Where To Go On Your Gap Year?

You’ve made up your mind to take a gap year before your college or even that year-long break from your career, and your excitement knows no bounds! All your bucket list specials are hovering all around and feeding your gap year frenzy more. From scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to hiking Machu Picchu in Cusco, from volunteering in India to going for an amazing night safari in the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya- your travel dreams are scattered all around the world!

But when reality strikes you, you’ll realize that doing all of these on your gap year possibility all across different corners of the Earth might be a bit far-fetched. Honing in on your gap year destination is an important part of the planning process and can have a serious impact on your experience in the long run. Don’t just pick a place because you’ve read some amazing blogs about it online or have seen some mind-boggling pictures of it on the internet. Do your research well and most importantly, ask yourself what would you like to do on your gap year abroad? Once you have the answer to this question, it’ll become easier for you to pick a place that can offer you the best of experiences that you’re looking for. 

We’ve made a compilation of some of the best gap year destinations around the world based on the kind of experience that discerning gappers like yourself could be looking for. This 4-5 min read can once and for all help you sort through the mumbo jumbo of Where To Go On Your Gap Year? 



World largest continent and perhaps the most diverse as well, each Asian country has a culture of its own corresponding to that major diversity that makes it a bucket list must experience. From the secrets of the orient to the color-laden Indian streets, from the disciples of Buddha in Thailand to the ecstatic ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia- Asia sure is a stunner! 

If its some good deeds, no matter how big or small, that you want to remember your gap year by, then the teaching and wildlife conservation programs in India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka could be perfect for you to tick an all-inclusive volunteering experience off your bucket list. The child empowerment programs could also be your calling if leaving a positive impact and sharing some useful teachings with some underprivileged kids and experiencing unbridled joy with ear to ear smiles with them. Asia is rightfully called the backpackers’ paradise with its heart-pumping adventures, diverse topography, crazy and creepy foods, and fantastic people. So, be it China’s Great Wall or the Petronas Towers of Malaysia, from the islands of Indonesia to the colossal Himalayan peaks of Nepal, and last but not the least the gems of Southeast Asian backpacking circuit- Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos- your gap year could be made of similar stories like these! 



If you’re an animal-loving soul or have always dreamt about roaming the wilderness of Africa- then a gap year experience in Africa is going to be one for the books! Bordered by the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, African countries like Zanzibar, Tanzania, and South Africa have got some amazing beaches as well that is sure to keep the beach bum in you recharged with some exciting underwater adventures. And as long as we’re talking about adventures in Africa, how could we not mention the hair-raising Safari experience in some great reserves like Maasai Mara in Kenya, Kruger National Park in South Africa, the Ngorongoro in Tanzania. Apart from witnessing the majestic and famed African Big 5 in the wilds of Africa, a gap year in Africa is also a chance to experience the natural wonders of this continent, like the towering Baobabs in Madagascar or the sprawling Sahara Desert in Morocco.

But if you’re looking for some ways to take your animal love to a whole new level in Africa, how would you feel about working with the king of the jungle and other Big Cats of Africa? We dare say, thrilling! From Wildlife Photography workshops to Big 5 Research programs, your gap year in Africa could be the perfect chance to get up and close with the wild creatures and make sense of their beastliness! Responsible traveling in Africa is important no matter for how long you’re traveling in the continent, as the society is engulfed with many vices and prejudices. And our projects like the Teaching Programs, Health Awareness, Wildlife, and Girl Impact projects are perfect for you to leave a lasting mark in the hearts of African people and animals alike.  

Each country has its own set of cultures and is also home to some indigenous tribes, and if you really want to experience tribal living from up close while visiting Africa, what could be better than a homestay in Tribal Village or hanging out with the bush people. Your African getaway is all going to be about unique experiences! 



Popularly known as the adventure capital of the world, Australasia is your ultimate gap year destination and a heaven for intrepid travelers. From the mind-numbing beauty of Doubtful Sound in NZ to the underwater wonders in the Great Barrier Reef in Oz, from an all encompassed road trip through one of the greatest outback tracks of the world to the distinctive Maori culture in New Zealand- Australasia is all that a traveler’s dreams are made of! 

Nature lovers will be in for a treat in Australasia, as the continent boasts of outstanding beauty in the forms of fantastic beaches, Fjords, Volcanic trails to hike, etc. With our programs, you can plant adventure flags all around places like the Abel Tasman National Park, Uluru, Whitsunday Islands, Noosa Everglades and follow the adventure trail all over Australasia. Catch a show at the legendary Sydney Opera House or spend a day in a Maori village, experience living in a houseboat or spend some happy hours lazing by a beach- and you might get some surprises in form of Kangaroos hopping about. A gap year in Australia could be one of the grandest and greatest adventures of your life! 

