11 Amazing Saving Tips That'll Help You To Travel Abroad

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There's always an urge to explore the unknown, meet people from another part of the world, witness the beauty of nature and live life a bit differently. We all dream of taking a break from our regular life to sail off to a faraway land where no one knows us and we know none!

It'll be an amazing feeling to become a traveler for life and share your adventure tales with all the people around you.

But in order to fulfill all those dreams, the most important thing is to save up enough. Here are 11 saving tips that will surely help you while planning your gap year abroad. Check them out!


1. Sell all that you haven't used for the last one year!



If there's something that you haven't used for a year, know that you'll not use it again! So why not sell it online and earn some cash from there? Whether it's your old PlayStation that's lying around or your stack of books that you've already read, or maybe a pair of shoes which you bought but never wore!

All you have to do is to click a photo, write a good description (so that the buyer knows what he/she is about to buy) and let it go. You can also organize an exhibition (in your garage, maybe) and showcase all that you wish to sell.

It'll also be a good way to empty your house and make more space for your travel souvenirs!


2. Unhook yourself from that shopping addiction



I totally understand how it feels to see that there's 'Flat 50% Sale' on almost all your favorite brands, but just think for once - if you don't buy that dress for $50, you can probably extend your trip in India (in case you are planning one) for another 4 days!

Shopping, undoubtedly, is an addiction and mostly during these 'Season Sale' period, we end up buying all that we actually don't need.

If you really want to save some extra cash, then be blind while you are hitting a mall, uninstall all those shopping apps from your small phone and simply unhook yourself from that shopping addiction.


3. Learn to cook your own meal and pack your lunch from home



Enough of those unhealthy packed meals! In 2018, learn to cook your own meal and make yourself proud. Not only will this help you in eating healthy, but you'll also get to save a lot of money. Trying making different items so that you aren't bored with what you are eating.

You can also pack your lunch from home, and share it at work with your colleagues. Who knows, they might just fall in love with your cooking abilities!


4. Instead of eating out, arrange a potluck



Of course, who doesn't like to eat at those fancy restaurants coming up in the city? More so, when you see your friends putting up Instagram posts and check-ins on Facebook!

But if you are on saving spree and serious about your travel plans, then you should ditch the idea of eating out and instead, organize a potluck with your friends.

Ask everyone to cook their favorite meal, decorate your terrace with the flower pots, spread a sheet for everyone to sit and enjoy the home-cooked buffet!


5. Rediscover your nearest library



This is for all the bookworms out there! Instead of spending more on new books and adding them to your own space, how about exploring the nearest library? It will give you a chance to save cash (which you would have spent in buying those new bestsellers!) and also, you can read them for free!

Visiting the library will also introduce you to a variety of new books, give you a chance to meet other readers, share your ideas and thoughts with them, and maybe you'll come across another traveler who's reading something interesting there at the library!


6. Cycle or walk instead of taking a transport



Generally, we spend about $20 (approx) every week in commuting from home to college/ work. That means, if you start saving that much, you can make about $80 in a month! So how about cycling or walking to your destination, every time you are going out?

It'll be a good exercise as well, and you'll not have to worry about your fitness regime! Take your cycle to the grocery store whenever you have to buy something, or just leave a little early and walk to work.

Not only will you be saving money and becoming healthier, but you'll also contribute less towards the air pollution that's caused by vehicles.


7. End all your subscriptions or share them with your friends



In today's date, most of us are hooked to those series that never let us roll the eyes out of the screen! Many times, we sign up for the free trials and forget about them, but the payment leaves our account each month, automatically. It's time to check them all, and end all those subscriptions that aren't necessary!

And if you still feel that life's miserable without Netflix, then share it with your friends who are equally addicted to it!

If you've subscribed to some magazine that knocks your door every fortnight, then maybe you can now choose to read it online to save a little more.


8. Use your talent to earn some extra cash



Do you have any talent that you think can help you earn? Then why not use it? If you are good at art and craft, you can organize weekend classes for the kids of your neighborhood and teach them. (Considering that their parents know you, they'll happily pay!)

Can you bake delicious cupcakes with frosting? Then how about taking some kitty party orders?

Just figure out what you are good at, and make the most of it. Sing at the local cafe on Sundays, sell handmade greeting cards, organize photography workshops - do whatever suits your interest, be creative and have fun while earning some extra cash.


9. Choose house parties over clubbing!



"Ahh! Clubbing is too clichéd!" - That's what you need to make yourself understand and convince your friends of that thought as well. Rather than hitting the clubs on weekends, you can arrange for chilling house parties, with B.Y.O.B. That way, no one's pocket is pinched, yet everyone gets to have fun and socialize. Remember that the money you save will help you to explore a faraway land.

Also, you won't have to worry about returning home late at night as you can crash wherever the party is happening!


10. Ask for cash or travel cards if anyone wants to gift you something!



No matter whether it's your birthday, graduation or promotion - people will definitely show up with a gift, which might not be something you are looking for! Instead, why not ask for cash (or travel gift cards)!

You can tell your parents, grandparents and close family members as well as friends that you are saving big time for your gap year abroad. They'll understand that you would need money for it, and give you cash instead of gifts.

Doesn't matter what the amount is, it'll still add to your growing fund!

11. Create a separate savings account for your travel funds




Last, but not the least - it is very important to have a saving account where you can deposit all your travel funds. As you keep collecting the cash by several means, you also need to channelize it properly, so that when you decide to take the gap year and travel abroad, you can sustain yourself for that particular span of time.

Research and find out which account will suit you best, where you can get proper foreign exchange rates and have easy access to Debit and Credit Cards.

Apart from these, you can also organize a fundraising event if you are planning to devote some time for volunteering in a Third World Country, and contribute to a meaningful cause. You can host a dinner and narrate to the guests why you wish to volunteer abroad and how you think you can make a difference in the lives of the natives there.

Little by little, you will eventually save up enough if you can follow all the tips mentioned above and set out for a journey that you've always dreamt of.

What are your best money-saving tips? Let us know in the comments section, below!

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