Wall of China.

24. Trek up to the highest point of the African Continent. Mount Kilimanjaro is not only the highest peak of Africa but also a dormant volcano, and scaling it will surely grant you lifelong bragging rights!

Trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro

25. If you thought Iceland is the only place to witness the marvel of Northern Lights then you’re in for a surprise. The small town of Whitehorse in Canada is the main gateway for Aurora Borealis tourism. Here you can catch the enthralling sky dance in full motion, lest your eyes pop off your socket at the view of this ‘out of the world’ sight. The Great White North has many more hidden gems just lying in wait for you!  

Aurora Borealis in Canada


We’d love nothing more than to help you strike all of them off your list by the time you finish blowing out on the last of those 30 candles. All of our eager travel planners at GoDiscoverAbroad are sitting hands at the ready on their keyboards to craft the perfect bucket list travel experiences around the world and we are just a click away from you. So, be mind over matter now and get yourself booked into our amazing world tours Today!

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