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Exploring the sensational beachside destinations, going to Full Moon Parties, learning a foreign language, savoring the taste of authentic local cuisine, volunteering to make a difference - no matter what your gap year plan is, traveling abroad and trying out all the new things that you've always wanted to do will surely make this the most adventurous trip of your life! Go Discover Abroad aims to fulfill all your travel dreams and open the doors to a whole new world for you! No matter what you wanna do, just scroll down the list of the adventure trips and pick the one that suits you best. And there you are - ready to go!

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Mayan Sun- Northbound- Antigua to Playa del Carmen GDA
Mayan Sun- Northbound- Antigua to Playa del Carmen

A 16-days road trip across Central America making your way through countries like Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. Experience diving, snorkeling, beachfront nightlife, take a walk through history and witness the long-lost Mayan culture.

Guatemala, Belize, Mexico

16 days

Price Starting From$1259

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Mexico- Cities, Cuisine & Ruins with GDA
The Best Of Mexico: Cities, Cuisines and Ruins

Savor authentic flavors of Mexico and discover the hidden treasures of Mayans and Aztecs. Explore the best of Mexican cities, cuisines & culture on a shoestring budget during this 15-day tour.


15 days

Price Starting From$1259

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Turkey on a Budget with GDA
Budget Trip in Turkey

This budget trip will start from Istanbul and take you across the historical towns of Göreme, Pamukkale, and Selçuk. You'll also get to spend adequate time in the coastal areas of Kekova and spend a night on a boat deck!


15 days

Price Starting From$1299

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New Zealand North Island Encompassed with GDA
North Island Adventure - New Zealand

From Auckland to Wellington, encompass the best of New Zealand’s North Island. Serene beaches, Hobbiton, and the singular Maori culture - do it all. You’ll be experiencing the surreal NZ all the way up to Wellington. 

New Zealand

10 days

Price Starting From$1135

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New Zealand, Best of North Island with GDA
North Island Tour - New Zealand

From amazing surf spots to over the top adventures, experience the best of New Zealand’s North Island in a single tour. This jampacked trip along the fantabulous northern isle of NZ thoroughly engages the body and the spirit.

New Zealand

7 days

Price Starting From$785

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Brisbane to Cairns Experience with GDA
Brisbane to Cairns Experience

Discover the amazing East Coast of Australia and the diversity of Queensland with fast, fresh and exciting adventures made especially for the young, budget-minded travelers.


10 days

Price Starting From$1464

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Southern Thailand Sojourn GDA
Exploring Southern Thailand

Stroll on the golden beaches, go for ferry rides and try out adventure sports like snorkeling! This beach trip in Thailand will fill your bucket with wonderful memories and experiences to cherish for a lifetime.


8 days

Price Starting From$609

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Peru cusco travel on a Shoestring
Peru on a Shoestring

If you have a budget constraint, then this Peru on a Shoestring Budget will be perfect for you. The best part of the trip will be the Inca Trail hike. Explore the ruins of Machu Picchu and binge on some local food at Aguas Calientes.


14 days

Price Starting From$1569

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Laos & Thailand on a Shoestring with GDA
Backpacking Across Laos and Thailand

Take this 11 days tour to explore Southeast Asia, during your gap year journey. Starting your trip from Laos, you'll be exploring the limestone karsts surrounding Vang Vieng before taking a slow boat down the Mekong.

Laos, Thailand

11 days

Price Starting From$787

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