15 Most Romantic Destinations Around The World

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It’s not just about honeymoons anymore, first dates can be uber romantic too.  And what’s better than a candlelit cozy dinner in your favorite restaurant? Well, it’s several dinners with your beloved in some of the most romantic cities in the world! Pick up some sensuous Salsa moves in the Caribbeans or confess your love as you cruise along the Danube river and soak up the spectacular view of Vienna. Team Go Discover Abroad gets you the select few recommendations for a perfect romantic getaway in some of the most romantic destinations in the world. 


1. Croatia


Get lost in the beautiful seaside town of Dubrovnik and witness the coast swallow the sun in the Azure Adriatic waters. Don’t forget to enjoy renowned local Croatian wines and listen to some jazz for a cozy evening date with your partner. A truly romantic destination with its pleasant weather, postcard-perfect landscapes and crystal clear waters, head to Dubrovnik for the ideal romantic date. 


2. Montenegro 


Away from the crowds and big town bustle, enjoy some time away with your special one in Kotor. Wake up to the romantic fervor of mountain chalets, amidst countryside woods and the view of the pine forest and stunning Durmitor mountain. Protected by UNESCO as part of the World Cultural Heritage, Kotor with its mystic air has been listed as the best place in the world to visit in 2016 by Lonely Planet.


3. Greece 


What’s a better way to spend some quality time with your love than visit the country where the God of Love ‘Cupid’ was born. From the exquisite whitewashed domes, picturesque narrow streets to the postcard-perfect beaches in Corfu, pamper your partner with some Greek warmth and some good old shopping at Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens. Don’t forget to head to Voukourestiou Street in the Syntagma square, Athens for some high-end shopping - the perfect backdrop to buy fancy love tokens for your beloved. 

Team GDA Recommendation: Opt for the Adriatic Adventure to explore all of the Adriatic Coast in just 9 days


4. Iceland 


Northern Lights in Iceland still remain exceedingly popular with travelers from every nook and corner of the world. And if these stunning unreal nature’s miraculous lights aren’t reason enough, head to Iceland not for the ‘perfect beach resort’ kind of romance but for the ‘get lost in the wilderness in the middle of nowhere’ kind of romance. Cuddle in the cold with your loved one for an evening under the Nordic skies. Laced with adventure activity options such as Hiking, biking, horseback riding, white-water rafting, caving, glacier walking, dog sledding, 4X4 driving, diving and snorkeling, spice up your vacation as you take up one or several of these activities with your significant other.


5. Italy


One of the most frequented European destination in the world, Italy is the land of some of the most beautiful cities in the world. From the statement romantic ride in the many medieval canals of Venice to the aphrodisiacal architecture of Florence, the culture, history, traditions, and food of the land is simply unparalleled. Go for Italy as your next couple vacation if a truly romantic and quaint vacation is on your bucket list.  


6. Spain


Take him for his favorite EPL Game or take her to the vintage stalls of Madrid - Revel in the romance of Spain, a country high of culture and cuisines. Go hiking in Mount Tibidabo (Remember Joey’s Western Europe Story?) or gaze at the quintessential sunset of Mirabeau, head to Spain for the perfect romantic vacation in Spain. You could either go for a Northern Spain Exploration with your partner, for the Catalonian fervor of Spain and head to the Southern Part of Spain, if you want more of the pristine beach time and uncover Spain’s Islamic Heritage. 


7. Portugal 


Beautifully blending an old world charm with a contemporary fervor, explore the lesser known beaches, the cobblestone streets and the Portuguese forts with your significant other. Get away from the run of the mill vacations amidst the walking trails of Via Algarviana bordering Spain or experience the exuberant nightlife of Lisbon, a backpackers’ paradise. Weaved with a variety of experiences that include nature walks, pub crawls, hiking, sea-kayaking and shacking with your partner by the beach, make Portugal your next European vacation destination. 

