What Are The Advantages Of Traveling Solo?

Hesitating to set out for an adventurous solo trip during your gap year abroad? Couldn’t convince any of your friends to come along?

Wait wait... before you think of canceling your plans, know about the advantages of traveling independently. You never know, this might just turn out to be the best trip of your life!

Planning your trip gets easier as you are the master of your own schedule

If you are traveling alone, you don't need to consult anyone while planning the trip. You can choose wherever you wish to go and how long you wish to stay there! When you are traveling with others, you have to plan so that everyone is happy with the itinerary. Travelling on your own means that you get to choose the extra activities you want to do and you don't have to compromise thinking of what others might wish to do. Whether you wish to spend your days on a beach or spend endless hours at a museum - no one's going to question you!

Last minute changes are OKAY!

To draw a thread from the previous pointer - when you are traveling alone, you'll have more flexibility to make last minute changes! You can wake up one morning and feel adventurous enough to rent a bike and head out for exploring the countryside. Or maybe cancel your reservation at a fine dining place just because you feel too lazy to dress up! You'll realize that last minute changes are okay and no one will be disappointed with the change in plans. 

You can easily stick to your budget

One of the best things about solo traveling is that you don't have to overspend. When you are traveling independently, you are are the one who gets to decide where to go, where to stay and what to eat! You have the freedom to book your flight tickets as per your convenience. You can manage to stay at backpackers’ hostels or homestays, eat at local eateries and try out the street food options, commute by the local transport and easily stick to your budget. Once in a while, you can splurge a little as well, by cutting down other unnecessary expenses like shopping etc. You can also choose a budget tour with Go Discover Abroad and travel without worrying about anything.

You'll get to know yourself better

A solo trip is the best way to get closer to yourself. Once you are out there on the roads, you'll have to make all the decisions by yourself, face your fears and stretch yourself to become more flexible. You'll get to understand your strengths and weaknesses better and realize what you are truly capable of. Stepping out of your comfort zone to discover the world unknown is an amazing feeling, and those who sit at home will never get to know it's essence. As you'll be on your own, you'll be more open to listen to your heart and live every moment in a way you wish to!

You'll get to make friends from different parts of the world

Being a solo traveler will give you more options to befriend strangers while on the go. You'll get to spend more time with the natives, and make friends with them. You'll also get to meet other travelers from different parts of the world, and get to hear about their stories and share your own. Making friends out of strangers while traveling is a beautiful experience, and you never know, you might just find your BFF out there! If you are traveling solo during your gap year abroad, then there will be ample scope to meet people and broaden your social network, and some of these people might help you in future as well.

Go Discover Abroad has a wide range of amazing and affordable tours for solo travelers seeking some adventure abroad! You can also choose to volunteer abroad during your gap year with us and make some meaningful contributions towards developing societies.