10 Most Instagrammable Destinations Where You Must Travel In 2019

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Instagram is the new favorite of the millennials - a social media platform where you can showcase your choices and photography skills, and get instant 'likes' and 'followers'. There are hundreds of people who've traveled to different places in 2018 and shared their great shots with stories, becoming star performers with millions of followers. Whether it's the ancient temples of Southeast Asia or the ruins of Rome, or the Eiffel Tower of Paris and the wildlife of Tanzania - there are certain breathtaking destinations in the world that have topped the geo-tagging list - the places that racked up the most snaps on the planet! Now that 2018 is wrapping up, we know that you have already thought about your travel resolutions for 2019, and sorting your travel bucket list for the year ahead, here are the 10 most Instagram-worthy destinations in the world which you must check out once. No matter whether you are looking for a volunteering trip abroad or an adventure tour, a luxury holiday or maybe a backpacking trip - this list will surely tickle those wanderlust cells in your heart & mind!  

1. Bruges, Belgium

You shouldn't be surprised to see Bruges topping the list! In fact, this magical picturesque town, distinguished by its canals, cobbled streets, and medieval buildings, has been a favorite destination for travelers since ages. The jaw-dropping, beautiful architecture attracts more than two million visitors every year. So if you have been planning your Euro-Trip in 2019, then make sure to add Belgium in it and explore the Basilica of the Holy Blood, the Neo-Gothic Provinciaal Hof building, the Groeninge Museum and much more while in Bruges!  

2. Eiffel Tower, France

Eiffel Tower

Paris, the French Capital, is aptly nicknamed as 'The City of Love' and no reasons are required to convince you on that note! Whether it's the warm of the Parisians, or the French cuisine or the Louvre, one can never get bored of exploring Paris. But when it comes to posting that perfect Instagram photo, people have always chosen the Eiffel Tower with its famous tapering cast iron tip over everything else! A masterpiece of architectural achievement, this monument with immense historical importance and glory should be there on your travel checklist for 2019.  

3. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast

Are you getting hitched in 2019 and looking for a perfect honeymoon destination? Well, Switzerland has become too clichéd and London is over-crowded! Instead, how about heading to an offbeat European location and exploring the Amalfi Coast in the Province of Salerno, Southern Italy? You'll be surprised to know that it's also marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beauty and natural diversity. Deemed by the Lonely Planet as 'one of Italy's most piercing destinations', you must add Amalfi to your honeymoon checklist and surprise your partner with a gorgeous gift ever!  

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand

elephant camp thailand

If you've always thought that Thailand is all about beaches and turquoise water, surfing and snorkeling, Full Moon parties and nightlife - then you'll be totally wrong! Northern Thailand is not as popular as the Southern part, but no less beautiful. And if Thailand has been there on your bucket list since forever, then in 2019, go for an unusual Thai exploration. Discover the pristine hillside towns Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, spend time with the Karen tribal folks and volunteer for the Asian elephants while living with the mahout communities. You'll be coming across hundreds of photo-ops at every corner in this region, and return back home with wonderful memories.  

5. Taj Mahal, India

Taj mahal

One of the most Instagrammed monuments in the world, Taj Mahal undoubtedly deserves a glorious position on your bucket list, if you haven't yet made it till there! Located in the city of Agra in India, this tomb was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beloved wife, Mumtaz. The monument stands as a symbol of love since the 17th Century AD. Visited by nearly 8 million travelers every year, Taj Mahal is the second most preferred UNESCO World Heritage Site according to a recent survey conducted by TripAdvisor. And if you start searching #tajmahal on your Instagram, you'll be totally awestruck with the awesome photos that people have shared, So, what are you waiting for?  

6. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor wat, cambodia

The ancient ruins of the Khmer dynasty have been marked as the most preferred UNESCO Heritage Site according to the TripAdvisor Survey, and we couldn't agree more with it. The ruins of Angkor in Siem Reap looks stunning, particularly during dawn and dusk, when the soft lights touch the crumbling walls of the temples. Deemed as the largest religious monument complex in the world, it'll be totally worthy to explore this place. No matter how many shots you take, it'll still feel less as the beauty of Angkor Wat is beyond what can be captured through the lenses! Your Instagram profile will surely get some boost and your wanderlust will be perfectly catered after this Cambodian journey.  

7. Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara fall

From the monuments of Asia, we now move to nature's wonders on the other side of the globe! Three waterfalls together form the Niagara, that straddles the international border between Ontario in Canada and New York in the USA. The stunning views will leave you in awe, and to get that perfect Instagram shot, you can opt for a helicopter ride over the falls. If you are seeking some extra adrenaline rush, then try out the Niagara Zipline adventure! If you are lucky enough, you might just get to spot a rainbow forming an arch from one corner of the falls to another. That's totally a sight to behold!  

8. Lake Louise, Canada

Lake Louise

So, if you are tripping to Canada to see the Niagara Falls in 2019, you might just see Lake Louise in Alberta as well. This pristine location is nothing less than a retreat, away from the crowd and cacophony of the urban life, tucked in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies. The turquoise water of the lake looks magical with the rugged peaks and glaciers surrounding it on all sides. You'll think we are exaggerating till you pay a visit to Alberta, but Lake Louise is absolutely like a postcard you can step right into!  

9. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti national park, Tanzania

Whether you've been here before or planning your first safari trip to spot the Big 5 - Serengeti will surprise you every moment of your trip. A paradise for animal lovers and photographers, you can never have a bad shot here! Located in Northern Tanzania, the Serengeti National Park merges with that of the Maasai Mara in Kenya, and together, they form one of the most popular biodiversity zones of the world. If you've been postponing your trip to Tanzania for long, then now is the time to stop procrastinating!  

10. Nairobi, Kenya

childcare volunteeing in Kenya

If you are taking a gap year in 2019, then how about clubbing Kenya and Tanzania together? (Well, there can be no better idea than this!) Not just for the wildlife safaris, but you can join a meaningful volunteering project in Nairobi and help the underprivileged kids to have a better future. And don't miss the Giraffe Manor where the endangered Rothschild Giraffes are sheltered. A perfect Instagrammable destination, Nairobi surely deserves a place in your travel checklist.   Now that you know where all to go, get started with your planning! Make the best use of your smartphone in the coming year and click some amazing photographs. Share it on your Instagram profile and use hashtag #godiscoverabroad - and don't forget to follow Go Discover Abroad. Happy Traveling!  

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