10 Travel Resolutions For 2019 - It's Time To Satisfy Your Wanderlust!

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Just a few more days before 2018 wraps up! With another new year setting in, comes another bunch of resolutions (of which we might just not be able to stick to all) and a bucket list of things to do. While some of our friends will plan to shed a few kilos in the coming year, a few more will plan to get hitched and some will prepare to study further to get one more feather added to their crown!

You must have also thought of a couple of things that you want to accomplish in 2019 - best of luck for those! But if you ask me, I'll tempt you to ditch all those plans that you've made and try to work on your 'travel resolutions for 2019'.

Trust me, it's gonna be fun as you'll try your best to stick to those resolutions. After all, who doesn't want a pinch of wanderlust added to spice up life?


1. Start from Your Own City - Visit an Art Gallery or a Museum That You've Always Avoided.




When things are in closer proximity, we tend to take them for granted and avoid them consciously or subconsciously. There must be one such place in your own city that people from all across the world come to visit - but you never took time out to go there, or you just acted too reluctant to visit it. This year, ditch your procrastination and pay a visit to that popular museum or art gallery that's famous in your city and tick it off your list.


2. Discover a Hidden Gem in Your Own State.




Moving out of your city, it's time to visit a 'not-so-known' yet beautiful destination in your state. Sit down with a map (or just Google it up) and find out one place where you haven't been before. (Well, you'll get brownie points if you've never even heard of this spot prior to the visit) There might be a virgin beach which no one told you about or a craftsmen's village where life still goes slow or maybe quaint hill town where the locals have barred themselves from the outside world - this is your chance to explore that place and let the world know about your discovery!

In 2019, take a second look at your surroundings before deciding to hop on a plane and flying to a distant place.


3. Go for an Overnight Train Journey Covering a Considerable Distance.




You must have heard the famous saying - 'The journey is more important than the destination'. You'll have to find out how true the statement is, in the coming year. And for that, you need to set out for journeys that are a tad bit different from the regular ones. What I would suggest is to board a train and head towards a faraway land where you've never been before, to figure out whether you loved the journey more, or the destination!


4. Visit a National Park or a Wildlife Sanctuary.




You need not be an animal lover - but visiting a National Park or Wildlife Sanctuary has a charm of its own, that's totally worth experiencing. You don't have to travel very far - there must one close to where you stay, and you can begin with that. Deforestation and urbanization are constant reasons for disrupting the ecological balance and animals are falling victims of the adverse effects of human actions. During this trip, you'll understand how good it feels to be amidst nature and gain a greater understanding of why we need to protect the sanctity of these areas.


5. Pay a Visit to Any Non-English Speaking Country!




Sounds like a challenge, right? But trust me - it'll be fun as you'll realize that language can never be a barrier and you can easily communicate with others through emotions and sign languages. Choose a country where the majority of the citizens speak a language not known to you, and the experience will open your eyes and expand your horizons in the most clichéd way possible. And you know what will be the best outcome? - You'll end up learning a foreign language and can brag about it later!


6. Go on a Volunteering Trip and Make a Difference.




There are millions of people in our world who aren't privileged as us and survive on the bare minimum. In Third World countries like Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda in Africa or India, Nepal, Sri Lanka in Asia, there are people who still live in extreme poverty, without proper healthcare facilities and education. In 2019, you can try to add some happiness to their lives by volunteering for them. The best part is that you can choose your favorite destination and decide what kind of service you wish to provide. For example, you can either be a volunteer at an Elephant Village in Thailand and take care of the gentle giants, or volunteer as an English Teacher in South Africa or spend time looking after the disabled kids in Vietnam. No matter what you choose to do, volunteering abroad will surely fetch you a sense of satisfaction.


7. Pick a Cuisine and Visit That Country!




I know it sounds crazy - but that's how it's meant to be! How else do you think you can feed your wanderlust better (and yourself, as well). A cuisine-focused trip is perfect for the foodies and it's an excellent way to narrow down your options. It's also an essentially creative and unusual way to plan your itinerary once you're in that area. So if you love Paella, then you must make it to Spain in 2019 - and who knows, you might just learn you to cook amazing Spanish food and surprise your folks after returning back home!


8. Go for a High Altitude Trek and Feel the Silence.

trekking trip to everest

Holidays aren't just about fun and relaxation - but sometimes, it can test your willpower as well. In 2019, take up the challenge and go for a high altitude trek where there's no network. Disconnect from the world in order to connect to yourself, breathe to fill your lungs with freshness and listen to the silence. Sleep inside a tent, warm yourself at the campfire and walk towards your destination. Trekking, for some people, is like an addiction, and you'll not know it's charm till you experience it. If you ask me, I would suggest you to plan a trip to either India or Nepal, to experience the best Himalayan treks.


9. Take That Long-Awaited Road Trip With Your Friends.




Most of us have friends who keep postponing that particular road trip about which you've always been super-excited! Now it's time to convince all of them and finally set out for the crazy journey. Chalk out the route and just hit the roads. Too much planning will spoil the fun, so it's better to act impromptu. Make sure you have enough space for selfies on your phone!


10. Visit A Place That Might Vanish In Your Lifetime.

The Earth is at risk and due to an increased rate of global warming. There are some valuable and vulnerable zones which might not be there after another 50 years. Among the most crucial ones that are at stake are the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Glacier National Park in Montana, the Alps in Europe etc., which are expected to disappear, crumble, or shrink significantly in the coming decades.

So, before it gets too late, travel to explore their beauty and you may consider advocating on behalf of the preservation of those areas. It's time to prioritize your resolutions and plan accordingly so that you can get the satisfaction of traveling without the stress of flying across the world or spending all your money on one trip!

Remember that traveling need not be expensive and exhaustive, but should be a way for you to see things differently, find out how big the world is and how small a place you occupy here!

So, my dear friends, it's time to Go Discover Abroad in 2019!

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