When Should I Take A Gap Year?

Gap year on your mind, but can’t decide for yourself when would be the perfect time to just pack up, leave and hit the road for a long break in the outreaches? We know most of your pre-teen and teenage years have been spent contemplating ‘Where should I go’ or ‘when should I go’ for a legendary gap year trip. And while many have grabbed this opportunity by its horns as it came their way, many had missed out on it too! 

Though the period after school and University is said to be the perfect time for taking a gap year, and every year we get to meet hundreds of wigged out high school graduates and college seniors on a break year; Our team at GDA believe there come such other golden moments in your life when you can just hit the pause button and head out into the unknown. If you have your mind made, it is truly up to you when you are planning to take a gap year, but anyways, these few listed below are said to be the best times to go for a gap year and GoDiscoverAbroad!

After Finishing High-School

Gap year after high school

A gap year before college is a chance to step out of the shell you’ve been living in for so many years and explore a world that is all about new things. It is a whole new world of learning out there and surviving on your own out there is going to be one of the biggest lessons that life is going to teach you on your gap year. 

Yes, many opt to take a gap year before college to escape the tensions of college and parents for a year, but a gap year is truly dotted with learning curves and there are multiple opportunities out there to gain valued life experiences as well as some extra credits for your college applications. Take up a volunteering program, or go for an international internship, or simply work abroad and fund your own travels. But it’s not going to be all about work and no fun, is it? 

Gap year is time to explore new places, experiencing and learning new things, and of course, some raise the roof parties and some amazing people, and as luck may have it, there are some great gap year programs out there like at GDA that can add an extra edge to an already legendary experience!

During Your College Years

gap year after college

Granted this might seem like an unsettling piece of advice for college goers already living under the burden of gazillions of textbooks and term papers- but we believe those long summer vacations can be put to good use for traveling and exploring. So, why not a gap experience? 

Our compact gap year programs with 30-50 days itineraries would be perfect for this short gap year during college. Moreover, a gap year during college is also a chance to partake in meaningful voluntary work programs simultaneously that can further boost your resume. Be it working with underprivileged children in India, or working for animal welfare in Africa or even gunning for an internship in Australia, there is plenty to do out there while on your gap year.

And if you’re one of those brave hearts who are planning to defer college for a year, then a few months of travel, work, and living by yourself would be the perfect character builder. Also, when you have 12 months to spend in an unknown nation or continent even, be assured that your gap year is going to be a sensory overload for you with exciting, sights, sounds, smells and tastes!

After Completing College

gap year between college

Congratulations, you have successfully made it through those grueling years of college and now you have your whole life ahead of you. Seems like a daunting prospect doesn’t it? Making serious life choices and going down the path of graduate employment is what people around might be expecting of you. But all that you have going on your head is a Great American Road Trip or a continent-spanning adventure in Africa! 

The world is your oyster and it's all out there for you to experience and explore! Don’t let the challenges of a new life and surviving out in the unknown deter you from one of the biggest and most amazing experiences of your life. Just pack your bags and leave and get ready to surf the amazing swells in Australia, snorkel in Belize, bungee jump in NZ, see the Taj Mahal in India, work with the elephants in Thailand, hike through the Grand Canyon or get splashed under the Niagara- your gap year is going to be full of ‘remain etched on your mind’ sights and experiences!

Though it is understandable if you’re directly going into the job industry to make the most of your college education, the skills learned on your gap year could turn out to be equally valuable life experiences!

A Sabbatical / Career-Break or an Adult Gap Year

career break gap year

Thanks to that fancy college degree and your skills, you’ve acquired that dream job of yours and you’ve settled down for a life of luxury. But, hold on! Do you feel like you’ve lost your sense of adventure in the process? Then it’s about time that you get up from behind your desk., pack your bags and get ready for a career-break. 

A career break is a prospect that still comes as a shock for many owing to the uncertain job markets which makes them wary of leaving their stable jobs behind for a year of adventure and travel. But if you look at it this way, a year abroad could be opportunities for new work, new prospects and who knows, you might even find a new career for yourself!

 There are thousands of travel bloggers out there who have left behind a life of wealth and comfort to travel around the world like nomads, and true it might seem like a huge step up, so why not just start with a sabbatical or a year break from your career to travel the world and tick off bucket list experiences. 

After Retirement or a Senior Gap Year

senior gap yaer

You’re past your prime years and done with those clockwork like routines of work, eat, sleep, and repeat! Now is the time put on those sun hats, shorts, kick back and relax sipping on a Pina Colada by a quaint beach somewhere. But if there has always been a travel bug in you wanting to take off to farther places and experience new cultures, now is the time to go for it! 

Those shelved adventure dreams can be your reality now on your Senior Gap Year! Who says adventure activities are only for the youngsters? We at GDA believe our young at heart lot is nothing less of adventure frenzies, be it trekking in the Himalayas or underwater diving, a gap year at this point will certainly turn out to be one of the most amazing highlights of your entire life!

Though work visas in some countries are restricted to some ages, there are practically no such restrictions when it comes to volunteering abroad. So you can make your gap year travels more meaningful, be it by teaching English to some underprivileged kids in Asia, or working with animals in South America!

Life might be full of second chances to make up for missed opportunities, but truly, is there anytime better than NOW? No matter if you’re a high school graduate or a 60-year-old retiree, this question of ‘When should I take a gap year?’ will never stop bugging you until you just rid your mind of all inhibitions and simply get ready to pack and leave. The bottom line here being, NOW is the best time to go for a gap year!