8. Indonesia 


Not just Europe, Asia too has its gems which are ideal for couples. Head to the Indonesian Islands and let your hair down in the unadulterated quaint air of the country. Be it taking it quiet strolls on the white sandy beaches or snorkeling in the tropical waters, explore between a zillion zazzy options for your romantic trip to Indonesia. You could also go for soothing yoga sessions with your partner and stay in your very own private hut shacks by the beach. For the couples who like ALT Travel, head to the a month long budget escape into the wilderness of Indonesia covering Sumatra, Jakarta, Kuta along with their lesser known villages and islands that no mainstream trip will offer you. 


9. Maldives 


With its palm-fringed islands, sparkling white waters, oodles of beach fun, exhilarating ferry rides, Maldives is certainly a couple’s paradise. Opt for the Maldivian Merrymaking with your significant other in this one-week long escapade in the Island Country. Encompassing Guraidhoo, Maafushi, Gulhi and a ferry back to Male with tailored cultural experiences, a couple’s week out to Maldives couldn't get better than this. 


10. Thailand 


The Good Old Land of Smiles never fails to deliver when it comes to memorable vacations. Be it the lip-smacking food, the cluster of pristine beaches, the range of adventure and offbeat activities on offer - there’s nothing that you cannot find which is necessary for an ideal couple vacation. Be it the Northern Thailand Exploration Trip, where you head to lesser known hikes and heights of the country or the beach bonanza giving you oodles of Vitamin D and Suntans, head to Thailand without a second thought for a custom-made couple travel experience. 


11. Tanzania 


It’s time for Africa! For an out and out ‘into the wild’ experience, head to Tanzania. Trek to the revered Mt. Kilimanjaro with your partner and camp at sub-zero temperatures. Click photos near the equator or just jump for a ‘high five’. From the world-renowned jungle safaris to trekking trails that feature on most bucket lists’ in the world, head to Tanzania for the romantic trip that has your adrenaline running and is your go-to-aphrodisiac. 


12. Morocco 


Morocco has everything a couple in love is looking for. From beautiful beaches where the Mediterranean and Atlantic meet to the laid back downtime at Essaouira, a backpacking Medina in Africa, opt for Morocco for an all encompassing trip. How often do you find a country that has equally exciting beaches and deserts? Not to forget umpteen shopping souks and Mint teas to enliven your spirits. And for couples who love music, don’t forget to attend the world renowned music festivals of Morocco that’s also known to have ample of Jazz, Reggae and African music playing on its backpacker streets. 


13. Argentina


Head to the Andean beauty for the ideal escapade into the beautiful South American country of Argentina which is blessed with stunning views and sensuous Tango moves. From the Iguazu Falls to the Mendoza wine region, and the arresting views of the Patagonian Steppe bordering Chile, let Argentina charm your senses. 


14. Peru 


Let the Peruvian magic unfold onto your partner and you as you dance to trippy beats of Peruvian Salsa. From the thrilling hike in Machu Picchu to the exploring the lost glory of the Incas in Cusco, if you and your partners are ‘experience collectors’ with an insatiable wanderlust to witness the far-off lands - Peru is your calling. Team GDA recommends picking up some Spanish before heading to Peru to get the best of your vacation time in Peru. 


15. United States of America

United States of America

Head to an all-encompassing US Trip with your date/partner and live the “Great American Dream”, be it the East Coast Exploration Trip or taking a road trip along the West Coast of the States, get your postcard perfect couple pictures across the iconic sites of USA. Take your pick amongst a string of offerings for a memorable couple vacation to the United States of America. 

Taking inspiration from ‘Boys Like Girls’, Two is certainly better than one and what’s makes the two tango? It’s the travel to places, it’s the memories you make and it’s knowing each deeper and better. With these 15 recommendations at hand, drop the travelholics at Go Discover and mail at [email protected] and before you know it, you’ll be on the flight with your beloved. 

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