The ultimate paradise for beach lovers, Australia and New Zealand both have their own set of adventures like Surfing, Snorkeling and also a smorgasbord of exciting flavors and amazing food to keep your recharged and going!



If an old school kinda backpacking experience is what you want on your gap year, then Europe should be highlighted on your wanderlists. One of the most famous spots on Earth for backpacking, budget travelers, exploring Europe on your gap year could make for exciting travel stories! 

Who hasn’t dreamed of lazing in Santorini, walking through history in Athens, learning Spanish in Spain, tasting authentic Turkish Delights in Istanbul? Any sane minded traveler would say Yes to any and all of this! And to add further edge to your European gap year, we have added the offbeat destinations like Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania. Having been overshadowed their popular neighboring countries, in the recent times they have made it to the spotlight have become quite the awesome tourist spots themselves. 

Don’t worry, you needn’t loosen your purse strings much, cause most of our European tours can be done on a shoestring budget. And if you’re looking to earn some extra credits for those college applications or simply been meaning to travel more responsibly, you can partake in the Marine Conservation program and the conservation volunteer programs in Spain and tick off some unique and educational experience off your list while you’re at it. 

South America


The continent itself is filled with mysteries all around and is truly a paradise for thrill seekers. From Maya hotspots in Guatemala, Mexico to the cool vibes of Costa Rica and Cuba, from the momentous Inca Trail, Peru to the roaring Iguazu Falls in Argentina- Latin America has it all to keep the traveler in you satiated. We know covering a whole continent on your gap year might seem like too big a feat to attempt, but it is not, trust us! 

Our Latin American trips are the perfect definitions of continent-spanning adventures and could be perfect for the traveler in you looking to do something big on their gap year getaway. With over 11 destinations all across Latin America and some pretty crazy experiences like staying in a Ranch in Uruguay, driving down the streets of Havana in a top-down 50s Vintage Car, or hiking up a Volcano in Costa Rica or maybe even attempting the major feat of covering 6 countries in merely 32 days. A gap year in Latin America is going to be about a whole lotta distinctive culture with amazing ages-old mysteries, historical magnificence, yum food, daring adventures, and awesome places. 

And if you want a 360 degree experience in Latin America, then you can also work in some responsible traveling into your gap year itinerary with our Wildlife Conservation programs in Costa Rica and Ecuador or volunteer at a day-care with little bundle of joys in Peru or even go for an ultimate Soccer experience in the soccer frenzied continent as a coach for some young talented players. A little bit of this and little bit of that, and you’ve got yourself a bombastic gap year experience!

North America

north america

North America has remained a gap year favorite since time immemorial and going by the latest trends of gappers, it is quite visible that it is here to stay as a backpacking favorite. From the gem of the East Coast, the Big Apple NYC to the Golden Coast of San Francisco, from the dazzle of Las Vegas to the rodeo drives of Texas, USA, and its amazing cities have something for every kind of traveler that there is. A Great American road trip is what legendary travel tales are made of, and that out together with an expedition into the Great White North that Canada is, you’ve got the best of Northern America right in front of you. 

From the towering skyscrapers and fashion district in New York to the inner sanctum of political history in Washington DC, America is stacked with travel wonders and a year-long break would be perfect to see, taste, explore and experience the best of it all. The roaring Niagara Falls at the border of the US and Canada is where our USA road trip becomes a cross-country adventure. USA’s closest neighbor, Canada is in no way less when it comes to being a travel-perfect destination. From a ride in the Maid of the Mist under the spraying and showering Niagara Falls, straight to the belly of the urban beast in Toronto, you will be hitting up many amazing spots of Canada as you make your way through the Sandbanks Provincial Park and the Little French City out of France- Montreal! US and Canada have the perfect mix of amazing adventures and mind-boggling beauty that will surely keep the gapper spirit in your raging and roving! 

Is it a volunteering adventure you’re looking for or cultural exposure? Or is it some fast-paced adventure activities on your gap year abroad? These destinations have it all! All you need to do is take your pick from the many gap year tours of ours from all around the world and leave the rest of the worrying to us! Our tours are fast filling and we always suggest our travelers get early bookings so that they can plan their departure with all the time that they need. Get your booking TODAY!