What To Do On Your Gap Year Abroad?

A gap year before those 4 grueling years of college is chance to hit the reset button for many; for some its an adventurous getaway that has been extended indefinitely (or beyond 11 months), and for some it’s just a kickstart for their lifelong travel fetishes! What it ultimately comes down to is- What feeds your soul? Rather than cramming too many things all at one go, try and prioritize the experiences that would mean something for you in the long run. We know you glass-half-full kind people are always looking for something extra. 

So, we’ve brought some of the best things, 8 to be precise, that you can do with us on your gap year abroad!

Responsible Travel

Responsible traveling is on the rise and more and more travelers are getting in on the frenzy. For those of you who don’t want to make a choice between volunteering abroad and traveling on your gap year, Voluntouring is the perfect way to go about it. Relatively new to the term? Voluntouring is making the rounds in the travel quarters and it is the perfect term to explain the phenomenon of engaging in voluntary work during your traveling. And more so, it’s a chance for you to get to know the people and their country from up close like one of its own. The pros to it are many and the cons are basically non-existent!

Group Travel

We know it’s a bit too much obvious! From continent-spanning adventures to country focused travel, gap year grants you all the time in the world to get into full-on explorer mode. All you travel bugs who’ve been adding places on to their bucket-lists since forever, your gap year is the time to tick off as many as you can. Explore a country from its depth, learn about its culture, mingle with the local people, taste their amazing food, capture awesome moments of your journey, journalize it all in a blog, make new friends along the way. A gap year is an experience like no other!

Volunteer abroad

Your long-term travel plans are the perfect window for you to partake in responsible tourism and add some amazing extra credit to your CV. Volunteers have been given the name of changemakers, and rightfully so given the amazing work that they get into, be it with underprivileged children, Lion Conservation, Marine Research opportunities, empowering women or teaching programs. In return, you'll be making some amazing local friends, getting unconditional love from animals, becoming superheroes in the lives of a few kiddos and experiencing a country downright from its core!  Touch lives, earn the badge of a change-agent and have an impactful experience on your gap year! Some of the best destinations for volunteering are Thailand, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Nepal etc. 

Wildlife Safari Tours

Africa is the first name that pops up in everyone’s mind whenever you hear the words ‘wildlife safari’. It’s easy to work in a continent-spanning adventure into your gap year itinerary and explore the distinctive flora and fauna of amazing destinations like South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Swaziland, Zambia and many more! You can also sign yourself up for a wildlife volunteering program in Africa and become a part of the daily lives of the majestic African animals. The African Big 5 inspires travelers big time for a wildlife safari, as does the Great Migration of the Wildebeest. The many amazing national parks like Maasai Mara, Ngorongoro, Kruger are some of the best wildlife watching spots on this earth and a safari tour on your gap year through the many African nations would certainly prove to be a bucket list experience!

Medical Internships

Being a medical student what would you say if you could earn extra credits while being on the road and traveling abroad? Our medical internships have been specially crafted for pre-med and med students who are keen on adding an international medical internship to the pages of their CVs. From large scale hospitals, nursing homes to makeshift doctor camps in rural areas of South Africa and Malawi- these internships are the perfect way for you to step into the shoes of ‘doctors without borders’. You can either opt for an internship before or after your travels through the amazing terrains of these African countries and make the most of your travel plans abroad.  

Cross-country Road trips

A cross-country road trip is your chance to tick off more than one country at a go on your gap year abroad. From the mystical trails of South America to nature’s extravaganza in Africa, from exotic cultures in Asia to backpacker’s heaven in Australia-- on your gap year, everything’s up for grabs! These nomadic road trips are what many gappers aspire to on their gap year abroad and keeping that in mind our cross-country road trips have been designed to help you embark on a cross-country adventure. You can either choose from adventure filled journeys to culturally immersive traveling, these road trips are the perfect way to experience not just a country, but a continent itself!

Adventure Tours

If you’re amongst the outgoing outdoorsy type of people for whom living on the edge is the best kind of living that there is, then these adventure tours are made for you! From underwater adventures like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming with the sharks to literally jumping off a ledge adventures like bungee jumping, skydiving-- our adventure tours are all about tasting the thunder! Countries like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain are some of the names that are big players in the arena of adventure activities. 

Cultural Tours

Travel these days is not just about seeing the great sights or collecting amazing photographs. It is also about exploring the cultures, traditions and the heritage of the people and the country you’re traveling to. No, our cultural tours are not your run of the mill museum tours where you get to see a few artifacts. We’re talking about authentic homestays in Bolivia, working as ranch hands in Uruguay, walking through the magnificent Mayan ruins in Belize, Guatemala, learning more about Che Guevara and his Vive la Revolucion in Cuba or experiencing Frida Kahlo’s angst in Mexico. All this and much more across 40+ destinations all around the world. So what say, up for a cultural extravaganza on your gap year abroad?

Check out our amazing gap year programs in GDA and make your choice wisely about what you’re going to engage in during your gap year abroad!